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GH Flashback

Note: The flashbacks are taken from General Hospital: The Complete Scrapbook by Gary Warner, copyright 1995.  I'm obviously not in this for money (yeah...right...what's that?) so
it'd do no good to sue me.  Oh, and by the way, I can't for the life of me remember where
we left off so sorry if I repeat myself.


  Patients came and went from General Hospital's seventh floor, but few had more impact on Steve and Jessie than teenager Angie Costello, a victim of a terrible car accident.  The daughter of a widowed grocer, sweet Angie had everything to live for --- until the night she went fore a late night drive with her boyfriend, Eddie Weeks.  It was a fateful mistake.  Eddie had been drinking.  When his car crashed, Angie's head struck the windshield.  She was in bad shape.  Skillful surgeons worked hours in the OR to stitch Angie's angelic face back together.  Now, wrapped in a mummy-like mask of bandages, she faced an uncertain future.  Despondent, Angie contemplated suicide.
  "I don't want anybody to see my face.  I don't even want to see it myself.  Why don't you just leave the bandages on it?" she cried to her doctor, Steve Hardy.
  "Angie, you can't hide behind these bandages forever.  You'll have to get used to your face, however it looks.  Come back into the world again, live again."
  "Who wants to be alive with a face like this, Dr. Hardy?  I wish I were dead!"
  Jessie and Steve gently doled out much more than just proffesional care to their new patient.  Jessie Brewer spent her off-hours sitting by Angie's bedside, reassureing her in her time of need.  In many ways, Jessie serverd as the mother that Angie never had.  With Jessie and Steve's calming influence, and months of skin grafts, Angie made a full recovery.  Still, the pained girl faced another crisis when she was called to testify at the drunk driving trial of her boyfriend, Eddie.  
  "You've got to lie for me," Eddie pleaded.  "You're my only hope, Angie."
  Angie refused to look at him.  She knew that Eddie had been guzzling beer and "hard liquor" on that wild and carefree night that ended in tragedy.  Angie's father, Mike, an honorable man, urged her to tell the truth in court.  Eddie's crusty dad, Al Weeks, begged the girl not to betray his son.  On the stand, the District Attorney cornered Angie on the crucial question as to whether Eddie had been drinking before they got into the car.  Her evasions were desperate and ingenious, but the futility of her quest to protect Eddie became evident as the D.A. hammered away.  Finally, Angie cracked, as much from the pressure of the D.A.'s questions as the pleading, accusing eyes of her father who had repeatedly urged her to tell the truth.
  "All right, yes!  Eddie was drinking. But he just had a few beers!" Angie's collapse was not a complete confession, but it was enough to damage Eddie's case and wreck their relationship.  Sentenced to probation, Eddie bitterly rejected his young love.  During the summer of 1964, they tried to pick up the pieces of their shattered love, but despite their efforts to bring back the magic, Eddie and Angie were through.
  Angie was overcome with emotion when she discoverd that Eddie has "pinned" his new girlfriend, Dorothy Bradley.
  "Will you get married?" Angie nervously asked Eddie upon his surprise visit to the "Isle of Capri," Mike Costello's newly opened pizzeria.
  "Oh, that's a long way in the future," he brazenly responded.  Jessie Brewer couldn't help but notice Angie's distress over what Eddie had told her.  Jessie suspected that Angie was harboring a secret and asked her a point black question.
  "Are you going to have a baby, Angie?"
  "I don't know, Jessie.  but Eddie and I did sleep together."
  Jessie arranged for her to be examined by GH's resident gynecologist, Dr. John Prentice.  The results were as expected: Angie was pregnant.  Throughout this trying time, Jessie calmed and coforted the distraught teenager, privately wishing that it was she who was having the baby instead of Angie.  Jessie stayed right by Angie's side, abiding by her decision to give the baby boy up for adoption to Janet Fleming, the same woman who had nearly destroyed Phil Brewer's career after he had performed a hysterectomy on her.
  Two years after their tragic auto accident, Angie and Eddie found their way back to each other.  Marrying at a Just of the Peace, the kids decided they wanted their baby back.  When Janet Fleming refused to give up "her child," Angie and Eddie resorted to drastic measures --- and kidnapped the baby!  On the run, the desperate young parents settled into a dingy, one-room apartment in Chicago, and enjoyed several weeks of familial bliss before being apprehended.  Ably defended by attorney Lee Baldwin, Angie and Eddie were placed on probation and forced to return their baby to the Flemings.  Thanks to the concerned efforts of caring professionals like Steve, Jessie, and Lee, the young married couple looked forward to a bright and promising future --- together at last.

*SIGH* Memories... :o)  Reading about GH's history *always* puts me in a good mood.  We
"history buffs" have gained a "victory" of sorts, as May brings classic episodes of GH on ABC's Daytime to Remember (now if I could only find a channel that broadcasts it) and June
will mark the return of one of *my* favourites, Scott Baldwin, in the GH spin-off Port Charles.  For more history, along with some spoilers and *a lot* of fun go to  Another good page is at: (hopefully I have the address right!) Hope to see you there!

Moment in Time

We are currently looking for Moment in Time submissions for *next* issue, so read these, and then start on your own!! Send them in now, so that next issue won't be late!  I also have a reason to celebrate.  I located Jannett's wonderful article the other day, after thinking I had lost it when my computer broke down!

