OK, for all of you who don't know, the MBC is the "MAYniacs Breakfast Club". It's just a bunch of MAY fans who chat on the newsgroup about pretty much everything. Sometimes we get off topic, and the occasional flame comes along when we (and when I say 'we', 'we' all know whom I mean, don't we?) start reposting long messages, adding just a simple "Not so much!" or "This is what I'm saying!" to the end. Now, we always post off-topic messages with "(MBC)" in the header so that anybody who doesn't care can skip it easily. Just head to alt.tv.mad-about-you and you'll see what I'm talking about.

OK, this is an open message to all the MBCers: I need your help. I want to put a small blurb about everybody up, but I don't know enough about everybody. What I want is just a small paragraph about you: name, nickname, hobbies, interests, social security #, dress size (not you, Andy), favorite episode (of MAY, preferably), whatever you want to have up here.

And here is what Queen Slipperless sent me about the origins of the only Breakfast Club that didn't star Emilio Estevez and Molly Ringwald:
"The MBC got started as a joke during the summer hiatus about a year or two ago. The MBC stands for the MAYniacs Breakfast Club and it mainly got started when Tharpomarx here and myself got off into teasing one another on the MAY newsgroup. Others got in there and wanted in on it and we let them in. We found out basically who eats or doesn't eat breakfast and who does or doesn't wear slippers around the house. He eats breakfast and wears slippers. I do neither of them. We got into discussing topics of MAY, then we got into this sortalike Castles and Dungeons cyberteasing, just having a good ole time on the newsgroup until the flame wars started at the end of the summer so that now, a lot of the members, nicknames in tact, started labeling posts so as not to distract the lurkers. That's pretty much the story of the MBC, but I know Tharpo over there in Maryland will have more than his two cents to add to this."

And here are some bits and pieces that'll tell you who all these strange people are that eat slippers and wear breakfast around the house:

David Tharp

My MBC monicker is Bermuda Shortless. My real name is David Tharp I'm a somewhat over-the-hill college student. I'll graduate next year (1998) from Cheaspeake College with a degree in Paralegal studies. BTW the queen was responsible for me being involved with the MAY newsgroup in a big way.
[this as told by "Mary McCool"]"The reason that the Dave-meister, a.k.a Tharpomarx, a.k.a The Bermuda Shortsless Wonder is because he doesn't own or wear Bermuda Shorts."

A Dave 1999 update:
I graduated in 1998 from Chesapeake Collage with an A.A degree in Paralegal Studies. I haven't as yet gotten a job in that field but currently have two part-time jobs, one in a machine shop and the other in a shipping department.

"Hi! My name is Vanessa, and I am your honourary present Queen of the MBC. Entering my second year of psychology and sociology at Wilfrid Laurier University, I analyze the posts' of the newsgroup each day. Hehe- just kidding. You gotta pay me to do that...hehe. I started watching everybody's favorite show about four years ago, and began surfing and posting to the newsgroup a few years ago. Nicknamed Princess Winky, by the Queen Mum Slipperless, herself, I tend to over-use the " ;-) " too frequently in my posts, as you'll see if you happen to stumble upon Alt.may . Now that the funniest sitcom on television has run its course, I pledged to keep the newsgroup from dying- and whether you're reading this in the year 1999, or 2003 (Jim, if it's 2003, and they're still reading this, it's time to update the page! hehe), you'll see that although we may not be discussing the *new* shows, the *shows in the vault* are keeping us quite busy! Interested in joining the MBC!? Don't hesitate- the more the merrier! :-)"

THE QUEEN MUM: on our planet anyway:-)
Mary Queen Slipperless

"I'm a psyche major, with three classes to go. I love biking and doing Volksmarches on weekends, providing it's not too hot in Phoenix. I tinker around with the software in my computer, learning new programs, junk like that."

