A New Computer Plus Accessories!
You've won a new computer plus accessories! To start off, you've won an AMS Tech Futura 1000!

PentiumŪ lll Processor 450MHz- Ergonomics, Power that blazes a new trail for the future of business and home computing. Using one third the desk space of other desktop PCs. This comp. is worth $2598.
Along with the computer, you also get a printer! The Alps MD- 5000 Desktop printer
The MD-5000 Leads the way in desktop printing by giving you brilliant 2400 DPI color print quality on any paper you choose. Worth over $400
You also get a scanner! The Microtek Scanmaker X6EL!
ScanMaker X6EL is a 36-bit, high-resolution color flatbed with some of the most popular, in-demand features ever worth almost $150!
The prizes keep coming! Now you get a modem! The Best Data 56K USB Modem!
Just plug it into your USB port and get Internet download speeds of up to 56Kbps. Rockwell/Conexant chipset ensures reliable modem connections. Worth $73.
Finally, you get a Zip drive along with 15 zip disks that have 100 MB each!
Plus since the name of the game is Password 2000, we'll give you an extra $2000 making this great addition to your home is priced at: