TITLE: Revelations 1/?
AUTHOR: S. M. Spencer
RATING: PG-13, for language mostly
ARCHIVE: Anywhere, as long as my name stays with it.
SUMMARY: I'm not really sure where it's going to end up. For the first part, Mulder goes to dinner at Fowley's, and makes a startling revelation. Then things really start to get good.
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SPOILERS: Basically anything is fair game. This takes place anytime after ONE SON.

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J. Edgar Hoover Building
X-Files Division
Friday, 5:32 p.m.

*ring ring*


'Fox, it's Diana.'

"Hi," Mulder was careful not to use her name, since his partner was only a few feet away. "What's up?"

'I was just wondering if you had any plans for tonight.'

"Me, uh, no I don't"

'Good, then you can come over for dinner.'

"What's the occasion?"

'I just thought we could talk. Why, is there a problem?'

"No, not at all."

'Okay then, I'll see you at 7, Fox. Bye.'


"Who was that?", Scully was quick to ask.

"Just an old friend. Wanted to know if I wanted to get together for dinner tonight."

"Oh. Well, you better get going then, Mulder."

"Yeah, Scully you're right. Are you sure you don't mind finishing up those expense reports on your own?"

"No, go ahead."

"Thanks partner, see you Monday." Mulder flashed her his winning smile as he left.


Diana Fowley Residence
Watergate Apartments
Friday, 7:01 p.m.

"Fox, come in."


"Let me take your coat. Make yourself at home."

Mulder walked over to sit down on the couch. For some reason he felt like he shouldn't be here. It felt like he was cheating on his partner. He shook his head, in an attempt to clear it, when his hostess came back in the room.

"Fox, you look tense."

"Yeah, just work stuff. You know.."

Diana moved behind him and began massaging his shoulders. "I can understand how you could be so tense, working with Scully and all."

Mulder turned to look at her. "What do you mean by that?"

"She's not exactly 'Miss Congeniality', Fox. I don't know how you put up with her for this long."

Mulder turned his face away from her. "Actually, I don't know why she's put up with me. I'm a real pain in the ass."

"Oh, Fox, I think we would've made a great team, had I stayed on the X-Files."

"Yeah, but you didn't."

"No, but I'm here now."

Mulder, going against his better judgement, turned to face her again. She moved forward and kissed him, lightly. Like the way she had the night she found him waiting for her in her apartment.

"Hey, Diana. Could you excuse me for a minute." Mulder got up and headed for the bedroom. "The bathroom's in here, isn't it?"

Diana nodded.

"I'll be right back." Mulder rushed in and shut the door behind him.


Fox Mulder's Apartment
Friday, 7:37 p.m.

Scully unlocked Mulder's door and stepped inside, all the while muttering to herself. "Run along on your date, Mulder. Don't worry about dear old Dana. She'll finish all the work." She walked over to his coffee table and dropped an armful of files onto it. "Fucking Bastard." Scully knew that it was going to be a long weekend. She also knew that it wasn't going to be a weekend spent working on Mulder's expense reports. She left a note on top of the stack of files. 'Dear Mulder, Have a nice weekend. Love, Scully."

She then headed home for a quiet evening of reading and a gallon of Breyer's Ice Cream.


Diana Fowley Residence
Watergate Apartments
Friday, 7:47 p.m.

Mulder didn't know what to do. he thought. He grabbed the phone off of the receiver, only to hear that someone else was already using it.

'Yes, he's here."

'And how are things going?"

Could it be? Mulder couldn't believe it. Diana was talking to the Smoking Man. He decided that he better listen in.

'Quite well. I think I can convince him to join our cause, but it could take a while.'

'We don't have that much time, Diana. You need to work faster.'

'I know. I'll work harder. Is everything set to take care of Scully?'

'Yes. We know that once she is removed, he will no longer have a reason to live. He will then do whatever we want, because he won't care anymore. But don't you worry about that. You just take care of Mulder.'

Mulder hung up the phone. He grabbed his cell phone, and dialed The Lone Gunmen.

'The Lone Gunmen.'

"Frohike, it's Mulder."

'Hey good buddy, what's up?'

"Look, I need you to do something for me."


"I need you to call my cell phone number in exactly 5 minutes."


"Because I said so. Just do it. Please."

'Okay, can do. 5 minutes. Bye.'

Mulder pushed the 'end' button, and then dialed Scully's number.

'Hi, this is Dana Scully, I'm not in right now. Leave a message and I'll get back to you.'

"Hey Scully, it's me. If you're screening, please pick up."

She wasn't screening. She wasn't back from he little venture to Mulder's apartment.

