Team Rocket's Quiz

Email us the answers to the quiz and win one of our awards!

Here's how the scoring goes =)

20 and the bonus right

20-15 questions right

14-9 questions right

8-3 questions right

2-0 questions right

The Bonus question counts as one question, so if you miss one, but get the bonus right, you will get twenty still =)

Ok, here's the quiz....Good Luck!

1. What is Ash's last name?
2. What does Ash wish to become?
3. What type of Pokemon does Misty use?
4. Which Pokémon do Jessie and James have? *Name them either before or after evolution, we'll except both!*
5. What would you use to make Pikachu evolve?
6. What are the three starter Pokémon in the game?
7. Who is the 23rd Pokémon?
8. In the episode "Tower of Terror" what hits Ash and Pikachu and knocks them out?
9. Who gets to keep Topegi?
10. Finish the sentence.....Team Rocket's Blasting _________.
11. What was Ash's first Pokémon?
12. In the episode "Holy Matrimony" what Pokémon do we find out that James owned when he was a boy?
13. In the very first episode, "Pokémon, I choose you" Why is Ash late to Prof Oak's?
14. Which type of Pokémon does Brock use?
15. Pikachu is an electric what?>
16. Name one of Arbok's attacks.
17. Name one of Weezing's attacks.
18. Name the three legendary birds.
19. What was Jessie's nickname in "The Bridge Biker Gang"?
20.In the same episode as in question 19, what was James' nickname?
*BONUS* Name Brock's father. *Hint* It's in the episode "Showdown in Pewter City"