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My Dukes of Hazzard Stuff

The Dukes of Hazzard was a television sitcom which ran between January 26, 1979 and February 8, 1985. I was not born during it's first season, however I do enjoy watching the reruns of this show.
In the picture to the left are the Duke boys, Luke and Bo, played by Tom Wopat and John Schneider. The pilot show aired under the name of "One Armed Bandits". Warner Brothers did not like the show, but due to the public response "The Duks of Hazzard" began a seven year run. The theme song, "Good Ol' Boys" to the show sang by Waylon Jennings was a hit also.
The Dukes being a southern family made their living by making moonshine. When Luke and Bo were caught running moonshine, Uncle Jesse, played by Denver Pyle,cut a deal with the government. If Luke and Bo could be put on probation and not go to jail, he would quit making shine.
So along with their cousin Daisy, played by Catherine Bach, the boys and Uncle Jesse had to go straight. Bo was always getting into trouble and it was Luke's job to get him out. Cooter, played by Ben Jones, fixed the General Lee and always managed to be a part of the adventure.The town was ran by a County Commissioner, who also owned the Bank. Jefferson Davis Hogg, a.k.a. "Boss Hogg" played by Sorrell Booke. Boss Hogg held the mortgage to the Duke Farm and was always trying to fine ways to foreclose. The Sheriff of the town Roscoe P. Coltrain, played by James Best was in cahoots with Boss Hogg. His Deputies although mostly honest, just weren't the most intelligent people in town. Deputy Enos Strate, played by Sonny Shroyer and Deputy Cletus Hogg played by Rick Hurst were usually sympathetic but of little help to the Duke boys.
A conniving Boss Hogg and the his feud with Jesse Duke brought seven years of adventure to Bo, Luke and the rest of the gang in Hazzard county.

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