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mogirl - 10/19/00 22:49:24
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hey, your counter isn't working!

Jason Paul - 09/04/00 03:58:00
My Email:jpaul@gocubs.com

Remember me Chris?

Moo-girl - 08/15/00 21:57:53
My Email:lizard2676@aol.com

haven't gotten too far, will have to let you know what I think when I'm finished! MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

TerrifVic - 07/12/00 00:02:50

Your site sucks! I can't stand that Chris Tucker guy. You need to watch your language and stop posting things about cookies you don't even know how to make! Bah! Locusts from the stars indeed!

Star - 12/07/98 14:24:46
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Hi! Well, I know that I've already signed your guestbook...but I decided to sign again...just to let you know that I've added a few new things to my site...(ex. a few new songs, a Chat, an "About Me" section with pics, etc...), so I hope tha you'll stop by sometime & check it out! :) Oh yeah...another reason that I wanted to sign your guestbook again is to let you know that my URL has changed! Anyway...keep up the good work on your site, & if you'd like to visit mine, just click on the banne below...

Star - 10/30/98 23:56:16
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Your site is really cool! It's nice to see that SOMEONE still honors the spirit of Halloween! :) I really liked your photobook...it's really well done! And your South Park links were cool! Keep up the good work, & thanks for visiting my site & signing the Spellbook!!!:) HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!! STAR

neala - 10/24/98 03:52:25
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i think we're soulmates!!! let's run away together!!! say you'll marry me, unseth!!!

LOBO7 - 10/22/98 04:39:01
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Excellent Web Site !..Great graphics & design! Really enjoyed my visit!...LOBO7

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