Game 4 Alphabetics Chris, it's your first time here. Going at that big jackpot that we haven't given away yet. Let's try and give it away today!
Here's how Chris did:

Letter Clue 1 Clue 2 Guess Answer Result $ Won Total $
K Singing Solo Karaoke Karaoke $200 $200
L Wooden Boards Lumber Lumber $200 $400
M Ceremony Wedding Marriage Marriage $200 $600
N Uneasy Timid Nervous Nervous $200 $800
O Citrus Round Orange Orange $200 $1000
P Fear Constant Panic Phobia $0 $1000
Q King Royalty Queen Queen $200 $1200
R Disturbance Public Riot Riot $200 $1400
S Fish Pink Salmon Salmon $200 $1600
T Grave Marker Tombstone Tombstone $200 $1800

Darn.... one away! We're adding another $4500 to the jackpot and we'll try yet again, after this!