A six or a ten will make you think hard...

Some will play it and some will 'change that card'!


Well, it's time for another series on ICQ. This one is Card Sharks. Champs come back for 7 matches. At the end of every 50 matches we have a tournament with the top 4 people. If you'd like to play, send me a message, ICQ # 20960704. But enough of that, let's open the board and get to the cards!

Red Player vs. Blue Player Winner Money Cards Sub?
Studio 1
Don Smith v. Dave Adams Don (2-1) $1950 Yes
Don Smith v. Johnny Orgovan Don (2-1) $3375 No
Lifetime Scores

Studio 1- Match 001- Don Smith subbed for Jason Antoniewicz. Jason won Game 1 so he gets $100, Don won the Tiebreaker so he gets $100 plus the trip to the money cards.