Down Memory Lane -- General Hospital Memory Society -- Issue 5, Vol. 1 -- July 1997


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This month's moment in time concludes the "Casey the Alien" storyline. If anyone has any requests for next month's moment in time, please let me know!! All flashbacks are taken from the General Hospital Complete Scrapbook by Gary Warner. It's a great book, if you don't already have it, you should get it! :)

Helping Casey, Anna returned to Windemere where she came face to face with Faison! Alive! And still despicably charming! Anna reeled. This man could destroy her! Robert, searching for the "alien" who'd escaped from the hospital, found Anna with Faison. He, too, was shocked! Faison captured Anna, Robin, and Casey. He took Robin's crystal and another they'd found and joined them to a third crystal of his own, causing a catastrophic blackout throughout Port Charles! Casey explained that the explosive reaction occurred because a small, stabilizing crystal was still missing. Using his otherworldly skill, he restored the city's power. Under Faison's orders, Desiree stole the porcelain dog from Sean's Wellington Collection. With Frisco in pursuit, she brought it to Spoon Island. During a struggle, the dog shattered. Robin found the missing piece of crystal inside. Anna handed it to Casey. "Now you can go home," she smiled. She would miss him. They'd grown close during their adventure. Casey realized how painful human love could be as he said good-bye. He left for Lumina with a parting message: "Be good to one another." Robert, Sean, and Anna feared Faison and his knowledge of Anna's treason. Faison told them he also knew how Sean had deceived Robert and Anna in the aftermath of Anna's final DVX mission. As head of the WSB, Sean lied to them that their friend Swede had been executed for Anna's treason, shattering Robert's image of Anna...and their marriage. Robert became furious with Sean! But Sean wasn't the enemy. Faison was. To remove Faison from their lives, Anna became engaged to him. She was his Achilles' hell. He commissioned a family portrait of himself, Anna, and Robin. She pilfered a gold coin from his pocket watcher. It was a piece of the Roman Gold, four coins held by the heads of the DVX. When all the Roman Gold came together, thanks to Robert and Sean's brilliant scheming, the powerful Remondo, Faison's most deadly enemy, was instructed to hunt Faison down! Robert gave Faison fair warning about Remondo's imminent pursuit. "Personally, I hope Remondo finds you and kills you. But I'm giving you a chance to save your skin. I'd advise you to take it and leave Port Charles." Feeling Anna's betrayal, Faison looked at her. He still loved her. But he took Robert's advice and left. Robert and Anna resumed their everyday lives.


Contributions for In Your Own Words are desperately needed. Tell anything about a favourite...or even least favourite...aspect of GH and why it makes it so for you. Personalize it, make it unique, and send it in to me!

Catharine Steffler --
I have been a fan of GH since I was 14 when I first saw and fell in love wit Frisco Jones. I actually started watching by accident. I had come down with Bronchitis and couldn't go to school for 3 weeks. Whch wasn't so bad since this happened in the winter time and up here in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, the snow can get pretty bad! I usually finished my school work about noon and I would watch cartoons or talk shows. I wasn't into soaps yet. Then around 3 pm there were no talk shows or cartoons so I got bored and I decided to turn on GH to see what all the storylines were at the time. My babysitter used to watch it during the Luke and Laura days. The first scene was Frisco tackling an intruder (Felicia), the start of the Aztec Princess storyline, and the rest is history! That's what started me, I couldn't get enough of GH since then. I was so crazy about Jack Wagner that I stood in a cold rain storm for 2 hours just to see him sing his heart out. I still do have a crush on Jack Wagner so much that I had the song "Lady of my Heart" played at my wedding. It is my all time favourite song. When I suggested it, the DJ had never heard of the song so I let him borrow my copy of it, under the impression that if I didn't get my tape back he didn't get paid. Needless to say I got my tape back and he got paid but he did make a copy of the tape and he plays it at weddings since then. I have one regret that I didn't have a VCR back then so I could have the whole Frisco and Felicia storyline. Even after he came back from the dead and Felicia was involved with Colton. But I do have Frisco and Felicia's wedding thanks to ABC's Daytime to Remember.


This is the section where you can put your compelete opinions...whether they are about GH or this club...down. So please send in those letters!

