April 5th, 1997- Home Page has Shifted into Turbo!

April 10th, 1997- Added party information in the IRC Turbo Rangers Section.

June15th, 1997- Took party information off, and put up info for new channel, Put things to come, and updated links!

July 18th, 1997- Put up info on www.Angel-Grove.com!

July 25th, 1997- Put up new poll question.

October 8th, 1997- Put up new look for the main page. Hope ya like it! I worked REAL hard on it.

November 22nd, 1997- Took down Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie page down, and put Power Rangers in Space page up!

Soon to come! Other sections redesigned. Soon the entire page will have a whole new look! But until then, I hope you enjoy the new look of my main page! I really worked hard on it!

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