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This site is devoted to those TV "game" shows that never gave away thousands of dollars, and the only cars you ever saw were limos.  Yes, were talking about The Games of Love. You know them, The Dating Game, Bzzz!, Personals, The Newlywed Game, and many more.

Now playing... Listen to my MIDI renditions of game show themes - no sheet music necessary! But, a browser plug-in is to hear ...
  • THE NEWLYWED GAME Bob Eubanks version. Music by Frank Jaffe and Lyn Barris.
  • TIC-TAC-DOUGH Winker's version. Music by Hal Hidey.
  • JACKPOT Fab 70s-80s show. Don't ask me why. Music by Bob Cobert.
  • BLOCKBUSTERS Bill Cullen version. Music also by Bob Cobert. Rather easy to play, standard C-F-G progression!
  • Kudos and brownie points for Don Carroll for sequencing this chestnut... Spanish Flea... associated as one of the "themes" to the 60s Dating Game. (Actually a pop song by Herb Alpert)
  • A song true to any Amiga owner: Cliffs of Dover by Eric Johnson. Newtek sold thousands of Video Toasters with this song on their demo tapes. Better have a good sound card with an authentic electric guitar sound!

  • If you'd rather hear the real recordings and not shell out for the above CD, may I suggest The 80's TV Theme Supersite. Lots of original recordings of game show themes, just in case my MIDI's aren't good enough. And they aren't. :)
Capsule summaries and reviews of the games of love!

"Bachelor #1, if I were a banana, what would you do with me?"

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