Yellow means changes in the rules: Effective Game 8
The game is played much like the traditional versions of the Password game, which aired on television in the 50s, 60s and 70s. A clueword for a password is place on the site each day, and e-mailed to all registered players as well. Players have the oppurtunity to guess the password and win cybermoney. Each day, a new clueword for the password is put on the site, until all players have guessed the password, or until five cluewords have been posted.

The scoring system is as follows: If a player guesses the password with only one clue, he/she wins CY$1,000. If they guess after only two clues, they get CY$800. If it takes three clues for them to guess, they get CY$600. If they need four clues in order to guess, they pocket CY$400. If they get it only after all five clues have been posted, they win CY$200.

The third and fifth passwords, and each password after the fifth password, are "Megawords." These are worth double dollar values; in other words, a successful guess with one clue is worth CY$2,000. Using two clues is worth CY$1,600; three is worth CY$1,200, four is worth CY$800 and the fifth is worth CY$400. Megawords are a great way for a player who is near the bottom of the pack to jump out in front, or for a player who is near the top to secure a victory!

At the end of five puzzles, the two players with the highest scores work as a team to win the jackpot and be split among themselves. Read more about the bonus round below.

ALPHABETICS 2000: In Alphabetics 2000, ten passwords are put up for play. Each password is in alphabetical order (Example: if the first password starts with the letter "D," the next one will start with "E," then "F," then "G," and onward, with the last one starting with "M"). The player that was ahead of the two in the front game gets to choose if s/he would like to give or recieve the clues for the bonus round. The giver can give up to 25 clues for the round. They can use any amount at a time and any amount per word. Both players split CY$1,000 for each correct guess by the reciever. If he/she correctly guesses all ten passwords, both players split the progressive jackpot!

THE JACKPOT: The Jackpot will start at whatever money that was accumulated in it in previous games. If it is won, it starts at $20,000. Then, in front game, all money won is then converted also into the Jackpot so the jackpot could be really big depending on player outcome. In alphabetics rounds, if jackpot is not won, $1000 is put in for every correct guess.

TOURNAMENT OF CHAMPIONS: In the ToC, the 10 winners (Top players) from the last 5 games will play for a really big jackpot! It will start at $50,000 and go up with all the money won by the players. The rules of the ToC goes as follows: 3 puzzles will be played starting at $2000, $1600, $1200, etc. then $5000, $4000, $3000, etc. and $10000, $8000, $6000, etc. and gameplay is just like the regular front game. The two players with most money will get to play the Alphabetics 2000 round for the jackpot. Each correct answer will earn them $5000 if they don't get it all.

ONE GUESS PER PLAYER, PER TURN: Multiple guesses are counted as incorrect.

CHEATING IS NOT TOLERATED: If it is found that you are cheating, you will be banned from playing.

THE DECISION OF THE HOST IS FINAL: The host holds all discretion in making decisions.