My Interview With Mary Beth Evans

For posting the information about LOVE LETTERS, Mary Beth Evans was kind enough to give a short interview with me. If you haven't read the information on tickets and/or the video of LOVE LETTERS, staring Mary Beth Evans and Stephen Nichols, please do!

Special thanks to Franni for making this possible.

1) What is it like working with Stephen Nichols?

Fabulous. We really connect and trust each other as actors. We work so well together.

2) Do you like playing the good Katherine or the bad Katherine?

I liked the good Katherine because there were some heartfelt emotions there. I liked the bad Kahterine because she could say some nasty things that I never could in real life. I'm hoping she evolves into a mix of them both.

3) When Katherine and Lucy have their fights, it always cracks me up. Are you and Lucy friends in real life?

My mother's maiden name is "Herring", however, Lynn and I aren't related. We are friends at work and always get a big chuckle after those scenes. We're both busy working mothers so we don't socialize very much away from work.

4) What is it like kissing Tyler Baker?

Oh, it was very sweet......(terrific!!!)

5) Are you and Katherine anything alike?


6) Tell us about Love Letters.

It's a love story between a man and a woman that spans 50 years of their lives. The retelling of their romance is done through letters dating back to grade school.

Thank you note to us from Mary Beth Evans

Our sincere thanks to you who helped support the Aliso Academy for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing. Rick, Stephen, and I were so pleased with the response. We had a terrific time performing Love Letters and are glad that you enjoyed it too.

The Aliso Academy is a special cause to all three of us and we are encouraged to explore other events on their behalf in the future. If you have any suggestions for events you would enjoy, please let us know. In fact, it was a fan who suggested we do Love Letters (See, we do listen!). Send any suggestions to Franni at

Thanks again,
Mary Beth Evans