Subject:  [feak-net] what does the survey say??
     Date:  Sun, 25 Jul 1999 15:16:54 -0700
     From: Kendra

how about another one???? <g> this one was going around the 'athenaeum' listserv.. minus the few i just added <g>

Name:  Kendra
Native American Name: "Bruises Easily"
Location: San Diego
Sex: F.
Describe yourself:  i laugh a lot. i am prone to injury. I stay up too late, then i have to take a nap during the day, then i'm not tired enough to sleep at night so i stay up too late. its a vicious cycle.
Hobbies:  sleeping, lusting after guys, playing online, attempting to train for a triathalon but getting easily distracted and always finding better things to do, taking naps.
Pierce your nose or tongue?:  if i HAVE to.. nose... or eyebrow.. if i was guaranteed i wouldn't go blind.
Be serious or be funny?:  both. i can seriously be funny. and i can be just serious and boring too.
Boxers or briefs on guys?:  boxers are sexier. except perhaps on michael jordan.. hmm i guess we never see him wearing the underware he does ads for hmm?
Whole or skim milk?:  skim
Single or taken?:  i usually go for the taken ones.
Simple or complicated?:  this is complicated.. is it about myself or how i like thngs? i guess complicated either way.
Law or anarchy?:  law
Flowers or angels?:  hmm angels i guess?
Grey or gray?:  i do both.
Read or write?:  Read.
Color or black-and-white photos?:  i do color usually but i'm starting to lean towards b&w
Sunrise or sunset?:  sunset
Rap or rock?:  rock
Stay up late or wake up late?:  why would you do one but not the other? i guess if i have to choose it'd be stay up late.. and just not get much sleep..
Is it POP or SODA?:  soda
X or O in TIC-TAC TOE?:  x
Leather purse or knit purse?:  leather, but i dont like carrying a purse. too girly.. pockets are good..
Eat an apple or an orange?:  i just had an apple so.. apples!
Which came first: the chicken or the egg?:  the egg with the chicken in it. it was a genetic mistake from somethng else which was already there.
Light or dark nail polish?:  usually dark, right now its baby blue though
Tall girls or short girls?:  i like my girls short, they cook faster. <yumm...> [just kidding. i do not eat people.]
Sun or moon?:  "look at the sun!" "don't look at the sun!"  oh how i miss those family car trips..  the moon.
Emerald or ruby?:  a ruby i guess? i dont know what they look like.. but i think one is red and one is green. i dont like green much.
Pants or long skirt?:  long skirt
Button down shirt or t-shirt?:  depends on what i'm doing. tshirt lately. depends what is clean.
When was the last time you did laundry?: too long ago.. i have no more clean clothes.
Are you left handed or right handed?:  mostly right. but i've had enough experience with my right arm in a sling that i can get by with my left
10 acquaintances or 1 best friend?:  1 best friend. and a lot of other pretty good friends.
Vanilla ice cream or chocolate ice cream?:  vanilla
Leo DiCaprio or Tom Cruise?:  tom cruise
Cameron Diaz or Drew Barrymore?:  drew
Low fat or fat free?:  which tastes better and how much fat is in the low fat?
Ponytail or leave it down?:  depends on what i'm doing.. going out, down.. staying in/playing sports, up.
Long hair or short hair for girls and guys?:  i used to not care but i'm going through a short hair on guys phase
Silver jewelry or gold jewelry?:  silver
Kids or no kids?:  i dont have any right now but i think at some point in my life i would like some monsters of my own.
Cat or dog?:  neither.
Half empty or half full?:  half full
Newspaper or magazine?:  i need my comics and i need my trash.. hence.. i choose a computer with internet access. hey that kinda rhymes..
Hardcover books or softcover books?:  i thought this said hardcore or.. anyways.. soft.paperback is nice.
Sandals or sneakers?:  sandals
Red car or white car?:  dark green.
Audi or POS Ford?: the ford <g>
Happy and poor or rich and sad?:  i plan to be happy and have what i need.
Singing or dancing?:  singing.. if noone else is around
Hug or kiss?:  hug
Corduroy or plaid?:  plaid
Are you usually a happy or sad person?:  happy
Kevin Nealon, Norm MacDonald, or Collin Quinn?:  kevin nealon
Sardines or mashed banana?:  never tried sardines.. so.. sardines i guess
Chuck or Bob?:  bob
What color of hair would you like your mate to have?:  my mate? blue. like dominic.
Eyes for you mate:  do people actually decide what their ideal person is supposed to look like? i think i have some thinking to do then..
Smoothy flavor:  Jamba Juice, strawberries wild; no frozen yogurt, sub orange sherbet.
Oreos- frozen or room temp: frozen!!!!
# of books you are currently reading: 3... 4? one of those.. or excite love-o-meter: both, lovecalc first.
Netscape or IE?  Netscape
IM or ICQ:  icq!
Favorite band: athenaeum, barenaked ladies, ...... shrug
Favorite type of music:  i listen to that 'alternative' that is mainstream.. and also some girly stuff like ani difranco, chantal kreviazuk, beth orton.. and i like heather nova.
Favorite friends:  everyone i sent this to. and some others who would think i was weird if i sent this to them <g>
Play online or do homework: ARGH! homework. bye.