Karen Hoskins -- Magenta:

". . . I started posting to the ng and to David's and Mary's posts in particular because they seemed to be having fun with it. I teased with them and developed a habit of only posting one-liners from the show. "This is what I'm saying", "Not so much". I even had a post with someone about the saying I'm saying was all that I was saying and he wasn't saying it was a bad saying but I was always saying it. Get my meaning? "I'm saying" was in that post about ten times. We got a laugh out of it.

David named me after the character Magenta in "Rocky Horror Picture Show". I let him know in no uncertain terms the only thing I had in common with her was that I was smart and we were both women.

My interests are varied. I am in college, evenings part time. I am three classes shy of a Bachelor of Science in Natural Science, having taken classes in Chemistry, Biology, Psychology, Anthropology, Criminal Justice, Horticulture, and Writing. So I can write (writing) a murder mystery (criminal justice) about an anthropologist (anthropology) studying the psychology (psychology) of apes in a zoo (biology) who is poisoned with chemicals (chemistry) from one of the rare plants (horticulture) on the zoo grounds. Have I covered it all?? However, I am presently working to finish my novel and have a literary agent waiting for the finished manuscript to try to sell it.

An update from Magenta: I have finished college and will receive my degree in June. I have also finished writing my novel and expect to hear from the agent very soon about the possible signing of a contract for a three book deal. I am very excited and impatient as to the outcome...
I got my first rejection letter as a writer. I'm on my way to being an author! I am enjoying working at the Cincinnati Zoo tremendously! I have applied for a full time job within so we'll see what transpires in a few weeks."

Magicarb (or CJ -- Court Jester), a.k.a. Arb, but you can call him Andy:

"Magicarb was born, raised, lives and works in New York City... professionally involved with audio for almost 25 years...work heard in numerous Off-Broadway theaters...local and national radio and television...writer/engineer/announcer for nationally syndicated comedy group Steel Belted Radio(tm)...currently hard at work seeking a rhyme for the word 'orange.'"
Here's a picture that may come back to haunt him. Left to right are Arb, then MAD Magazine associate editors Charlie Kadau and Joe Raiola. The three have worked together for years, including Steel Belted Radio(tm). The picture was taken in 1976 at a dance.

Heidi L. Sackerson -- Swiss Miss:

". . . and of course the "Swiss Miss" handle, given to me by Dave-meister last summer ['96] when I first joined the MBC (August sometime). I'm 28, and I'll be 29 (gulp!) on September 30. I live in Newhall, CA, where I'm attending California Institute of the Arts, pursuing a graduate degree in film/video/theatre.

I have a cat named Rimsey, who enjoys sleeping on top of the refrigerator, or on my mouse pad, depending on her mood. My likes include Mad About You (duh!), Red Dwarf, old movies, musicals, Sinatra, the Beatles, Squeeze (it's a band -- no one else has ever heard of them, either, don't feel bad), and uh....other stuff that's cool. My dislikes include year-end reviews with my advisor, especially when I'm told my work-level is "shallow but competent." Ouch. I also dislike being told what I can and cannot discuss on the newsgroup (or did you already know that? :o) ).

Kevin Bacon Factor: Three. Worked with a guy, Todd Sible, in a play, who was directed in another play by Tom Hulce, who was in Animal House with...Kevin Bacon." -actually, I've heard of Squeeze -- Bryan

Heidi's favorite episodes: Up In Smoke, Love Among the Tiles, Up All Night, and Our Fifteen Minutes, just to name a few.

Sarah - Lady of the Lake:

