Game 8 Alphabetics Key:
> > Clues
> Guess
 Here's the bonus game for Game 8.  
Tom and Matt are going for the money. 
They will split $105,400 between the two 
of them if they can get all ten words.  
Remember, they are all food. Here we go:

> > K-tomato, heinz
> Ketchup

[DING] Right for $1,000
> > L-meringue, sour
> Lemon

[DING] Correct.

> > M-hamburger, beef
> Meat

[DING] Yes!
> > N-spaghetti, shape
> Noodle

[DING] Correct for $4000.
> > O-florida, fruit
> Orange

[DING] You're halfway to the money!

> > P-hawaii, fruit
> Pineapple

[DING] 6 Down, 4 to go!
> > Q-bird, feather
> Quail

[DING] Got it!
> > R-pasta, meat
> Raviolii

[DING] Only 1 'i' but correct none the less!

> > S-orange, frozen
> Sherbet

[DING] 1 to go!!!!!
> > T-starkist, fish
> Tuna

For $52,700 for each of you, 
does starkist and fish lead to Tuna?

Do you think they're correct?

Well, they are!!!!!!
[sustained dings; P2K win cue]
 XXX    X   XX  XXX  X  X  XX   XX
X      XX  X  X X    X  X X  X X  X
 XXX    X  X  X XXX  XXXX X  X X  X
    X   X  X  X    X    X X  X X  X
 XXX   XXX  XX  XXX     X  XX   XX
Congrats to both of you winning the JACKPOT! 
You two have spots in the tourney so we'll see you then. 
Game 9 starts Monday, April 24th.