Game 9 Alphabetics
[Brett] Alright you two, you've made it to the bonus game to play for a whole hunk of cash. Whatever you win will be split between the two of you. You know the rules right? So Tom, you were the top scorer. You get to choose if you want to give or recieve the clues.

[Tom] I will give...

[Brett] Okay, Tom, you'll get the clues and Doug just sit tight for now. Tom, I'm going to change the bonus round rules into the SP+ Bonus Round rules so you get 25 clues. You can give as many or as little as you want for each word at a time. You can also save some clues in case Doug doesn't get some of the words. So I need some clues. If you don't understand, I'll explain it better.

[Brett] Okay, put 25 clues on the board:


[Brett] Tom, give your clues now.

[Tom] D- drink, lemonade
F- beat, whip
G-ocean, bay
H- Cuba, capital
I- printing, ...jet
J-twitch, jump
K- state, bluegrass
L- color, purple
M- fungus, smelly


[Brett] Okay. Tom used 18 clues, 2 for each word skipping E. So, Doug, I need one (1) guess for each word: D,F,G,H,I,J,K,L and M.

[Doug] G-Gulf

[Brett] Okay, looks like he skipped D and F. Show us how many he got right:


[Brett] Okay. Five. G, H, I, K and L. Not bad. Now, Tom, you have 7 clues left to give. So give them to the letters: D, E, F, J and M. Remember, you do not have to give all 7 at once.

[Tom] J-yank
M-shape, construct


[Brett] Okay, 4 clues left. Doug, I need a guess to J and M. If you don't get 1, you are mathematically out of contention for getting the big bucks.

[Doug] J-Jerk


Okay. You got them both! So now with 4 clues left and 3 words to go, I need your clues, Tom.

[Tom] D- (drink, lemonade) frozen
F- (beat, whip) weapon
E - consume, fully

[Brett] Okay, it'll end right now. Doug, you need to get all 3 of these words correct to win. Good luck!

[Doug] D-daiquiri

[Brett] Okay. There's the guesses... did he get them all right?


[Brett] No, I'm sorry it couldn't happen. You got D but E was Engulf and F was Flail. You two split $8000 which means $4000 each so Tom has $9400 this episode and Doug has $9000. We'll have Game 10 for you on June 5 so for now, SO LONG!

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