Game 7 Alphabetics Another knew winner. Jason Wuthrich! Let's see if you can prove your last name WuthRICH by getting all 10 words right. So, for $110,600 let's play!
Here's how he did:
Letter Clue 1 Clue 2 Guess Answer Result $ Won Total $
L Hair Bugs Lice Lice $200 $200
M Mickey Rodent Mouse Mouse $200 $400
N Planet Eighth Neptune Neptune $200 $600
O Japanese Paper Origami Origami $200 $800
P Apple Cake Pie Pie $1000 $1000
Q Ask Answer Question Question $200 $1200
R Pickle Hamburger Relish Relish $200 $1400
S Sibling Girl Telephone Telephone $200 $1600
T Dozen Number Twelve Twelve $200 $1800
U Rain Blocker Umbrella Umbrella $200 $110600
You did it Jason! You're just won $110,600! So this game you have almost $120k! We'll see you in the tournament at the end of game ten!!!! More new rules for Game 8 and a theme! FOOD! See you then, for now, Brett Tatsuno [SALUTES] So Long!