Old News

Thursday October 13, 2000

Thursday October 11, 2000
  • Small Update today. I have added some searches on the right side of the page. The searches will also open up in a new window. Enjoy.

Thursday October 5, 2000
  • Well, after another year's absense, I have finally decided to do an update. And as you can see, I have greatly changed the layout of the site. Hopefully, more changes will come in the near future, but I cannot promise anything.

Tuesday January 18, 2000
  • Well, It has been many moons since my last update. The reason being, I have been without internet access for some time now, but I recently discovered a few Internet providers that offer free access. Now before you email me asking where to find these, look around on Yahoo or whatever search engine you prefer. They are not too difficult to find if you are looking for them.

    Now as far as the status of my webpages, I will not take them down, but I am not planning on updating them anytime soon. But I have been adding sites to the webring left and right over the weekend. If you are still waiting to be added, be patient as I will eventually get around to checking the 80 or so sites still waiting to be added. To get added faster, feel free to e-mail me and request to be added. My e-mail address is still the same and will never change providing USA.net does not close. Until next time...

Wednesday May 26, 1999
  • Well, It's been almost a year since the last update. Around July of last year, 2 of my 3 Hard Drives crashed, and i lost all the data stored on them. This included EVERYTHING pertaining to my web pages. Since then, I haven't had much time to do anything let alone rebuild my pages. Currently I am trying to get everyone added to the webring (there are many of you), and when that is done I may consider working on my pages again. But for now, all I will be doing is updating the Webring.

June 5, 1998

May 10, 1998
  • I found a place that claims to have unlimited web space, but it will take awhile to put everything up since i cant ftp in. I also took down that incredibly annoying popup banner.

April 2, 1998
  • The In Living Color sounds will be down until I move to a new server.
  • Apparently Prohosting has dropped their server space from 50 megs to 10 megs which I have already used up. And as often as Prohosting is down, I am going to be moving to a new server, but this wont happen for a couple weeks.
  • Changed conters because the geocities one was messed up.
  • Added a Star Wars humor section. Here is the Link for it.

March 8, 1998
  • The Sci-Fi page is now at the new server. Almost everything is up and there have been major updates. http://free.prohosting.com/sci-fi/index.html
  • Changed the cast and supporting cast pictures in the Star Trek Section
  • Changed the cast pictures in the Deep Space 9 section
  • Added more images of the Star Wars card backs
  • Added Vehicles for Star Wars
  • Added Empire Strikes Back Card backs, Vehicles and Multipacks
  • Added Ewoks section
  • The Power of the Force 1995 section will be down until I get more done on it.
  • There are still a few broken links that I have yet to weed out. Also note that the new server occasionally goes down for a short time, but for 50 megs of space i think it is a fair exchance.

February 22, 1998
  • Not much new, removed the script on the front page and put up a different picture.
  • Work on the Sci-Fi Page is going kinda slow, but I have the Star Wars figures complete and the ESB figures near complete. Hopefully it will be done in the not so distant future.

January 25, 1998
  • Put the links on a seperate page and put up a new Java Search Engine.
  • I am in the process of redoing the Sci-Fi Page. Once it is complete, i will put it on the new server.

January 13, 1998

November 30, 1997
  • Happy belated Thanksgiving.
  • My counter got screwed up and it says 20,000+ hits. It is actually in the 2,000's
  • I am (finally) in the process of getting a new server for my web pages. If I get the account, I will not have to worry about web space any more. I will also be able to put up the rest of my In Living Color Sounds and finally update the page.
  • Keep an eye out for The South Park Page, coming soon.

November 7, 1997
  • Added the Sev Trek comic Strip to the main page and took down the Sci-Fi Ring link and code. The ring does continue to work, though.
  • The fourth installment of Stephen Kings The Dark Tower, which is titled Wizard and Glass is now out in stores. Although long, this is a very good series.

October 24, 1997
  • Because of the removal of the Sci-Fi ring (read below), and the addition of my new Webring, I have decided to make buhweet@usa.net the permanent address for this site and all of my other sites.
  • I am no longer accepting entries into the Sci-Fi ring. It has become difficult to manage, so I decided to create a new and improved webring. All the information can be found at The World of Science Fiction Web Ring. One of the biggest improvements is that I can guarantee fast entry into the ring by using my buhweet@usa.net e-mail address. I encourage anyone with a Science Fiction related site to join.

