No, you're not seeing things, soon, there WILL be a domain called! A bunch of us PR page makers thought that if we all work together, and focus on one page, then that will be the Ultimate Power Ranger page. But there was no place that gave enough web space to do something this large, so we decided that we're going to get a domain. So now we are in the process of organizing, and we are also trying to get a few sponsers. But once we're through with that, you will be able to experience the best Power Rangers Web page on the net! So keep your eyes peeled to this page cause,


If any of you have web page making talents, and think you are good enough to participate in this venture, contact myself, Chris Baily, or zj. Here are our e-mail addy's.

Chris Dunn(Red Turbo Ranger):

Chris Baily(Rygog):


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