ToC #1 Alphabetics Congratulations, on getting here, Noiel! We've had 6 games and 6 different players! No winners though, Noiel, you can be the first one to win! $5000 for every right answer... good luck!
See how he did!
Letter Clue 1 Clue 2 Guess Answer Result $ Won Total $
C Bird Sound Cuckoo Chirp $0 $0
D Dopey Cap Dunce Dunce $5000 $5000
E Proof Court Evidence Evidence $5000 $10000
F Meal Large Feast Feast $5000 $15000
G Equipment Paraphanalia Gear Gear $5000 $20000
H Embrace Affection Hug Hug $5000 $25000
I Poisoned Drunk Intoxicated Intoxicated $5000 $30000
J Quest Travel Journey Journey $5000 $35000
K Guard Maintained Kept Kept $5000 $40000
L Cabbage Vegetable Lettuce Lettuce $5000 $45000
So close! We add that $45000 to your total winnings in all games including this tournament gives you a grand total of:

We'll start Season 2 right after this!