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The information for Flashbacks is being taken from the General Hospital Complete Scrapbook by Gary Warner. All copyrights belong to him. I'm not making any money whatsoever off of this, so please don't sue me. I plan to start from day one, April 1, 1963, and work on up the years.

Anyone who knew Dr. Steve Hardy was convinced that dedication was his middle name. Dr. Hardy spent his days, nights, and even weekends on the seventh floor of General Hospital. When he wasn't making rounds, Steve Hardy tended to his administrative duties as Chief of the hospital's Internal Medicine Department. Late into the night, he would bury himself in the mounds of paperwork that piled up on his desk in Room 714, the cubbyhole of an office located just to the right of the seventh floor nurses' station. Busy as he was, Steve would often steal a moment out of his busy schedule to grab a cup of coffee in the medicine room with his friend and confidante, nurse Jessie Brewer, but rarely did he spend any time at home in his tiny, bare apartment. Steve spent even less time with his fiancee, Peggy Mercer, who was growing increasingly impatient with her man.

"Steve, why is it always you?" She demanded to know after yet another last minute cancellation because of a sick patient who need attention. "Peg, it's my job. I prescribed the treatment and if it's not working out, I have to find out what the reason is." "Can't someone else find out?" "I'm sorry Peg. Look, things will be alot different after we're married." "Your patients wil always come first, won't they?" Answered Peg, who came to realize what everyone at General Hospital already knew - Dr. Steve Hardy was married to medicine.

Born to missionary parents - both doctors - Steven Hardy was raised in China. From the time he first put his parents' stethoscopes to his ears, Steve knew he wanted to follow in their footsteps and dedicate his life to the practice of medicine.

That decision cost Steve his relationship with Peggy in the fall of 1963, when she left him for a "more exciting" man, writer Roy Lansing. A subsequent romance with socialite Priscilla Longworth ended abruptly in 1964. Caught up in his work, Steve barely took notice of his lagging love life. He placed greater importance on his friendships, especially the close personal bond he shared with nurse Jessie Brewer, whose turbulent marriage to intern Phil Brewer gave them both plenty to talk about. The beautiful and soulful nurse had been pursued by nearly ever man in town. And it came as quite a shock to her suitors - and her fellow staff members - when Jessie married he bold and brash Dr. Brewer, who was seven years her junior.

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***A Moment in Time***

A Moment in Time will be devoted to member contributions. If you have a storyline that was your favourite, please, write an article about it and send it in. Include your thoughts, your interpretations, describe where you were at the time, anything you feel like adding to make it all the more enjoyable.

The Life and Death of BJ Jones written by Bodager (Bodager@aol.com)

It was a happy but hectic day on the birthdate of BJ Jones. Tania Jones went into labor, but she couldn't make it to the hospital. Luckily, a good friend to the Jones's, Nurse Bobbie Spencer was on hand and successfully delivered a little bundle of joy to Tania and her husband Tony. The Jones's were thrilled with their new little girl, their family had begun. Tony and Tania were so grateful to Bobbie, that they named their daughter after her ~Barbara Jean~ They called her BJ.

Before BJ was even a year old, tragedy struck the Jones family and the happy family was torn apart in an instant. After having dinner with Tony at Kelley's diner, Tania kissed her husband good bye and left to take care of some errands. No sooner was she out the door when she was hit by a car. The driver left to scene of the crime. Tania was killed by the hit and run driver.

Tony was devasted by the loss of his wife, he sunk deeper and deeper into depression. He could not cope alone. Lucy Coe, the local engenue who was determined to marry a doctor took advantage of Tony's desparate situation and moved in on him~literally~she moved into his house as BJ's nanny. I didn't take long for Lucy to seduce Tony-over a sexy game of scrabble-and she soon lured him into marriage.

Despite Lucy's devious ways, she did love her stepdaughter BJ very much, as did anyone who knew her. Despite her love for BJ, Lucy's marriage to Tony didn't last. She hightailed her way to the next available doctor, and Tony and BJ were once again alone, BJ without a mother and Tony without a wife.Tony turned to Bobbie for comfort. They were best friends for many months, but neither could deny the attraction they had for one another. Eventually, love blossomed and they were wed. Bobbie adopted BJ and the three made a happy family.

More than anything, Bobbie and Tony wanted a child of their own and a sibling for their darling BJ. Bobbie, however, could not bear children. Bobbie's medical problems had forced her to have a hysterectomy before she married Tony. The couple decided to adopt a second child. When the adoption agency investigated Bobbie's past, the couple was turned down. They would not be allowed to legally adopt a child. Tony suggested that they drop the subject of another child and be content with the good life that they had. Bobbie was desparate for a child, and was willing to go to great lengths to get a baby.