Janett Paz AKA Rae

  It was the most memorable day for Luke Spencer.  First it started with Luke being swore in as Mayor of Port Charles, a proud day for Ruby and Bobbie to see Luke becoming such a prominent figure in Port Charles.  Luke was happy yet sad he was unable to share this great moment with the love of his life, because the Cassadines took her away.  Luke felt that this accomplishment didn't mean much without Laura, he went to the Mayor's mansion feeling alone and lonely.  He began to think and remember Laura, because they had married at teh Mayor's mansion two years prior to the most happiest day of Luke's life.  Luke began to drink and think, all of a sudden Luke looks out into the yard and something grabs his attention.  It was a young blonde lady walking away from the mansion.  Luke began to call her name,
  "Laura! Laura! Laura!"
  The young woman turned around and sure enough it was Laura Webber Baldwin Spencer alive and right in front of Luke's very own eyes.  Luke then ran toward Laura holding her, touching her and kissing her as if he couldn't believe what was right in front of him.  
  "Where hae you been?  Where have you been?" Luke repeated, after making sure that she wasn't part of a dream.  Luke was unable to let Laura go.  Laura then began to cry hysterically.

  This I would have to say was the most memorable moment in time.  I love these two characters because they display love and respect for one another.  Luke & Laura have great chemistry I've never seen such two characters display such chemistry.  You really believe in them, because the actors are so in tune with their characters that you almost believe they are real.  I think that they bring out the best in each other, meaning, Luke brings out Laura's adventurous side, and he allows her to be herself.  Luke never had any great expectations of Laura all he wanted her to do was love him and she had no problem doing so.  Laura, in turn, taught Luke to lvoe himself as well and taught him to open his heart and soul.  How to express his feelings without anger.  Luke feels extremely fortunate to have Laura, he feels that his life would be nothing without her.  Laura feels that she would never have had the chance to grow and see "life" for what it really is without Luke.  These are two people made for each other for more reasons than anyone can imagine.  I remember the Mayor's mansion scene very vividly because I skipped school to see the reunion, I got off the school bus and skipped to my friends to watch it, and it was worth getting caught.  Thanks for reading.

Catherine Rotan

  One of my favourite scenes with General Hospital is "The Lawn Jockey" scene where Justus met his Q relatives.  The part that was really my favourite was NOT when he met them but in his telling Mary Mae and Keesha about it later.  I wish I could remember that particular scene verbatim but I can't.

Abby Kesilman

  I remember whne Domonique died.  I was about 15 or 16 at the time and was getting ready to go away with some of my friends for the weekend.  We sat around and bawled for the whole weekend because we were so moved, even though some of them never even watched the show.   I also remember vividly the time Felicia gave birth to Maxie in the cave on Halloween!

If you have a favourite character...couple...villain...scene...episode...ANYTHING, please write it down, tell your feelings, how YOU interpreted it, where you were, what you were doing, WHY you like it so much, just anything to be unique.  Send all submissions to

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  This is a new section so there are not any contributions this month.  This is my version of the Editorial section in a newspaper.  Have something on GH, past OR present, that you want to rant about? Or maybe you love it so much you want to tell the world?  Or is there something that annoys you/impresses you about THIS newsletter, or the people writing for it, or even the GHMS homepage?  Send in letters, and I will print them.  Be warned though, I think Freedom of Speech is overused and if I think that you letter is just downright cruel (flaming another GHMS member or the ACTORS (not the characters) on GH for instance) or if your letter only consists of "so-and-so SUCKS!" I won't print it.  Send letters to


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Questions & Answers

Have a GH Question that's stumping you?  Send them in to and I will answer them!

Q: In 1979 Mark Hamill was on GH.  Who did he play and who was his aunt on the show? (submitted by "Mud")
A: 1979...a great year!  It's the year *I* debuted too!!  Mark Hamill portrayed Kent Murray and his aunt was Jessie Brewer.


We are also looking for help with the contests.  If you have a unique quote from GH OR a really really tough trivia question, send them in to  Please be sure to mark WHO said what on the quotes and provide the answer to the trivia questions.  On ALL submissions, please mark what they are FOR or I will have to guess and I'm not good at guessing games.
Contest Rules: Since there are so many members participating I have added extra contests.  I want to give everyone a chance to win a prize, so you are allowed to win only one of the contests.  If you send in multiple submissions, I will just take the first one that is correct.  Please don't forget to put your e-mail address or I won't be able to send you your prize! Thanks!  I will announce the winners in a separate e-mail.


Trivia A:   What caused Steve Hardy's Paralysis?

Trivia B:   What did Luke say on the day of his and Laura's wedding?

Trivia C:   What did Alan call himself when he had "amnesia" and where did he go?


Put these events in the correct order.

A: Tania delivers BJ
B: Robin finds out Anna and Robert are her parents
C: Dr. Ryan Chamberlain strangles Connie Cooper
D: Heather is released from the mental hospital
E: Luke and Laura go on the run from the mob

Who Said That?

Guess who said the following lines.

WST A: "I told you we were meant to be together, Anna!"

WST B: "I don't deserve you.  But I sure do love you."

WST C: "Do you honestly think this is sexy?  Try making love to this!"

End of the Road

And finally, we come to the end of this issue.  I want to thank everyone who contributed to this issue, and everyone who has been helping me out.  I look forward to TONS of submissions, so start sending them to me ( right now and remember to mark what "department" they go under!  If you have an announcement that you would like to make to all the members, besides birthdays, that is, please let me know and I would be happy to announce it! And remember to recruit more members because after all, the more the merrier!  Sweet GH Memories to all...

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