The muppets have been around since the 1950s.At 1st they just did commericals.But as time passed, they got their own show,Sam and Friends.After that S. Street went on the air,followed by the Muppet Show,then fraggle rock,The Jim Henson Hour and finally Muppets Tonight,which is back on the air on Disney (Also Dinosaurs,the Animal show,the World of Doctor Seuss,Big Bag and the Aliens in the Family). The Late Jim Henson brought them to the big screen in 1979(that is,if you don't count what they did for The Star Wars Triology) in their 1st movie,"The Muppet Movie". After that Henson made muppet movies such as "Follow that bird,The Dark Crystal,Labyrinth and The Great Muppet Caper" (to name a few).After Henson's Death his son took over.Richard Hunt died soon after(He did scooter,Janice,and a few others).

It is said Kermit was 1st made out of Jim Henson's mother's raincoat!He is probally the most famous muppet,their leader so to speak.:) His look has changed somewhat over the years,but little else has.Hes still the lovable muppet, named after a childhood friend of Jims.

Favorite Quotes!

"Next time they want stunts they hire a double"-Miss Piggy

"Lifes like a movie,write your own ending"-Kermit

"Bear left Fozzie"
"Right Frog!
"-Kermit and Fozzie

"I want to go to Bombay India to become a movie star"
"You don't go to Bombay to become a movie star,you go where we are going,Hollywood"
"Sure if you wanna do it the easy way!
"-Gonzo & Fozzie

"Rubber ducky,your the one"-Ernie

"Feel the force"-Yoda

"I'm a frog,were not known for our edge"-Kermit

"Theres not a word yet for old friends that just met"-Gonzo

"Easier done then said"-Dr.Teeth

"I wonder how far you could plumet till you blacked out?"-Gonzo

"When your giving love away,love will come again someday"-Red Fraggle

"Its not that easy being green"-Kermit


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How to know if your obsessed with muppets.

1.You can name every muppet that ever existed off the top of your head
2.You know who Fozzies twin is
3.You named your 1st born Gonzo
4.You named you cat Kermit the frog
5.You own useless thing just because they have muppets on them
6.You think you were a muppet in a past life
7.You dress like Miss Piggy
8.You cried when Muppets Tonight went off the air(it will re-air early this fall,but on Disney)
9.You can sing every muppet song-word for word!
10.You have muppet tattos
11.You missed the prom cause a muppet movie was on
12.Your dream date is a muppet
13.You bug the clerk at SunCoast,asking if she can just find you a copy of a out of print muppet movie
14.You draw yourself as a muppet
15.You think the best thing to talk about with a total stranger is a muppet
16.When you hear Phenumon(sp?) ,you reply "doo-do-do
17.You miss your sisters wedding to see a muppet movie
18.You miss your own wedding to see a muppet movie!
19.You cast Muppets for a the Rocky Horror Show spoof
20.You cast muppets for a star wars spoof
21.You are currently boycotting ABC *grumble* cause of their taking Muppets Tonight! off the air
22.Your buying the disney channel,even though you hate disney,just to see Muppets Tonight!

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