More than once in her life, Bobbie had made the wrong decision. She located a "Black Market Baby" ring and paid a large sum of money to them. She was delivered a baby boy. She named the child Lucas, after her brother, who was presumed dead at the time. The childs natuaral mother was Cheryl Stansbury. Cheryl was told that her baby was stillborn. Tony, angry that Bobbie took illegal measures to get a baby, left Bobbie. Lucas became ill and was diagnosed with diabetes. Cheryl became suspicious, because she too, had diabetes and never believed her son was dead.

The baby ring was uncovered and Bobbie was forced to return Lucas to Cheryl. Tony eventually forgave Bobbie and they reconciled. Shortly after, Cheryl became very ill and died from kidney failure. She left Lucas to the Jones's in her will, stating that they were her first family. This did not set well with Cheryls sister Tiffany Hill. She decided to fight the Bobbie-her best friend, and Tony for custody of Lucas. While Tiffany dug up Bobbies past in the courtroom, Bobbie hired Marco Dane to dig up dirt on Tiffany. Bobbie threatened Tiffany to back down. Sean Donnely, Tiffany's husband persueded Tiffany to back down from the custody fight. The Jones's were now a happy family~Tony, Bobbie, BJ and Lucas.

For many years, they had a picture perfect life. But then trouble, disaster, and heartbreak, ripped the core from the family and tore them apart. Bobbie thought she had everything she wanted, a safe, secure life, a man who loved her, and two children she adored. But now, the Spencer lust for excitement and adventure that ws born into her blood began to flow. Bobbie became bored and unchallenged in her marriage. Then, Bobbie met Damien Smith, a troublemaker who had his eyes set on Bobbie. Although she resisted, she could not control the attraction to the excitement that a fling with Damien offered...

Maxi Jones was BJ's cousin. She was very sick awaiting a heart transplant. No donors had been found. All of BJs family members had their blood tested, in case Maxie needed any blood before a heart donor could be found.

Bobbie sent BJ off to school one school morning, she was to take the school bus...meanwhile Tony and Bobbie went off to work at GH. Bobbie's mind was filled with thoughts of Damien, their relashionship was progressing, she could no longer resist him.

Bobbie met Damien in a quiet section of the hospital atop a flight of stairs. Just as Bobbie gave in to her desires and kissed Damien, Tony crashed through the door, witnessing their passionate embrace. he puched Damien who barreled down the stairs. Tony stormed out, Bobbie went after him.

Before Tony could confront Bobbie about her deception, a tragic accident occured. a school bus full of children had been in an accident. Miguel Morez, a new face in town, had pulled a little girl from the bus seconds before it exploded. She had taken a severe blow to the head and was badly injured. Steve Hardy was in the ER when the paramedics rushed in with the child. He looked at her and requested the Tony and Bobbie be found immediately. It was BJ. The Joneses arrived within minutes. Tony, a neurosurgeon, examined his daughter and knew immediately that her injuries were so severe that she wouldn't live. BJ was put on life support. The Joneses were lost to each other, and now their daughter was lost to them too.

Tony, knowing in his heart that he would never have his daughter back, checked the results of the blood tests he'd previously had taken. BJ's blood type matched her cousing Maxi's. Tony knew that both children could not be saved. He chose to turn off BJ's life support. In a touching scene, Tony told BJ not to be afraid, she was going to be with a real angel now, speaking of his late wife Tania. Tony said one final heartbreaking goodbye to his daughter and turned off her life support.

Tony did not want Felicia, Maxi's mother to know who the donor was yet, or that BJ was gone. Felicia recieved word that a heart had been found. She was overjoyed. Her little girl would live! Felicia ran into Lucy in the hospital. Lucy had just heard about BJ and was in tears. Felicia ran to comfort her. Lucy, heartbroken, let it slip that BJ had died. Felicia ran to find Bobbie. When she found Bobbie, no words had to be said to answer the question Felicia needed to know. Felicia wouldn't accept it, "no, not Barbara Jean...not Barbara Jean's heart!" she cried and she crouched to the floor crying. She did not want to believe that BJ had to die in order for her child to live.

In one day, the Jones family was ripped apart, a damaged marriage, a costly sacrafice, and the loss of BJ affected the family for years to come. However, a little part of BJ still lives on, a ray of hope as bright as the love in Maxi's new heart.


