Welcome to my bios page!

This is where I have Bios on each of the Rangers. I will soon finish the First appearances of Carlos and Ashley!

Red Turbo Ranger

      The New

Red Turbo Ranger:


First appearances: As Red Turbo Ranger: Passing of the Torch part 1

TJ is the new Red Turbo Ranger. Tommy chose him to be the leader of the Power Ranger Team. He has control of Red Lightning.

Green Turbo Ranger

       The New

Green Turbo Ranger:


First Appearances: As Green Turbo Ranger: I'm not sure the name.

Carlos is the new Green Turbo Ranger, he has been chosen by Adam to control Desert Thunder.

Blue Turbo Ranger

Blue Turbo Ranger:


First appearances: As Blue Turbo Ranger: Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie

Justin has continued on as the Blue Turbo Ranger, He has control of Mountain Blaster.

Yellow Turbo Ranger

     The new

Yellow Ranger:


First appearance:  As new Yellow Ranger: Unknown Episode

Tanya has chosen Ashley as the new Yellow Ranger. She has control of Dune Star.

Pink Turbo Ranger

   The new

Pink Ranger:


First appearance: As new Pink Ranger: Passing of the Torch part 1

Kat has chosen Cassie as the new Pink Ranger. She has control of Wind Chaser.

Thanks to Captn_Eclipse for the pics!

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