Hi there! My name is Cat. I am owned by three adorable cats;
Samantha, Nora and Hope.

I've had Samantha since she was 5 weeks old when SHE found me and adopted me as her human. She's now 13 years old.

Nora is the recent member to our family! She's a beautiful 5 year old Calico! Pictures to come soon!

I saved Hope's little life when I was in Olive Branch, Illinois, in the funeral procession for my father who died on Ocober 5, 1997. She was approximately 5 weeks old when I found her on October 9th. She is now 2 years old and here are a few pictures of her and Samantha. Hope, as you will see, is a little clown! She always brings a smile to my face. Enjoy the pictures.

God Bless all of our 4 legged little friends.

Yep, this is me!!!!! The CatWoman

This is my 12 year old cat Samantha. Or Miss Sami to you! LOL _^..^_
Here's Hope at 8 weeks old. You can just look at her and see those little kitty wheels a turnin'!!!!
No, your eyes are not deceiving you! Hope jumped in the dryer after I had removed the clothes. "Ahhhhhh" she seems to be saying!
What can I say? She's cute!

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