"Dammit, if you're there, please pick up! Okay, look. I need to talk to you. I'm going to be over in a little while. Please don't go anywhere once you get in."

Mulder put his phone back in his coat and prepared to go back out into the "lion's den".

"Fox, Fox, are you okay?"

Mulder reappeared. "Yeah, I'm fine."

"Good, dinner's ready."

They both sat down, and began to eat. "Fox, you're awfully quiet. Are you sure you're okay?"

"Yes. This pasta's good."

"Oh, excuse me. Mulder"

'Hey, sweetheart. This is your call from the Frohike Love Line. What's your pleasure?'

"You're kidding? Are you sure? I'll be right there. Thanks."

'No problem. Anytime.'

"What is it, Fox."

"Uh, that was Skinner. Somethings up, and I gotta go."

"What is it?"

"I can't say. I'm really sorry. Can I take a raincheck?"

"Sure. I hope everything's okay."

"Thanks, see you later." With that Mulder left, and headed for his car. He needed to get to Scully.


Fowley's Apartment
8:01 p.m.

Unfortunately, Fowley had to report on her unsuccessful evening with Mulder.

"Sir, it's Agent Fowley."

"Yes, Diana, what can I do for you? Surely your evening hasn't ended so early" He took a drag off his Morley.

"Actually, it has. He got a call from Skinner, so he said, and went running off."

"Well, don't worry. There will be more opportunities. Have a good evening."

"Thank you, you too."

With that, Fowley hung up the phone, relieved that he wasn't too upset.


Unknown Place
8:03 p.m.

"Well, well, well. Agent Fowley must have forgotten what happened to her former partner, Agent Spender, when he couldn't finish the job that I asked him to do."

"Sir," asked Krycek, "do you want me to take care of it?"

"Yes, yes I do. I'm sure you'll take proper precautions."

"As always." Krycek left, eager to preform his next duty.


Dana Scully's Apartment
Friday, 8:30 p.m.

Scully settled into a hot bath, hoping that it would rid her mind of Mulder.

She had her Sarah McLachlan CD cranked all the way up, so she wouldn't be disturbed.

Mulder knocked on Scully's door. There was no answer, so he took out his key and let himself in. He didn't see her.

"Scully, Scully, are you in?" Again, no answer. He knew that someone had to be there, because there was music playing. He followed the noise, and it led him to the bathroom. The door was cracked, and so he peaked in. He shook his head. He stood there for a few more moments, mesmorized by her. It almost made him sick to think about where he had just been. Just then, Scully opened her eyes, and her gaze met his.

"Mulder." She didn't know what else to say.

"Hey. Sorry if I scared you."

"No, that's okay. What are you doing here?"

"Didn't you get my message?" He stepped inside the bathroom.

"No, I forgot to check them when I got in. Why, what's wrong? I thought you were on a date or something." She tried not to sound too bothered by it. She failed.

"I was out, but it wasn't a 'date' really. Anyway, that's what I need to talk to you about." By now, Mulder had made his way to the bathtub, and was kneeling beside it.

"Oh." Scully didn't know what to do. She couldn't get up, but of course, it's not like she really wanted to.

"Do you mind if I turn this down?", Mulder asked, jestering towards the boombox.

"No, go ahead."

The music stopped. Mulder went back to his previous position. He was enjoying being this close to her.

Scully cleared her throat. "What was it you wanted to talk to me about?"

"Oh, uh," He was having trouble forming a sentence. "It can wait." His right hand began to play with a strand of Scully's hair, and he moved in closer to her.

"If it can wait, why did you rush all of the way over here?"

"Because, I thought it was important until I came in here and found you naked in the bathtub. Now, it can wait." Mulder leaned in and kissed her. Gently at first, and then more forcefully as she allowed it.

END PART ONE OF ?????????????

Part 2:

Diana Fowley's Residence
Watergate Apartments
Friday 8:21 p.m.

Diana finished eating her dinner, alone. While she was cleaning up, she heard a knock at the door.

"Alex, what are you doing here?" she asked her visitor.

"I was sent to give you a message" he replied. With that, he raised his gun, and pointed it at her face.

Diana was panic stricken. "Alex, please, you don't have to do this" she pleaded.

"Oh, but I do." He pulled the trigger, and she fell to the floor. He quickly wiped the butt of the gun free of his fingerprints, and placed it in her lifeless hand. As he left, he dialed 911 and reported a shooting at the Watergate Apartment Complex.


Dana Scully Residence
Friday 8:42 p.m.

From part one: *"Because, I thought it was important until I came in here and found you naked in the bathtub. Now, it can wait." Mulder leaned in and kissed her. Gently at first, and then more forcefully as she allowed it.*

Scully's mind was racing. She couldn't believe that she was here, lying in the bathtub, with her partner Fox Mulder kissing her. But it wasn't.

