Yes, it's true - after nearly 3 years here at "2262", Da Bearz have left the building.

Their new home is at

Don't worry, all the pages from this original site are listed in the sitemap there.

Special hugs to all those Friends of Da Fur who have come here to offer Da Bearz support and encouragement over the last few years - you knew the risks!

And just imagine what they're gonna do in the next Millennium!

Now, hold on tightly to your mouse, 'cos we'll be beaming you there any any second now....


And a final word from Da Bearz to their former hosts - the Yahoo/Geocities collective:

"sO LoNg AnD thAnKs For ALL thE hUnneY. Thhhhhhpt!"

This site waddled off (in protest) 1 July 1999
and was updated to avoid deletion on 15th May 2004
(I wouldn't have to keep forwarding people on
to the new domain if Yahoo would update my listing like I've been asking for the last 5 years)