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Welcome to the third issue of "Down Memory Lane"! Last issue did not bring a lot of response, but I hope that this issue will, as I am running out of things to write! First of all, I was able to locate a few of our "missing members" last month, and I'd like to say WELCOME BACK!!

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Only one person responded to the contests last time, MFried won "Who Said That: C" for correctly identifying the person as Monica. C'mon people...respond this time!! Every month there is a new prize!!

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Have a Moment in Time you would like to see here? Let me know and I will include it. All flashbacks taken from General Hospital - The Complete Scrapbook by Gary Warner. Great book, if you don't have it, go and buy it, it's worth every penny!

1990 -- Casey the Alien

Home in Port Charles, Robin found a unique crystal on Spoon Island. She showed it to Tiffany Hill on her t.v. show. In an Alpine hideaway, the noted writer PK Sinclair watched a tape of that program. Sinclair was fascinated by Robin. "She reminds me of someone," he thought while puffing on his cigarillo. Sinclair was the notorious Cesar Faison, and he wanted Robin's crystal. His assistant, Desiree, entered to report on their "guest" in France.

Their guest was Felicia, who'd been abducted while on tour with Frisco. Sean quickly joined Frisco's search for her. The sinister Faison deliberately led them on a chase right to Felicia who was being treated like royalty! She hardly felt kidnapped. The food and wine were too good! Then they returned to Port Charles, which was what Faison wanted them to do. He was heading there himself! Frisco told Sean that Felicia didn't know he'd been working again for the WSB and that he'd tracked down a dying scientist. His last words were: "Lumina. Port Charles. Annihilation." Sean had a bad feeling. Strange things were happening.

One night, Robin's crystal filled her room with a cool, blue light which spread to the workshed across the yard. Inside, in a blazing show of lights and lasers, a visitor arrived. He looked like a man but seemed surprised by his own human appearance. Seeing that he was naked, he put on some work clothes left in the shed and went to sleep.

Robin met the extraordinary Casey Rogers the next day. His arrival made the security alarm go haywire. Neither Robin nor Olin, Anna's housekeeper, could fix it. Casey simply passed his hand over it and it was fine! "How did you do that?" Robin kept asking, until Casey told her he'd come from another planet, Lumna, to retrieve Robin's crystal and otehrs like it which were from his world. Twelve-year-old Robin instantly believed him. Casey sensed more crystals on Spoon Island. Robin promised to help him keep his origin secret! --What happens? Find out in the next newsletter!--


Have a favourite episode, scene, character, couple, villain, anything? Then write it down!! Make it unique by telling where you were when you first saw it, what you felt like, what you were doing, anything!! Send it in, and I'll print it! We did not receive any contributions last month, so I am using the entries from the GHMS -- favourite moments Dreambook that is on the GHMS homepage.

Wisteria -- remy@empnet.com

My favourite moment would have to be the very first episode of "GH" I ever watched. It was Valentine's Day, 1991, and I was home from school because I had recently had my tonisils removed. I *hated* soap operas, but my mom and grandma had watched "GH" for years. There was nothing on t.v. so I watched with them. It was that episode that hooked me: Anna had tied up Robert with her stockings and left him, almost naked. I thought it was hilarious. I, of course, had to tune in Monday to find out what happened, and the rest is history. Incidentally, this is also the episode the hooked my grandpa too.

Brenda -- brendas@ns.gamewood.net

One of my favourite memories of GH was when Lucy and Domonique had started to become friends. Domonique had found out that she couldn't have children because of the disease she had. They found out that Lucy was on the same schedule as Domonique, this set up for Lucy being the surrogate mother to Scott and Domonique's baby. Lucy and Domonique were still talking when Scott saw them. He thought Lucy was being her "old" self, mean and vindictive, but she really wasn't. Scott came over and blasted her. You could tell that it really hurt Lucy's feelings, but she just stood there and took it. Then they started making plans for Lucy to carry their baby and throughout the whole storyline all I could think about was how Scott had misjudged Lucy, but Lucy was very gracious about the whole situation, and ever since that moment, Lucy has been my favourite character to watch on GH!

And pretty soon we'll be able to enjoy Scott again, when he comes to "Port Charles"! For all you GH history buffs, don't forget that Daytime To Remember GH episodes start next Monday with vintage Steve and Audrey!!


Have something about GH, about the GHMS, about the GHMS homepage, or anything that you would like to rave about? Or rant? Send in a letter, and I'll put it here, in the GHMS's answer to a newspaper editorial!!

From Laura -- Amorites@aol.com

I really hate the way TPTB are treating Bobbie. I feel like she is being uncharacteristically fooled by Stefan for one, and very harsh with Luke, and just out and out blinded by these Cassadines. Bobbie used to be a strong and loving woman, now in my eyes, she is being foolish, selfish, and cruel: with the exception of Nikolas, she is loving towards him. I just disapprove of the whole entire way GH is portraying Bobbie. The writers need for Bobbie to wise up about Stefan cheating on her with Katherine, that Carly is her dauther (Tony should have figured this one out...Carly told him, "She my ...she's my worst nightmare!") *DUH*! ...and also what Luke is saying. It's all true. Every bit of it. Bobbie is a ditz now!

Agree with this letter? Or maybe you disagree? Well, put it down and send it to me, and I will print it.


Do you have a GH homepage you would like me to mention? Send me the URL and I will go check it out!

Kelly's Homepage -- http://www.oocities.org/Hollywood/Set/4013 -- This homepage had a congratulations letter for Genie, Jonathan, and Tony for their emmy nomination. If you're interested in signing it, go visit!

Lorraine's GH Photo Album -- http://www.oocities.org/TelevisionCity/2390 -- This page is full of awesome GH photos. My favourite? The section on the Quartermaines, because it contains my very favourite picture of Anna Lee.


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NAME: Marcia Elgart
BIRTHDATE: February 21
KIDS: 1 foster daughter, 20 months old. Hope to adopt.
OCCUPATION: Data Entry Specialist at a law firm.
HOW LONG HAVE YOU WATCHED GH: On and off since 1970's
FAV. CHARACTERS: Luke & Laura, Robert & Anna, Frisco & Felicia
LEAST FAV. CHARACTERS: Never thougth about it
FAV. STORYLINE: Anything involving L&L
FAV. AUTHOR: Robert Ludlum
FAV. SINGER: Celine Dion
FAV. ACTOR: Harrison Ford
FAV. ACTRESS: Sandra Bullock
FAV. MOVIE: Independence Day
FAV. TV SHOW (besides GH): Days of Our Lives
If you were an animal, what would you be?: Cat
If you could meet anyone living or dead, real or fictional, who would it be?: Never thought about it.
If you could have one superhero power, what would it be?: To know the future
If you could travel in time, where would you go?: In the past, american history-wise
If you could go anywhere, real or fictional, where would you go?: Jamaica
Favourite Website: Well, this one is hard. My Days site, the GHMS site, and Dustin's Days site.
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HOBBIES/INTERESTS: Internet, computers, reading, children

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