The Stories of Erin M. Blair

155 Words: Fowley Wants Mulder

Summary: Will Fowley get Mulder? Read on to find out!

155 Words: Shortest CSM/Mrs. Mulder Romance Ever!

Summary: Want to know how the Cigarette Smoking Man and Teena Mulder's romance ended? Want to know who's Samantha's father?

155 Words: Shortest Pendrell/Scully Flirtation Ever!

Summary: Will Scully agree to date Pendrell? Will Mulder have a chance with her?

155 Words: Shortest Krychek/Scully/Mulder Romance Ever!

Summary: Why would Scully even date Krycek? Here's my theory.

155 Words: Fowley Wants Mulder

Summary: Will Fowley get Mulder? Read on to find out!

155 Words: Scully Quits!

Summary: What would Mulder do if Scully tells him that she quits? Read on to find out.

Another Life
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5

Summary: Scully sees Fowley and Mulder kissing and drives off mad. She ends up in an alternate reality where she's married to Mulder.

Another Life II: The Reunion of Souls

Part 1
Part 2

SUMMARY: Will Mulder continue to be stuck with an alternate Dana Scully or will his Scully return to him?

Asking Me to Choose

SUMMARY: Mulder's letter to Scully reveals his love for her.

The Beach (REVISED)

SUMMARY: Will the beach bring Mulder and Scully some happiness?

Changing the Past

Summary: What would happen if Mulder and Scully decided to change Scully's abduction with interesting results?

Come to the Field

Summary: What was Scully's reaction to Mulder's message? Missing Scene.

Cousin of Scully

SUMMARY: What would happen if Scully's cousin walks into Mulder's life?

Describing Scully

Summary: How do you describe someone you love?

Discovery of Forgiveness

SUMMARY: Mulder realizes what a jerk that he has been, and does something about it. Prequel to "Discovery of Hope."

Discovery of Hope

Summary: Scully receives news regarding her abduction which gives her hope for the future.

Discovery of Love

SUMMARY: Mulder and Scully's romantic evening, and Scully finds out that she's pregnant. Story after "Discovery of Hope."

Don't Leave Me

Summary: Scully attempts suicide after she thought that Mulder had died in a car accident, but she is saved by someone who helps bring her back.


Summary: Scully decides to transfer, and Mulder's not too happy. Will Mulder reach Scully before he loses her for good?

I Love Him...I Do

SUMMARY: What was Scully thinking when she saw Mulder with Diana Fowley in "The End" - was she jealous? Read on to find out.

In Another Dream

Summary: What happens if you see your life in a dream? Dana Scully finds out what life will hold for her in a dream.

I Want Mulder

Summary: Scully realizes that she wants Mulder after seeing him with Diana Fowley. Scully POV

Journey, The

SUMMARY: A poem.

Just Smile

Summary: Spender's smiling with happiness because the loves of his life returned. He also asks Melanie Alomar an important question. Sequel to "Spender's Surprise."

Little Twist of One Breath

SUMMARY: Melissa Scully returns from her abduction, but she's in a coma. Can Scully reach her and pull her back ashore?

Little Twist of Three

SUMMARY: See how a little twisting of events would change things. Scully isn't abducted as she's married to Mulder, and have twin girls.


SUMMARY: Mulder finds out some happy news from Scully.

Phone Call to Scully, A

Summary: Mulder calls to see if Scully's all right. Is she?

She's Gone

Summary: What would happen if you lose someone you love?

A Special Birthday Present

Summary: Scully writes a letter to Mulder thanking him for a wonderful time on her birthday.

Spender's Surprise

Summary: What will Spender do when his old girlfriend/partner shows up and wants to resume the partnership? How will this affect his new partnership with Diana Fowley?

To Start Again

SUMMARY: A secret revealed. Selective memory loss. Can love survive over time? How do you face the future when your love returns?

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4

Weirdest Day of My Life, The

Summary: A journal entry from Scully's diary explores what happened on a certain day after the events from "One Son." What will she discover about her relationship with Mulder and those around her?