Subject: Re: [feak-net] survey time...
Date:  Sat, 24 Jul 1999 17:33:07 -0700
From:  Kendra

note: i think these are stupid, well, they were okay like.. the first 2 or 3 times i got one.. but after 20+ i am sick of them. but.. its better than studying linear algebra, and i'm waiting for my room to get colder before i can take a nap, so for the time being this is what i've got to do.

Okay, here's what you are supposed to do.  Copy (not forward) this entire  e-mail and paste it onto a new compostion you are gonna send. Change all  the answers so they apply to you.  Then, send this to a whole bunch of  people you know INCLUDING the person who sent it to you.  You'll learn a lot of lil known (and sometimes scary) facts about your
friends! Remember to send yours back to the person who sent it to you in the first place!!!

 READY?!?!?! as i'll ever be
 NAME: Kendra
 NICKNAME:  Dra, Kenny, Ken, Ra-Ra, Kendraaaaaaa, Kendy, Ardnek... hmm
prolly some others
 SEX: no <g>
 AGE: 20
 HOME:  san diego or phoenix. i guess san diego.
 HEIGHT: 5'8"
 EYES:  hazel
 HAIR COLOR: light brown
 WHAT DO YOU THINK ABOUT OUIJA BOARDS?: they work. debbie and i know these things.
 YOUR FAVORITE TV SHOW? felicity, party of 5 (and friends and dawson's, etc)
 FAVORITE MAG: hmm.. women's sports and fitness i guess..  i get about 6 magazines that's the best one..
 FAVORITE SMELL: fragrance free
 WORST FEELING IN THE WORLD: when you're meeting someone somewhere busy that you're not familiar with and have to wander around forever.. ooh like getting off a plane and not seeing the person who is supposed to get you, especially if you're in a foreign country and don't speak the language. ugh!
WEIRDEST FEELING IN THE WORLD: waking up from a dream not knowing if it was real or not.. oooh and living with someone who probably doesn't really care what i did all day, so i dont tell him, so i dont have anyone to talk to, so i have to spend more time online/on the phone. i miss meagan and ashunta and michele!
FAVORITE SOUNDTRACK:  dawson's creek
WHAT IS THE FIRST THING YOU THINK OF WHEN YOU WAKE IN THE MORNING?: how much i hate having to wake up to take my inhalers
MOTION SICKNESS: dont get it
ROLLER COASTERS: can't ride on 'em anymore, but i love them!
PEN OR PENCIL?  Pens, except for math. then pencils are good.
HOW MANY RINGS B4 U ANSWER THE PHONE?  as many as it takes to get there.. lately just one.
FUTURE SON's NAME?  wtf i dont think about this stuff
DO YOU GET ALONG W/ YOUR PARENTS?: yeah. it helps not to live with them
FAVORITE ICE CREAM: pralines and cream <sp?>
CROUTONS OR BACON BITS:  neither. they are annoying.
DO YOU LIKE TO DRIVE? more than most people
THUNDERSTORMS: they're cool. we never get any here though so it sucks
IF YOU COULD MEET ONE PERSON, DEAD OR ALIVE, WHO WOULD IT BE: darin <g> or chelsea clinton.. hmm tough choice. oh wait, Will!!!!!!! i pick bullsie <g>
FAVORITE ALCOHOLIC DRINK: butterscotch schnapps
WHO IS YOUR FAVORITE POET? hmm i dont know. maybe mark kano.. he writes songs for athenaeum
question is this? why would i need to ask someone for a shirt? i dont get this at all.
IF YOU COULD HAVE ANY JOB YOU WANTED, WHAT WOULD IT BE? president of US.. vote for me in 2016! ooh or astronaut
IF YOU COULD DYE YOUR HAIR ANY COLOR, WHAT WOULD IT BE?   okay these are weird, like.. why can't i? i could if i wanted to. it's not difficult. i guess i would go blue.
IF YOU COULD HAVE A TATOO, WHAT AND WHERE WOULD IT BE?  if you could spell, would you?  i dont want a tattoo.
IF YOU COULD GET ANY PIERCING, WHAT AND WHERE WOULD IT BE? i can! and i did! i have my ears pierced twice.
WHAT IS ON YOUR WALLS IN YOUR ROOM? two calenders, one of 'the perfect man'- this month its a plastic guy in a speedo-type bathing suit, and it says 'he's young, he's half naked, and best of all he can't make a move without you', the other is some chip 'n dales guy, his name is jeff. he's a hottie. (thanks Jen <g>).. a towel that says 'women's world cup' on it.. a collage i made for me and my best friend debbie after high school, and a poster i got from my teacher in 3rd grade of two kids playing in the rain and it says 'smile and the world smiles with you'.. and soon to go up are some photos of friends/family, and a women's world cup poster, and a lilith fair poster.
WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE MOVIE? dream for an insomniac
ARE YOU A RIGHTY, LEFTY, or AMBIDIDEXTROUS? mostly righty. though i can sorta write with my left hand now that i've had to do it.. and i bowl leftie for the time being..
hit it with my right hand, and on split keyboards it's on the leftside..
type of question is this?
WHAT IS UNDER YOUR BED? a receipt from compusa.. hehe that'd be really funny to you all if you knew something you don't know. <g>
WHAT IS YOUR DREAM CAR?  i dont dream about cars
SAY ONE NICE THING ABOUT THE PERSON WHO SENT THIS TO YOU: okay well i got this a few times so.. Will, you are so sexy, when do you turn 18? <g> kellie, you must be as sick of studying math as me.. i dont know if thats really 'nice' though.. hmm you are good at letting me go back to work when you catch me on icq for a minute <g> you're nice too yeah that. and oooh englishguy, i have no idea who you are!
OUT OF THE PEOPLE YOU SENT THIS TO, WHO IS LEAST LIKELY TO RESPOND? noone will respond to this. they all have better things to do. the only reason i responded was because i was not feeling like doing anything else and because kellie wrote that i would be likely to respond, so i felt somewhat obligated. heh. good trick <g>

