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About Me

birthday: Dec 28 (my homepage address #!)
nick names: dot, or any 927's
loves: playing on the computer, sing, read, watch TV (sitcoms, X-Files), and hang out with my friends
hates: swimming, bugs (especially bees), Physics, a certain teacher in my old high school, a certain comp teacher in my present school
goal: get some passing marks in UT!

Karen's Fave Cars

the rav4 and mine would be a 2-door
the "sport" jeep

Karen's Fave People

Andy Lau Bw
Faye Wong
Leo Ku j
Stephen Fung w
Chi Lam Cheung iM
Nicolas Tse ¾^W
Aaron Kwok I
Mavis Fan S帩
Miriam Yeung d

More My Faves

color: blue
books: LQ
store: Marks & Spencer
character: QгJWH, Pochacco
movies: While You Were Sleeping, Get Shorty
sports: badminton, ping pong
magazines: YM (especially "say anything"), Yes!, Entertainment Weekly

Find Karen @...

CyberCity playing mahjong, big2 or chat
ICQ # 1173557
IRC in server irc.ipoline.com port 6667
HK Pennisula drinking coffee with friends...ha!
working in IBM HK headquarter...haha!

ICQ Salutes!

hi to...Squirt, ding, jes, C3, GabL, CyberMat, TinTin (sorry about not putting you down b4 buddy!), KenKen, Paul, tawaisi, Hello Kitty, and Mahjong, a soon to be ICQ owner...i hope!!

Karen's Summer Project

visit Escape Cafe ѧک@ة ... an online soap/story made by chloe, raye, jamie, jim and me, andie

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