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Man,this website sucks ass!!!!!!(at least so far)

Bob Saget says: Hello!

This website is under heavy construction, as always, but now I might actually update it, soon it should be a nifty lttle website that showcases personal projects of mine and my friends'. Well it'll be a while till i'm done, so until then watch these animated gifs, i made the one on the right, it's my head, neat eh?

Here kids, I put this Lycos search thing on here because Yahoo!Geocities pisses me off and because maybe it will help you find something better to look at. enjoy!


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bands coming soon!


I know this page sucks,why wouldnt I? but if you are that upset about it please send threatening e-mails to me at this address

Or, just hit the HATE! button!


Does it really matter what i type here? it's not like anyone ever comes to my webpage,and if they do, they'll probably leave before getting to this point. Oh Well! At least Geocities is continuing to make surfing the Net a bigger pain in the ass by putting more and more stupid advertisements all over the page!What the hell!!! AAARGH!!!!!!

People have been unfortunate enough to find my page since 7/12/99! Alright!!
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