Hello! Welcome to the Survey Page where you can win $ Site Meter 0! [Just connect the counter number with the zero to get the pot. Like if the counter number is 10, connect it with the zero and you get $100.] Or if you came from neoPets, you can win an item worth Site Meter NP! To win the pot or item, you need to fill out all 10 questions on this survey and get an entry in the lucky draw. Three people will win whatever's in that pot. The pot goes up CY$10/1NP for every visitor that visits this page. Good luck. Here's the survey. Make sure you fill in your name and e-mail (username if from NeoPets) so I can get back to you.

Please fill out this survey.

Your full name:
Your email address (or username if from NeoPets): (e.g.: you@aol.com)

Name something that comes if different sizes.
Name a beverage served for breakfast.
Name the time you wake up.
Name the time you go to sleep.
Name a vegetable kids hate.
Name a word that rhymes with 'in'.
Name a big money gameshow.
Name an old board game that is still played now.
Name a sport that does not use a ball.
Name any Survivor I castaway.

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David Frye- $680
Brandon Foster- $680

TwinPoet- 68NP