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The Dilbert Zone
The Dilbert Zone:
Visit the world's favorite cubicle dweller.

Lockergnome is a fantastic site and mailing list that provides, on a daily and/or weekly basis, tips for some of the most unusual, interesting, and useful web sites and tips out there. Check it out right now, then hurry back here.
Free Windows 9x/NT4
Lockergnome's Free Windows 9x/NT4 Newsletter
E-mail Newsletter Really fun free online games. Some of them offer cash prizes. Try Sweet Tooth and Poppit!
Hollywood Stock Exchange: an online stock market game in which commodities traded are current and coming movies, actors, and directors. Features many real-life stock market items, like warrents, options, buying and selling short, etc.
Wizard World Comic Book Babes: An interesting exercise in photomanipulation, in which cheesecake models are digitally "painted" to look like comic book characters.
Gist TV offers customizable television listings, personal tv calendars, and an e-mail reminder service which will remind you which of your selected shows are on, complete with brief episode summaries.

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