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Name: Traci dy Ann Haley (Wisteria)
E-mail: remy@empnet.com
Location: Prineville, Oregon
Homepage: http://www.angelfire.com/or/Wisteria/
Birthdate: 5/20/79
Watched GH: 5 yrs Fav. Character: Anna, Robert, Holly, Lucy, Kevin, Scott, Domonique, Lois, Jax, Faison, Nik, Stefan Least Fav. Character: Sonny, Lily, Keesha Fav. Storyline: The cartel/carbon disulfide story, Holly searching for Paloma, Lucy's psychic powers, who killed Nancy Eckert, anything with Robert and Anna or the WSB Hobbies/Interests: reading, writing, drawing, computers, crafts, music, cooking, movies/t.v., sci-fi/fantasy/horror, sign language, soap operas, psychology, history, new age/occult/gothic stuff, unexplained phenomena, stand-up comedy, and more! Family/Pets: I live with my mom, gparents, great cousin, aunt, uncle, and 2 cousins, and I have an adorable Jack Russell Terrier named Sassy and an equally adorable - rather smelly - cat named 'Coon (short for Racoon) Clubs/Keeperships: GHMS Pres. & Founder, GH Club, JLU, CEI (Spoon Island Guard), PIC, NPA, HACK, GMDM(Windemere), S-DC, LFFC (Sigmund), KLGA (Lucy's Nurse's Ball dresses & Kevin's lighthouse), SCGA (Stefan's memories of Laura), TBGA (Tyler's Native American heritage), CFGA (Ice Princess), CRGA (Carly's secrets), NAGA (Ned's love for Brooke Lynne), BBGA (the Aladdin's lamp given to Brenda by Jax), LCAGA (Lois's wedding gown), L&BFC (Brenda#2, the birth of Brooke Lynne), Ingo's Angels (Jax's parents & his PAST love for Miranda), VonYo family (LadyM's my ma, Mary's my sis, JSchaech's my Godfather, and I'm cyber-married to John Jacks (and that's JOHN Jacks not JASPER Jacks)).

Name: Bodager
E-mail: Bodager@aol.com
Location: South Charleston, WV
Birthdate: 3/10/69
Watched GH: 20 years Fav. Character: Bobbie, Robert, Anna, Frisco, Felicia, Tiffany, BJ Least Fav. Character: Mac, Kevin O'Connor Family/Pets: Married 6 yrs, 1 son, Jesse (2) Clubs/Keeperships: Co-Vice-President of Ideas, GHMS Name: Keropi Email: roylb@mail.softcom.net Location: Sacremento, CA Birthdate: 11/22/80 Watched GH: 4 1/2 years Fav. Character: Sonny, Stone, Nik, Jagger, Lucy, Laura, Ned, Mike, Jason Least Fav. Character: Carly, Brenda, Dara, Keesha, AJ, Tracy Fav. Storyline: Robin & Stone/AIDs Hobbies/Interests: Soaps, Music, Turtles, Disney Family/Pets: 1 Turtle


Every issue there will be three different contests, and winners receive a special surprise.
TRIVIA The first person to submit the correct answer to the following question wins:
What is on the third floor of General Hospital?
WHAT'S MY LINE? The first person to correctly name who said the following line wins: "I love you. You're my best pal, but you know me. I'll always want more. Forgive me."
WHICH CAME FIRST? The first person to put the following lists of events in order wins (ex. if the list was: A)Brenda and Jax's almost-wedding B)General Hospital debuted and C)Domonique died the order would be: B, C, and A.)

A) Felicia got amnesia - the FIRST time
B) Robert and Anna married
C) Brenda and Sonny broke up
D) Lois and Ned married
E) Lesley "died"

***Questions & Answers***

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From ChristyC
1.) How did Brenda and Sonny get involved?

A: After Karen started stripping at Sonny's club, Brenda was the one who discovered Karen's secret life. And she also told EVERYONE about it. Throughout Karen's ordeal after that, Brenda would fantasize about Sonny. "Is danger what you're looking for?" Sonny asked her. "Why do you say that?" "Because ever since we met, every move you made has been flirting with danger." Brenda continued flirting, she was COMPLETELY over Jagger. Their relationship REALLY caught on fire when Brenda saved Sonny's life after he was shot while trying to break Frank Smith out of jail.

2.) How did Stone meet Robin? A: Robin had run into Stone a couple times before and thought he was rude. They met yet again at one of Jagger's fights and Robin commented on how rude he was. But after that, Robin fell in love, and despite everything Mac tried to do, Robin and Stone got together.

And until next issue, may your thought be filled with sweet GH memories :-). Looking forward to hearing from all of you soon, Wisteria Pres. & Founder