"Born and completely raised in St. John's, Newfoundland, I am a nature girl at heart. I love the flowers and the trees. And little birdies. :) One of these days I'm going to join an ornithological society - but they tend to be expensive - I'm a poor student...
I'm a student in Memorial University of Newfoundland, more specific the School of Music. I have been playing flute for eight years. I have two more years to get my degree (B. Mus) majoring in Music History and Literature. I love almost all aspects of music which leads me to...
My own radio show, BIRDLAND. At campus radio CHMR 93.5 FM, of course. It is a classical/jazz/blues eclectic grouping of music which I (or listeners) choose. I'm very generous with requests. If we have it, I'll play it!
My homepage is a collaboration of my favorite things - namely composers, radio, birds, and friends. And did I forget MAD ABOUT YOU...?
I joined MBC after lurking for awhile. I love the atmosphere, and my new friends. After some arguing of my nickname, I chose "Lady of the Lake", only because it didn't advertise where I was from. And it's more nature-y... I'm a gentle soul, hate to hurt anybody. You will generally see me posting just to agree with someone! I love MAY but am not a fanatic. I can't tell you what colour such and such was in each episode. But I can tell you that Paul is amazing, and Jamie is damn cute! Great couple. Great show. To get back to the MBC, I eat yogourt for breakfast (fruit on the bottom, with only active bacterial culture)! And I never wear slippers. :) "
Listen to LOTL's radio show on Wednesdays, 8:30 to 10:30 AM, EST. Check her site for the station's URL, and you can listen with Real Audio.
August 1999 update: I'm going to Carleton in Ottawa in September to complete an M.A. in Canadian Music, after graduating with a B. Music from Memorial University in April '99.

Bryan Hall -- Cat-Napper:

[that's me, BTW] I'm a high school soon-to-be Junior in Rapid City, South Dakota (that's just a little ways away from Mt. Rushmore). I share the good musical tastes of Swiss Miss like Ol' Blue Eyes and the Beatles, and I also listen to Hootie and the Blowfish, Van Morrison, and Dave Matthews Band. Other than MAY, some of my favorite TV shows are Friends, The Dick Van Dyke Show, and The Simpsons. Like many of the MBCers, I have a cat (Chips), from whom my nickname was derived. I joined the club last Easter after laughing myself silly at their newsgroup posts. I play soccer and golf and am an avid watcher and lover of all sports - extremely devoted, BTW, to the New York Rangers, Giants, Mets, and the Anaheim Angels. I'm sure I'll think of something else to write later . . .
Like this: I eat breakfast if I wake up in time (usually during the school year), and I wear slippers occasionally, but I'm still waiting to find the right pair.

Evan Kimble -- Waffle Maker:

You are all very kind, and it warms my cinnamon toast to feel accepted by the MBC. In fact, I feel so good I could even perhaps consider blond raisins (tow-headed raisins?) in my oatmeal--but you know that wouldn't be right, so it's never going to happen my friend. Actually, I am not an oatmeal person at all.

I hereby declare my undying loyalty to Magenta, the bestower of my name. Anybody who has a flame with the Magnificent Magenta has a flame with me.
> I wanted to call him Prose Master but Mary is opposed. Well at least I got to name Waffle Maker!! -- Magenta

Living in Seattle, WA, I do some graphic design and play "acoustidelic groove" in a band called Grasshopper. We have a CD out getting a little radio play around the country.. That's where the "Cosmic Love Freak" name comes from. (That and a long story, which requires waffles, tequila, and my wife, Jasmine Juanita Conchita Condorra Iscierda Fellipes Herbal Wrap Love Freak.) I sent our CD to Helen as a birthday present.

More pertinently to our joint purposes here, I started watching MAY last Summer, after enjoying Twister. The first episode of MAY I saw was The Weed, and I rolled right into The Award and The Finale from there. Some Favorite Episodes: Our Fifteen Minutes, Up in Smoke, Everybody Hates Me.

I visited NY this Spring for my uncle's funeral. He lived in a rent- controlled apt. in the Village three blocks from Paul and Jamie's building, so I traipsed over there and took some photos of it while I was there. If any MBCer wants a reprint, drop me an email. Strangely enough, the photos look just like the clips we see on TV every day.
> Judge for yourselves! Here is one of them(I'll try to place the other two somewhere in the site soon) . . . --Bryan

My greatest claim to fame derives from when I shook hands and exchanged pleasantries with Patrick Stewart on a Broadway side street. This, and tieing my shoelaces while seated next to Ringo Starr (this is true!) have been emminently helpful in playing Six Degrees of Separation. However, I have not yet met Kevin Bacon.