October 21, 1997
  • Updated The Final Fantasy VII Outpost. More details there.
  • Some major changes are coming this week. Keep an eye out for them.
  • In other news, The Florida Marlins won today over The Cleveland Indians 14-11. The Marlins now lead the World Series 2 games to 1.
  • Target now carries an exclusive 12" Luke Skywalker Hoth and Wampa. These are incredibly rare, and can only be found at Target. Toys R Us also has an exclusive 12" Han Solo Hoth and Taun Taun. Watch for this as well.

September 24, 1997
  • Updated The Final Fantasy VII Outpost. More details there.

September 21, 1997
  • Even more Updates to The Final Fantasy VII Outpost. More details there.

September 20, 1997
  • Updated Final Fantasy VII Outpost. Started the Walkthrough.
  • Updated Sci-Fi Page: everything is now back on-line.
  • Removed the Java search engine and put up the old search page.

September 19, 1997
  • Updated Final Fantasy VII Outpost. More details there.
  • Regarding e-mail: On my main Final Fantasy Page, I indicate my e-mail as being buhweet@usa.net. At this time, I am only using this for FF7 related e-mails, but it will become my primary address sometime soon. Anything not related to FF7 should be sent ro roland-1@rocketmail.com. Any mail sent to roland@inreach.com will NOT reach me. Sorry for the inconvience.

September 18, 1997
  • After recooperating for a day I am now ready go get back into things. I beat Final Fantasy 7 yesterday, and with putting in around sixty hours into the game since the seventh, college, and work, I havent been able to get enough sleep. Expect major updates this weekend.
  • Added a new section: The Final Fantasy VII Outpost. Currently it is not much to look at, but I plan on adding much more including a complete walkthrough, secrets, etc. It is located at http://www.fortunecity.com/skyscraper/cairo/51/index.html. Currently It has Profiles and pictures of all the major characters and a few other things.

September 15, 1997
  • Updates to Sci-Fi Page: SW Action Figures
    1. Seperated Card backs and promotional figures for Star Wars.
    2. Added prices for Empire Strikes Back Figures
  • For those of you who own a Sony Playstation and have not yet played Final Fantasy 7, I highly reccomend that you at least rent it. The video sequences are stunning, and the game plays very good. I have already invested 50 hours into it, and I still haven't gotten enough.

September 3, 1997
  • Recently I have been slow to update my pages because I just started a new semester of college, which takes up much of my time.
  • The Sci-Fi Page is also on rocky ground as I do not know how long I will have access to it.
  • Those of you applying to the Sci-Fi Ring, please bear with me I will add you as soon as I can. A few weeks ago I sent out another notice to the users that are still waiting to be added. Unfortunately the reply address was my old e-mail address. If you have sent any mail to my old inreach account and it was sent back please forward it to my rocketmail account and I willl respond as soon as possible.
  • For those RPG game fans out there, Final Fantasy 7 comes out for the Playstation on the seventh. It is already called the best RPG ever and will be well worth the price. Most places are offering a free T-shirt if you preorder a copy.
  • A new Star Trek movie is in the works and i will post information as I get it, but I WILL NOT POST ANY SPOILERS. I believe they take away from movies.

September 2, 1997
  • I decided to start a news page so I can inform you of things that are happening with my pages and other things that I think are worth mentioning.
  • Recently I lost access to my ISP. Because of this, I lost my primary e-mail server. I changed to roland-1@rocketmail.com. I am finding it very difficult to manage the Sci-Fi Ring because Rocketmail does not have a POP3 server which prevents me from downloading my mail. With all of the e-mail I get, it is too hard to manage it all in Rocketmail so I am in the process of changing e-mail address yet again. Anyone needing to contact me, send the e-mail to Rocketmail for now.
  • There will be a major update coming soon to The In Living Color Multimedia gallery. I have everything on my computer but the pages I use for it are currently down.
  • In other news, It seems that there will be a new cast member on Star Trek: Voyager. This person will play a female Borg crew member.
  • Just recently the FX channel started playing the X-Files. I had never seen an episode of it before, but I saw the first episode of it and instantly became hooked. The last show I watched religiously was Star Trek: The Next Generation which is long gone. I encourage anyone who has not seen the X-Files to watch it at least once. It is a very good show.
  • For those of you who collect Star Wars action figures, keep a close eye out for the Slave Leia and Han Bespin. They have been out for awhile, but are virtually impossible to find. The only chance of finding them is to get into a sealed case. More figures will be released this month. Also watch for the Leia speederbike.