From Laura --
I just wanted to congratulate GH on finally giving us some "revenge" scenes. Finally...Monica got some revenge on Dorman without really doing any damage to him (like he did to Matt and the nurse). It was very satisfying for me to see her torment Dorman for those few days. I loved every minute of it and it was in good taste (I think). Dorman deserves to fry and he knows Monica is not one to play with anymore. But once Dorman is gone we won't have anymore fun with him. I know we all want him to die...but he is such a great actor (Tuc Watkins) and I love him on the show! Wish they didn't tear him away from us so soon! I want more torment!!


Bonjovif July 3
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Laura July 10
JScaech July 10
Jetson July 19
Corde July 29
Happy Birthday to All!

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I am looking for info on Mikkos Cassadine, would especially appreciate some GH episodes with him on it. He was played by my favourite actor, John Colicos. Cynthia Howe --


I didn't have time to send out a member of the month survey to anyone so this month I'll be "selfish" and fill out one myself LOL. Watch your mailbox you could be next (starting to sound like Ed McMahon here...)!

Name - Traci Dy Ann Haley
Internet Nick - Wisteria_Faison
City/State - Prineville, Oregon
Birthdate - 5-20-79
Married? No, but dating
Children? A dog, a cat, and 2 hamsters :)
Occupation - Freshman in college (majoring in education) and aspiring writer
How Long You've Watched GH - 6 years
Fav. Characters - Jax, Faison, Robert, Anna, the Q's, Luke, Carly
Least Favourite Characters - Lucky, Sonny, Bobbie
Fav. Storyline - Anything w/ Robert, Anna, and Faison
Fav. Author/Book - Jude Deveraux/A Knight in Shining Armor
Fav. Singer/Group/Composer - Rod Stewart, Hanson, Yanni, Daniel Lavoie, Clay Walker
Fav. Actor - Angus McFadyen, Oliver Platt, Nathan Lane, David Bowie, Rock Hudson, Mel Gibson, Malcolm Gets, Chris O'Donnell, Rutger Hauer
Fav. Actress - Goldie Hawn, Doris Day, Sandra Bullock
Fav. Comedian - Robin Williams, The Amazing Jonathan, Denis Leary, Richard Lewis, Jay Leno
Fav. Movie - Braveheart, Sense & Sensibility, Labyrinth, Ladyhawke
Fav. TV Show (besides GH) - Days of Our Lives, Jeopardy, The Tonight Show, Rosie, Dateline, Caroline in the City, Mad About You, Drew Carey, Frasier, ER

If you were an animal, what would you be?
A Falcon
If you could meet anyone, living or dead, real or fictional, who would it be?
Ernest Hemingway
If you could travel in time, where would you go?
Medieval Europe
If you could go anywhere, real or fictional, where would it be?
The Magic Land of Xanth
Fav. Website/Hangout Online,,,,,,,,,, and, IRC and ICQ.
Hobbies/Interests - Anything and everything, but especially reading.


I really need quotes and trivia for next month's newsletter, so please send some in!
Answers from last month's contests:

A - Who did Audrey's husband, Dr. Jim Hobart, have an affair with?
Sally Grimes -- Won by noone
B - Where did Bobbie go when she went with Corey and Greg to rescue Lori and Melissa?
Florida (Miami) -- Won by Doubledown (
C - What was the name of Jennifer Smith's (Frank Smith's daughter) husband?
Billy Boggs -- Won by noone

Who Said That?

A - "You owe Mac an apology. He almost had to go out with Sonny!"
Kevin -- Won by noone
B - "I'd like you to put out an APB on a missing duck."
Justus -- Won by noone
C - "My fate in the hands of the one woman on earth who I thoroughly abhor."
Katherine -- Won by Katfish ( & Sonicboom (


A - Sonny, Luke, Sean, Brenda, and many others, have an adventure in Puerto Rico.
B - Lucy invents "Deception" perfume.
C - Felicia divorces Frisco but refuses to marry Colton.
D - Tony regains his eyesight.
E - Monica begins setting up a Wellness Group at General Hospital.
D,C,B,A,E -- Won by MFried ( and Geena (
Runners Up -- and

This Month's Contest -- Trivia

A- In 1964, Audrey dated a junior executive...who was he?
B- Who did Robert disguise himself as to protect Katherine from Jimmy?
C- How much ELQ stock did Ned sell to Damian? Bonus: How much did Damian give to Katherine?

Who Said That?

A- "When you're living under MY roof, you'll follow MY rules."
B- "I've already drawn the line at killing worms."
C- "Serial killers generally aren't much fun."

Events is postponed till next month because I don't feel like looking some up in the scrapbook LOL!

See y'all next month, hopefully earlier! :)
Wisteria -- GHMS President