Kendy's Kollection of Kuties

Kutie is a noun meaning "gorgeous guy."

Ever see a cool movie and think "Wow that guy is SUCH a Baldwin! Where have I seen him before?" or "Why haven't I seen him before?" Then you get home, do a yahoo search and wham! you find nothing??? Well, I have even if you haven't, and it just plain sucks. So if I get around to it, I might put a bunch of good links here.. Until then, here's a few pics to look at!

Paul Rudd from Clueless and Object of My Affection. Always has the adorable, nice guy rolls!

Will Smith is one of the cutest, nicest guys. Of course I've never met him so thats just based on his movies, music videos, song lyrics and interviews. All I can say is Jada Pinkett-Smith is really lucky!

Richie Cunningham, aka Ron Howard. Of all the guys on "Happy Days", Richie is the nicest, sweetest and has the cutest smile!

Kyle Chandler from Early Edition. Once again its the guys character I adore. But thats okay 'cuz actors probably can't pull off such a nice guy roll if they aren't actually somewhat nice to start with!

Tom Cruise. Okay so usually he plays a jerk.. hmm I'll have to think more about why he deserves to be on this page. Looks alone don't cut it.