ToC #2 Alphabetics
Congratulations, Chris and Doug for getting here and now you have a chance to split:

$227,600! Chris, you were the high scorer, you'll give and Doug will recieve. Let me explain the rules. Chris, you have 25 clues to successfully decipher 10 words in alphabetical order to Doug. You can use any amount of clues at a time but you can only have 5 'bunches' of clues. So put 25 clues on the clock and 10 words to go.

Clues Left Words to Go

By the way, you'll get $5000 for every correct word and the words span from A to J. Good luck and your words are coming Chris.

[Chris] A- Change, Conform
B- Sale, Deal
C- Asleep, Hospital
D- Australia, Dog
E- Helper, Santa
F- Compliment
G- Narrow, Channel
H- Involuntary, Breathing
I- Thought
J- Fair, Equality

[Brett] There are your clues, Doug. I need your guesses.

[Doug] A-Alter

[Brett] Okay, show us how many we got right!

Clues Left Words to Go

[Brett] Yikes... only 4 right: B, D, E and I. You have 8 clues for 6 words, Chris. I need your next batch of clues.

[Chris] A- Change, Conform, Revise
C- Asleep, Hospital, Unconscious
F- Compliment, Exaggerate
G- Narrow, Channel, Wood
H- Involuntary, Breathing, Jumpy
J- Fair, Equality, Right

[Brett] There's the clues, Doug. I need your guesses.

[Doug] > A-Arrange?

[Brett] How many right?

Clues Left Words to Go

[Brett] Looks like it's not going to happen, you have 2 clues left, Chris and a chance for $10000 more. Give 2 clues to the words A, F, G or H.

[Chris] G- Narrow, Channel, Wood, Record
H- Involuntary, Breathing, Jumpy, Water

[Brett] There you go, Doug. Chance to pick up some extra moolah. Goodluck!

[Doug] G-Groove

Okay, what's the final total?

Clues Left Words to Go

[Brett] You got one more right, Groove. H was Hiccup, A was Adapt and F was Flatter. So, you have a total of $35,000 to split between both of you. That's $17,500 for each of you. Congratulations both of you, you can check out your lifetime scores on the lifetime score page. On Monday, we'll start our third season of Password 2000.