They both broke from the kiss, breathless.

"Mulder, are you sure--"

He silenced her with another kiss.

"Dammit. It's my phone."

"Let it go" Scully said, trying to undo his tie.

"I better get it." Mulder pulled his phone from his pocket, and answered. "Mulder. What? When? Are you sure? Okay, thank you sir."

Mulder looked as is he were in shock.

"Mulder, what is it? Was that Skinner?"

"Yeah, he said that, uh, he got a call from the police."


"Diana Fowley just killed herself."

"You're kidding?" Scully was trying to sound concerned, but she really didn't give a shit.

"No, happened just a few minutes a go."

"I'm sorry Mulder. I know that she meant something to you, once." Scully put her arms around his neck and kissed him on the forehead.

After a few moments, Mulder regained his composure. He also remembered where he was, and realized that he shouldn't be mourning for Diana when he had Dana naked in his arms.

"So, where were we?" he asked.

Scully stood up, and Mulder joined her. "I think we were right here." She pulled him into the tub with her, not really caring about his shoes getting wet. She finished undoing his tie, but he didn't let her get any further. He grabbed her by her wrists, backed her up against the wall, and began ravaging her breasts.

"Oh Jesus, Mulder. I guess you are okay." She smiled.

"Yeah," he said, speaking into her chest, "but I just don't understand it. She seemed fine when I saw her."


"What?" He was hoping that she hadn't heard what he had said.

"I asked first."

"I asked second." Mulder still hadn't been diverted from his task.

Scully worked one of her hands free, and grabbed him by the hair.

"What's wrong, Scully?" He tried to soften her with his puppy dog eyes. It wasn't working.

"Mulder, what were you doing with Diana Fowley? Was she the 'old friend' who called and invited you to dinner?"

Uh-oh. Caught just like a deer in the headlights. He tried to smooth his way out of it. "Why does it matter, I'm here with you now." He began to suckle on her right nipple.

That must have been the wrong answer, because she pulled his hair again. "Ouch, Jesus, that hurt Scully!"

"You still haven't answered my question."

Mulder lowered his head in defeat. "Okay, okay. You win. Look," he grabbed her face and held it between his hands. "I know I shouldn't have went over there, but I thought that she wanted to talk about work or something. I didn't think that she was going to put the moves on me."

"What? It's a good thing she's dead or I'd kill her myself."

"Anyway, I'm glad I went over." Scully raised her eyebrow at him. "No, it's not what you think. I escaped her claws and went into the bedroom." Her eyebrow went even higher. "Again, it's not what you think. I told her I was going to the bathroom, but I used the phone instead. When I picked it up, she was talking to someone."


"Cancer Man."

"I knew it."

"What do you mean 'you knew it'?" he asked.

"Mulder, I told you that she was bad. I knew that she had to have been workin with him."

"Okay, once again, you win. Anyway, to make a long story short, they're planning to get rid of you and sucker me into joining their cause."

"Get rid of me, what do you mean?"

"I don't know Scully, that's why I rushed over here. I'm afraid that they're going to hurt you, again."

Scully's eyes began to well with tears. Mulder continued: "They know my one and only weakness, Scully. They know that if I lose you, I won't have a reason to live. So by eliminating you, they are eliminating both of us."

"Oh Mulder, please don't let them take me again." She began to sob, and he joined her. She buried her face in his chest, and he kissed her on the top of her head.

"I won't, Dana. You know that I won't. Don't you?"

She looked at him. "Yes. Yes, I know."

They stood there like that for a few moments more, until Mulder finally spoke. "Now what do we do?" he asked.

"Well, for starters, you can get me a towel."

"Oh sorry. You must be freezing." Mulder wrapped her up in a towel.

"Mulder, do you really think that Fowley killed herself?"

"I don't know Scully, but I doubt it. Cancerman probably found out that her little seduction of me didn't work, and he decided to take care of it. Just like he did Spender."

"You think he killed Spender, his own son?"

"Yeah, who else?"

Scully thought about that for a second. "Hhmm. What a tangled web we weave."

"Actually Scully, they weave it. We spend our time trying to 'unweave' it."

"Yeah, I guess you're right. Anyway, where were we again?"

"I think we were about to move this into the bedroom."

"Oh, were we?"

"Yeah, come on Scully. You gotta keep up."

"Oh, I plan on it."


THE END>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

I know, I could've went deeper into the mythology, but that's not any fun! And, I know that I could've went further with the bedroom stuff too, but that's what your imaginations are for!!!