Cheers, Waffle Maker

TJ Casiello -- Stinkster

Stinkster was knighted in December of '96 by the Queen herself as 'Stinker', due to the common use of the line "Badges? We don't need no steenkin' badges....". Eventually this evolved into the present day "Stinkster" or even "Stinkpot". He's been known to travel in certain social circles as Tom, and others as T.J., and in others...names which cannot be repeated on a user-friendly home page such as this one.

He's currently living in Manhattan (the East Village)in a three bedroom apartment with his two friends. After an extended leave of abscence from college, he decided to go back last year to the School of Visual Arts in New York City, majoring in Scriptwriting...more specifically, Daytime Television Scriptwriting (yes, you really CAN study this...) In his spare time, he travels to his hometown in Connecticut to reunite with old friends and try to stay sane.

He's been known to be seen hanging out in local bars with his friends, playing the piano (classical, of course!), writing, occasionally jumping on the stage when he gets the chance, watching TV, drooling over Helen Hunt, reading, and drinking INSANE amounts of coffee. He's particularly proud to be an MBC'er and has been known to spend a few hours at a time loitering around the newsgroup.

Will Seabrook -- MBC Nickname, The Capt. (sort of)

As can be seen in my .sig, I am William P.D. Seabrook, commonly known as Will, occasionally as Slick Willie, Will The Thill (believe me, I chose none of these for myself), and in the past, Superhang, Earl King, Sqill, The Grillmaster, or Impactwrench.. The origin of these and various other nicknames by which I am known can be found at my home pages; www.well.com/~dinghao.

Vital Statistics:

D.O.B.: 03/24/70
Sex: Big dumb male
Height: 6'1"
Marital Status: Single
Weight: 280
Build: Ex football player
Education: B.S. in Comp Sci, minor in English, from The University Of Maryland
Present Job/Employer: Advanced Micro Devices

Images: http://www.well.com/user/dinghao/willtop2.jpg
There are more in the gallery at my site.

Mini Biography:
I was born at Edwards Air Force base in the Mojave Desert, but moved to Arlington Va. when I was 9 mos. old. At age four we moved to Annapolis, MD,and there we stayed. I lived and grew up in downtown Annapolis until, 16 years later, I went off to college--at which time I moved all of 25 miles away to the University Of Md. My parents are still in Annapolis, after 21 years; Annapolis will always be home.

I moved down here to Austin, TX, in August, 1996, 'cause I wanted to. I resigned from APL (see below) and moved down here, and managed to get a job at AMD within three weeks, thank goodness. That's the last time I move somewhere without a job first.

I have lived in England and Spain; I speak Castillano. My sister lives in Mexico City and is fluent in mexican Spanish (shudder) *chuckle* just kidding. We have a friendly difference of opinion as far as which is the better accent.

I have a beautiful little gray tabby cat named Jasmine. She has medium length fur--one day I'll get around to putting up some pictures of her.

I have grilled for seventeen nights in a row. I have grilled in the pouring rain and at 4:00 in the morning. I have grilled in 36" of snow. I like to grill--but I prefer to grill for people rather than for myself. I truly enjoy hosting.

Some Interests (in no particular order)

Singing, songwriting, barratry, debauchery, skulduggery, writing, Spanish, reading, computer related stuff (sometimes), alternative medicine, armwrestling, drankin', acoustic folk guitar, music in general, Cooking of all kinds but especially open flame cooking and soups and stews, buying stuff.

