by Captain Becky Norris

Happy New Year everyone! And first of all, most heartfelt congratulations to Mike and Sandy on their new daughter - I know they feel incredibly blessed to have a beautiful healthy baby, and I also know that all the crew joins me in wishing them a wonderful life with little Miranda.

Now, down to business - it's time to get serious about a fundraiser. Our commissioning party and Christmas project, while definitely worthwhile endeavors, have depleted our bank account, and we have to replenish those funds post haste.  So, no stragglers allowed - everyone needs to pitch in with the fundraiser and make the ship as much money as possible so that when we need it, it's there in the bank for us to use any way we need to.

Also, even though we just did a community project at Christmas, we should probably plan another one for the spring. Maybe we could pick up trash in a city park, or help out Habitat for Humanity again (if they will ever return our calls!), or work at the Food Bank. Put your brains to work on it, and I know we will come up with something.

Any Xena fans out there? I picked up one of the new adventure novels over the holidays. It's titled THE EMPTY THRONE, and I found it pretty accurate in its depiction of the characters (which doesn't always happen - case in point the early ST:TNG novels!) and it's not a bad story, either. I have yet to check out one of the Hercules novels, but when I do, I'll let you know how it is as well. One of my goals for this year is to make a feeble attempt to catch up on the Trek novels. By now, I'm probably dozens, if not hundreds, of books behind. So, if you hear a muffled scream from over Odessa way, it's just me buried under a gigantic pile of paperbacks!

Hope everyone had a terrific Christmas and a safe and happy New Year! Did Santa bring you everything you wanted? Well, if he didn't, you have a chance to get on the "nice" list this year by working hard at the ship fundraiser, attending the meetings (also a surefire way not to get appointed to any committees!), and recruiting as many new members as you possible can! So, keep those words of wisdom in mind as you embark on the new year, and maybe come December, you will find something extra special in your stocking!

That's all for now - see you ALL (pretty please!) at the meeting.

Live long and prosper...

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