Purpose: To build a team to defeat all of Diva Tox's Monsters, or any                  Evil on IRC.

Mission: Create your Turbo Zords, gain the Turbo Power, and join the                 rest of the rangers.

Hey Guys!! I was so excited about Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie, that I had to make my own Turbo Team. If you want to join the team, but don't have mirc or pirch, you can go to the mirc web page and download it here . If you want to join, come up with a name for a Turbo Zord, and a color, then E-mail me what you want, and I will send you something saying you're a part of the team!! But only join if you either download mirc, or if you already have it, please. Our Power Chamber for now will be #GoldRanger. It will be that until I can set up a new one. Sorry for having this section so small, but it will be bigger later. But until then, join the team and SHIFT INTO TURBO !


We now have a Power Chamber! It's at the channel #ThePowerChamber. Come to that instead of #GoldRanger!

Names of the Turbo Weapons

   The Red Turbo Ranger's weapon is the Turbo Lightning Sword

The Blue Turbo Ranger's weapons are the Turbo Hand Blasters

The Green Turbo Ranger's weapon is the Turbo Thunder Cannon

The Yellow Turbo Ranger's weapons are the Turbo Star Charges

The Pink Turbo Ranger's weapon is the Turbo Wind Fire    

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