Past Professions

--Mechanic--First at Dempsey's Import Auto and Marine; mostly worked on MG's; Later on Transit buses.
--Cook--Several different Italian and seafood restaurants, and I did some cooking for an old friends' catering company; also worked in a bakery doing a little baking and a lot of delivering.
--Census taker for the 1990 Census
--Bartender--In a British pub called the Anchor, about an hour south of London
--Draftsman: For Anne Arundel County, MD
--Agricultural worker: Produce pickup for an agricultural co-op in England--mostly greenhouse celery,
--Busdriver (had to be before being a bus mechanic),
--Dishwasher (lottsa places)
--Pizza maker (not the same as a cook)
--Telemarketer (for three hours)
--Hotel-style front desk host: Working the front desk at a University Of Maryland dormitory
--Systems Administrator (current)

If you actually have reached this line without falling asleep, and you want to know more, visit my site at www.dinghao.com/~dinghao. For better or for worse, there's a bunch of stuff there that I've written.

=== Will Seabrook, Systems Administrator
== Advanced Micro Devices, Austin TX.
= Will.Seabrook@amd.com
= http://www.well.com/~dinghao
== I have opinions. I invite you to try and change them. You
=== may succeed, and we may both learn something in the process.

MBC Nickname: CJ#2, Doppelganger, Keeper of Crumpets
Real Name: Carolyne Joy Dean-Pillutla (ain't it a mouthful!); 4th grade teacher in Plano, TX

Degrees of Separation from Kevin Bacon: (Note: I have never actually played this game, but here goes...) 1) Stephen King's wife Tabitha has a sister living in Plano, Texas, where I, too, reside. 2) Stephen King wrote "THE STAND", which was later made into a pretty good miniseries of the same name, which starred Gary Sinise (sp?), and 3) Gary Sinise co-starred in APOLLO 13 with Kevin Bacon. Does that make me 3 degrees away from Kevin Bacon?

Occupation: Full time school teacher of 4th graders (why do you think I get along with you MBCer's so well? :-)

Birthday: October 4, 1961. Don't bother counting, that's 36 years old! (Egads! When did that happen??!) I share a birthday with Susan Sarandon and Charlton Heston, as well as the dubious honor of it being National CB Day (10-4, get it?).

Misc. Info: I am a world traveler, so far going to Germany; all over India (where my husband and I had a Hindu wedding and reception, let me tell you, these people love to party! Weddings usually last for several days there); Italy; Kuwait (?!?); and New York City (does that count?) and about half of the continental US.

Pet Peeves: People with road rage. People who beat up on their kids in the grocery store. People who abuse helpless animals. David Tharp's spelling disorder.

Hobbies: I enjoy cross-stitching, embroidery, furniture refinishing, painting, piano, roller blading, reading scifi/fantasy and romances, and writing prose and poetry. *Extremely* right brained, which drives my totally left brained, computer software engineering husband nuts.

Personal stuff: I am the "mother" of Moose and Pebbles, 2 cats rescued from a dairy farm in East Texas. We don't have any real kids yet, but not for lack of trying. But then, I guess, practice makes perfect?

REALLY personal stuff: I am lactose intolerant. Smoke from cigarrettes triggers my allergies. I have a thyroid problem corrected with medication. I used to have a diabetic cat. I get in trouble at work for being too loud (I am a little hard of hearing, but not deaf). Is this *too* much information? :-)

August 99 update: No longer in the teaching field :-( I never got to teach! Too much crap in the school systems. Now I am a college student once again, taking courses in Computer Graphics and Design...hoping to graduate sometime next year. Still trying to have kids, finished genetic testing to see why I can't, and now I actually have proof that I am "NORMAL"! LOL. :-)

Take it easy you guys, CJ#2 in TX Keeper of Crumpets and the fall schedule

real name: Vik Anand
nickname: Mittenboy
Residence: Los Angeles, CA
I go to UCLA, im 18, and my Maysounds page is www.primenet.com/~vik/
Jim Thompson, AKA Dudley Doright (RMBCMP) - that's Royal MAYniacs Breakfast Club Mounted Police (a figment of my own imagination)

A brief history: Born 12/18/61 so presently I'm 36. I've been happily married for over 15yrs now. My wife and I have 2 sons (ages 7 & 12) I work as a CCBW (Chief Cook & Bottle Washer) for my father-in-law's electrical biz in Chicago. Before becoming an electrician/salesman I built custom wheelchair seating systems for a couple of years. During high school and college I was a counselor at an Easter Seals camp during the summers.

