The Stories of TeaL


SUMMARY: Post-Milagro. What happened after the screen faded to black....

Long Drive Ahead, The

SUMMARY: Response to fic challenge; Scully's cancer is leaked to the FBI, Mulder and Scully overhear fellow colleagues discussing them.

Out of the Closet, Part 1

SUMMARY: What’s the one thing that could make TFO go completely insane? The answer, my friends, is here.......

Out of the Closet, Part 2

See Part 1


SUMMARY: Scully's musings on certain aspects of her life.

This Truth

SUMMARY: Scully, knowing her cancer has won, realises that although she needs Mulder she must take the final journey alone. A Poem.

To Belong

SUMMARY: Scully discovers that Mulder and Fowley were once married and confronts Mulder.....

Top Ten XF Characters to Sic on TFO

SUMMARY: Title says it all : )

Your Friend For Life

SUMMARY: Feeling death upon her Scully says thanks to the most important person in her to her mother.