* Down Memory Lane * Volume 1 * Issue 4 * June 1997 *


Hello all!! Hope everyone is doing well!! First, I want to thank everyone for all the birthday wishes I received, it really made my birthday a million times better!! This birthday wasn't the best for me because on May 9th my grandfather had a stroke. Things have finally started looking up for us, though, and my grandpa came home yesterday. I also want to thank everyone for the great submissions!! I received so much more response! Keep up the good work, guys!! If anyone has any questions about the GHMS, feel free to e-mail me at remy@empnet.com or Marcia at MElgart@earthlink.net (note: Marcia's other e-mail address is no longer valid). I can also be reached through Powwow, at remy@empnet.com, ICQ, at 1394469, or IRC, on various Dalnet channels. So, feel free to contact me!

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Marcia is still busy at work on the GHMS homepage, and it is really turning out nicely!! Please stop by and visit, sign the guestbook, and maybe even post on the Message Board! The URL is http://www.oocities.org/TelevisionCity/2116/ On a related note, I'm sure a lot of you now know that Angelfire had some major problems, and I regret to say that my own personal homepage died and went to Angelfire heaven ! But fear not, it will be back soon!

And finally, how is everyone liking Port Charles? It has come very close to replacing GH as my number one soap :o)! It's so great to see Scotty back. I was, however, extremely disappointed in Daytime to Remember, as some of the most important episodes didn't get picked. I would have liked to see the episode where BJ actually died, instead of the aftermath, Luke & Laura's wedding, Domonique's death, and Stone's death. I did like the Ice Princess episodes. I was also lucky enough to receive a gift of three tapes with nothing but my favourite: Cesar Faison! And now, on with the show!


Last time I began recounting the story of Casey, the alien from Lumina, and would like to continue this storyline. If you have a favourite storyline you would like "remembered" please let me know!! All excerpts are taken from General Hospital: The Complete Scrapbook by Gary Warner, which is an excellent book and, IMO, a "must-buy"!

PK Sinclair moved to Spoon Island, renting Windemere from Ned. The Quartermaines welcomed the noted writer with a party. Lila gushed, "You're my favorite author. I found the exploits of your heroine Davnee in ALPINE EXPRESS quit thriling!" Sinclair smiled. Davnee, an anagram for Devane, was his favorite creation, and Anna was his inspiration. Returning from Scotland, Anna was annoyed by Robin's constant chatter about Casey and the crystal. Robin went to Spoon Island without Anna's permission. Anna went to fetch her, paying a call at Windemere. As Desiree told her she hadn't seen Robin, Anna noticed a cigarillo burning in an ashtray. She reflexively shuddered. Spying from above, Faison was thrilled to learn Robin was Anna's daughter. It was destiny. Anna grounded Robin for her disobedience and threw Robin's crystal into the trash on the docks. Without the crystal, Casey grew weak. Robin ministered to him in the catacombs. But he was near death when Anna found them there. She rushed Casey to General Hospital. Casey's illness confounded his doctors, Alan and Harrison. Test results indicated he was dying of old age, yet he looked young!! Robin was desperate to find the crystal! Somehow, the crystal wound up in a lab at the hospital. It caused all the lab equipment to go berserk. Robin located her crystal and brought it to Casey. Anna and Tom walked in to witness Casey's amazing rejuvenation with both him and Robin bathed in blue light!! They learned the truth about Casey, which Tom recorded in a file. Harrison stole Tom's file and leaked the news about hte alien to the press, creating a public scare! Confiding in Frisco and Sean about Casey, Anna traced the story of Lumina back to an old Air Force file labeled "Extra-Terrestrial." They decided to help send Casey back home...though Frisco still had a hard time believe Casey was from another planet!
Next Newsletter: A confrontation with Faison, and Casey's safe return home!


If you have a favourite episode, scene, storyline, character, whatever, please send in an article telling what you like best, why you like that particular story/character, where you were when you first saw the episode, how you felt, etc, anything to make it unique! And remember, even if you've already contributed, I will gladly print more!


My favourite all time memory is when Luke & Laura danced at the department store (Wyndham's) all night long. They were so sweet. My favourite recent memory was when Laura finally stood up to Stefan and told him that if he mentioned that Nik was his son, she would make his life hell. I knew that girl still had it in her!


My favourite episode would have to be Frisco and Felicia's wedding back in June 1986. My summer vacation had just begun after completing grade 6. I decided to take it easy for a few days and watch some soaps, something I'd never done before. I had heard good things about GH from a family friend who was an avid fan during John Stamos's days as Blackie, so I thought I'd tune in and check it out. I instantly fell in love with Frisco and wished I could be Felicia: I was hooked! Also, since it was a wedding I got a small sampling of most of the other characters. Ever since that day, I've been a loyal viewer. I'm absolutely thrilled this was chosen as one of the Daytime to Remember episodes!


This section is just like the editorial section of your newspaper, so if you have a rant - or a rave - about anything...GH, PC, this newsletter, or a letter printed her, etc., send it in!

From Laura

Who is tired of the games Brenda is playing with Sonny? She gives more to Jax than she ever does Sonny. I feel sorry for him!! Sonny has been waiting patiently for that girl to come back to him since Lily died. It seems like a century (to me, anyway) since Lily died. I am tired of seeing Sonny alone and Jax having two...cout them ...two women pandering over him!! Yes, Jax is gorgeous and sweet, but Sonny and Brenda are soulmates, and should be totally reunited and soon!! First we heard last fall, then winter, then spring...when are we going to see some action?! Once in the cave is not enough for this viewer! I've been watching GH since 1983 and I want my favourite couple back together now! I have had enough with Brenda's games...she needs to make up her mind now!