Other Interests: When my oldest son auditioned for and got some parts in community theater, I got involved with the crew. It's become sort of a hobby for both of us, hopefully it will help keep us closer in his teen years. Music is another thing I enjoy. Most any kind, I'm not very picky. The instruments that I play well are the turntable, CD player and cassette player. I used to play 8-track but it's broken and I refuse to by a new one. The trumpet & guitar? Not so good!

Things I have in common with MAY

Some people call *me* James.
I work with Murray ( it's a brand of circuit breakers, panels, etc., not the dog)
We once lived in an apartment with "slippy" floors.

Name: Jennifer MBC Nickname: Schooner
About Me: I'm 19 years old, going into my second year of college at the University of Buffalo. I am an Arts Management major and want to be a talent agent (particularly, a talent agent to the MAY stars!!). I plan on attending Law School in Los Angeles when I finish my undergrad work.
I've watched Mad About You since the pilot. I have every episode on tape. I've loved Helen since I was five and saw Girls Just Want to Have Fun. I've loved (and wanted to marry) Paul even since I was seven and saw him in My Two Dads (he was my favorite dad!!). So, Mad About You was the perfect combination of my favorites. I learned everything about the show, as well as learning about the industry, which inspired me to want to be an agent. I've attending one MAY filming ("Paved with Good Intentions") and I went to NYC last summer to see Ms. Hunt in Twelfth Night. I've had the honor of meeting Carol Burnett and Maui!! Mad About You and related activities (i.e. the stars' movies, books, collecting articles/pictures, etc.) are my favorite things to do, but here are some other favorites:
TV Show: Mad About You (duh) (I LOVE all of the episodes equally!)

Non-MAY-related TV Show: Law and Order; Friends; Chicago Hope; Just Shoot Me

Movie: Anything with a MAY star!! If you pressed me, I'd say As Good As It Gets!

Non-MAY-related Movie: Eyes Wide Shut; The Thoman Crown Affair; The Imposters (although you could argue the MAY connection w/Lili Taylor for that one!)

Actor: Paul Reiser and Hank Azaria!!

Non-MAY-related Actor: Tom Hanks, Jack Nicholson, Al Pacino, Robert DeNiro, Anthony Hopkins, Pierce Brosnan

Actress: Helen Hunt, of course!!

Non-MAY-related Actress: Rene Russo, Susan Sarandon

Singer: Celine Dion; James Taylor; Bonnie Raitt; Julia Fordham

Food: Spaghetti and Artichokes

Book: Couplehood, Babyhood, Round Rock

Play: Twelfth Night; really anything Shakespeare!!; Our Town

Sport: Sailing (hence the name Schooner, I'm guessing, right Magneta?)

Poet: Rilke, Shakespeare

Store: The Gap; Banana Republic

Make-up: Stila, of course (but I never wear any, it looks cute on my dresser, though)

Class: Film

Color: Purple (Black for clothes)

Quote: "Fortune Smiles When It Does" (I don't know who said it originally, I got it from Helen Hunt after the '96 Emmys); "Deal with it!!!!" (Tom Hanks)

Charitable Organization:
The Healing Hands Project
P.O. Box 1057
Burbank, CA 91507-9998
(Please donate if you can!!)

Website: My own!!

MBC Birthdays (month/day):
David Tharp: 1/29; Amanda: 1/29; Bill Boelema: 3/14; Bryan Hall: 5/29; Karen Hoskins: 6/6; Andy: 7/30 Kukie: 9/2; Mary: 9/5: TJ: 9/27; Heidi: 9/30; Sarah: 10/10; Vanessa: 4/14.
Everyone else: please let me know =)
Well, that's all I have so far. Everybody else send me something to put up here, and I will. I'd like some more pictures to keep it interesting, BTW.