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In friday's episode of Power Rangers Turbo called "Chase into Space part 1" we saw that both the Rescue Megazord, AND the Turbo Megazord have been destroyed! Also, at the end of the episode, we found out that Zordon's home planet, Eltar, is losing a HUGE battle, so Dimitria and the Blue Senturion went to help the Eltarians out. Then Elgar and Rygog find out where the Power Chamber is, and tell Diva Tox. She tells them to gather the armies. Outside of the Power Chamber, you saw the huge armada that Diva Tox had gathered. Then she told them to attack. The last thing you saw in that episode was the Power Rangers running out to fight a hopeless battle against the armada. In Monday's episode of Power Rangers Turbo called "Chase into Space part 2" we saw that the rangers were losing the battle against Diva Tox's armada. Even Lightning Cruiser and Storm Blaster were held back. The rangers ran back into the Power Chamber looking for comfort where there wasn't any for very long. The Pirhannatrons stormed inside of the Power Chamber from all sides, and destroyed everything! Then Elgar came along, and planted bombs all over the Power Chamber, and Diva Tox flipped the switch to set off the bombs, and the Power Chamber was destroyed!! Then a being came along saying that Diva Tox needed to come to the Samarian Planet at the request of an extremely evil being named "Dark Spector". The rangers went over to Mission Control over at the space place, and Justin was able to get inside, and convince the head guy that the rangers needed the space shuttle to get to Eltar. Once the rangers, and Alpha 6 were inside, TJ discovered that Justin wasn't there with him. They find out that Justin isn't going because of his father, and the rangers launch off without him. Then it says, "To be continued next season with Power Rangers in Space!" Who is this new villian? How much power does he really have? What will the rangers do when they reach the planet Eltar? All this and more in the new series Power Rangers in Space! So keep watching!

Here's a picture of the Red AstroRanger, and the Astro Megazord.


Major thanks to Captn_Eclipse for the Pics!!!!

Oh, by the way. My powers may be changing with the series. So once I find out which power I'm getting, then this page will change. May the power protect you all!!!

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