NOTE: I *was* going to comment on this one myself...but I want to keep this newsletter nice . I do, however, agree, this story needs to be resolved soon!

From Lambchop

I have a comment. I agree with Laura. I hate what GH has done to Bobbie. When she decided to marry Stefan I remember a scene she had with Ruby. In the scene she told Ruby she knew exactly what she wanted to do to make her like complete. In that scene she was independent, smart, and confident. Since marrying Stefan, she has become simply a wife who sits around and does nothing all day. GH has seemed to have forgotten she was a great surgical nurse and also a great mother. I think TPTB really needs to get this character back on track!


Have a question that has been bugging you, send it in and I will answer it!

From Jenn

Q: What is the real-life name of the actor who played Matt, Emily's friend? A: That was Jonathan Burock.


Not many member pages this month...only one, so I will also stick in one of my favourite new sites. If you have a homepage, feel free to send in the URL, I will try and visit it, and then include it in the newsletter!

Lukelaura's page -- The Port Charles Gazette
Online Scrabble!


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Name - Laura Christine
Email - Amorites@aol.com
City/State - Noblesville, IN
Birthdate - 3/10/75
Married? Yes
Children? One 16-month-old
Occupation - Medical Asst. that stays home with child now
How Long You've Watched GH - since 1983
Fav. Characters - Sonny and Luke
Least Fav. Characters - Loves to hate Dorman
Fav. Storyline - Monica controlling Dorman at the hotel.
Fav. Author/Book - Only reads Parenting and SOD magazine
Fav. Singer/Group - Wynonna
Fav. Actor - Jim Carrey, Robin Williams, Tommy Lee Jones
Fav. Actress - Goldie Hawn
Fav. Movie - Staying Alive
Fav. TV Show - Are You Being Served?
If you were an animal, what would you be?
I would be a cat, always clean, and in the famly of felines with lions and tigers, but not wild. I love domestication and human love. I would love to be able to climb and jump high. I would love ot have Persian hair without the pug face.
If you could meet anyone, who would it be?
It would be my grandfather, Walter, whom I have never met. He is my mother's father who died in 1964, when my mother was 10. He was gorgeous, sweet, and very intelligent. I would have loved to have met and been loved by him like I am by his wife, Virginia (my grandma) who raised me.
If you could travel in time, where would you go?
I would go back in 1930-1964 when I could have met my grandfather and seen how he was like and how my grandmother and him were like together. My grandparents had the most loving, sweetest, most charming marriage this world had ever seen. They never fought,and had NO money...my grandma bore twins (my mom and aunt)...and 10 years later my grandpa died. I would have loved to have met him.
If you could go anywhere, real or fictional, where would it be?
First England, then Australia to meet my pen pal of 9 years whom I have never met. I also want to visit Israel like my grandma did 3 times. Walk where Jesus walked, talk were Jesus talked, and love the land as Jesus did...and still does. feel HIS strong presense as you walk along the ground that he walked and died on.
Fav. Website(s) - Wisteria's! (awwwww...buttering up the president !)
Place on the 'net you hang out most - Email and GH chat room on AOL
Hobbies/Interests - Watching every episode of OLTL since 1992 and GH since 1983, and love my Lord and Saviours, Jesus Christ, and watching and caring for infants in my soon-to-be home daycare.


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From Sara -- Wuggels@aol.com
I have pictures from SOW April 96 -
-Jason & Robin
-Mac & Katherine
-Kevin, Lucy, & Sigmund
-Jason w/ GH security guard
March 97 picture of Taggert in SOW
I also have articles from SOW March 97
-Stefan joins GH
-S&B article when they were in Canada
-Robin & Jason's first kiss
March 97 article of when Alexis juggles GH and Melrose Place
I am looking to trade these articles and/or pctures for pictures of Sonny, Jason, or Jax.


If you have any suggestions or quotes for the contests section, please send them in!

Answers from last month's contests - Trivia
A - 1985 - won by Katfish
B - Professor Gordon Gray - no winners
C - Elsie Mae Crumholtz - won by Javthrower

Who Said That
A - Kevin
B - Ryan
C - Luke - no winners for any of the WST questions

C,E,D,A,B - won by Geena
Runners Up - Bonnie and BrendaC

This Month's Contests - Trivia
A - Who did Audrey's husband, Dr. Jim Hobart, have an affair with?
B - Where did Bobbie go when she went with Corey and Greg to rescue Lori and Melissa?
C - What was the name of Jennifer Smith's (Frank Smith's daughter) husband?

Who Said That?
A - "You owe Mac an apology. He almost had to go out with Sonny!"
B - "I'd like you to put out an APB on a missing duck."
C - "My fate in the hands of the one woman on earth who I thoroughly abhor."
Thanks again to KathiM for the great quotes!

Put these in order from oldest to most recent: A - Sonny, Luke, Sean, Brenda, and many others, have an adventure in Puerto Rico.
B - Lucy invents "Deception" perfume.
C - Felicia divorces Frisco but refuses to marry Colton.
D - Tony regains his eyesight.
E - Monica begins setting up a Wellness Group at General Hospital.

And that is it for this month's newsletter, I hope everyone enjoyed. I look forward to many more submissions. Remeber to send them all to me at remy@empnet.com and also feel free to send in suggestions for future features of the newsletter, everything is appreciated!! Oh, and one thing I forgot to mention in the News, if you haven't already requested a keepership title you can do so by sending yours to Laura at robinfan@webster.sk.ca Thanks & goodbye!

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