i think we should add a few questions..
WHO DO YOU LIVE WITH: some random guy i found online. he watches tv all day. right now i'm being forced to listen to woodstock '99. he doesn't believe in washing pans after he uses them. or before he uses them. he is just going to let his pans sit on the stove until he moves out. i'm not kidding.
DO YOU HAVE ANY PICTURES OF YOU WITH HOT GUYS?: [response edited for public viewing.]
DID YAHOO BUY GEOCITIES? apparently. i just figured this out when i went to change my website.. interesante..
flexiblecouch04     flexible couch? dude.. someones messed in the head.... hmm apparently you can't use yahoo information to stalk people.. or to 'gather information about people'.. how.. weird. why else would i use the internet?
IS IT TIME TO DO HOMEWORK? yeah i think so.

Subject:            unique survey
 Date:            Tue, 16 Mar 1999 19:12:42 -0800
 From:            Kendra

    Never mind the hair color, favorite movie, most embarrassing moment questions, here's some real different ones. It's a little long, but  fun! Enjoy, and pass on to your friends.

1. Name:  Kendra Anne Nielsen
 2. If there are 3 wells, health, wealth, and knowledge, and you can drink from only 2 of them, which ones do you drink from?: health and knowledge.
 3. Do you wish on stars? Yes
 4. Which finger is your favorite? i like my pinkies but if i had to only have one i'd prolly pick the first one/pointer cuz i can still type fast (and do other things, like point!) with that one
 5. What is the most disgusting food you have ever eaten?: dark chocolate is gross
 6. Would you kill someone?:  i think i would if i would die otherwise, i.e. self defense. but i'm not sure, i'd like to think i'd be able to go through with it. emotionally i'd be distraught though i think. it'd have to be one of those obvious movie-scene type things where i was going to get stabbed repeatedly or something if i didn't manage to get that gun i accidently dropped in the chase scene.
 7. When did you last cry?: [edited for public viewing]
 8. If you were making a movie about yourself, what actor/actress would play you?: i dont know
 9. What TV show or movie bests describes your life?:  Dream for an Insomniac. This movie rocks. i'm waiting for the good parts to happen still though. hmm.. Felicity is probably more realistic
 10. Do you like your handwriting?: yeah.
 12. Who are you jealous of?: keri russell. nice hair, pretty, and gets to kiss scott foley. <sigh>
 13. What is the #1 priority in your life?:  probably school right now. but i mean
i guess i'd drop school stuff to help out a friend, so friendship maybe? or at least the well being of people i care about.
 14. What is your favorite lunch meat?: chicken
 15. Do you have any bad habits?:  sometimes i am too idealistic
 16. What store would you never be caught dead in?: smoke/cigar stores
 17. If you were another person, would you be friends with you?: it would depend on
what person i was i guess. overall though yeah i think i'm a good friend so i'd want me as a friend.
 18. Are you a daredevil?: depends on what you mean. no i don't go jumping out of planes. i'm scared of heights.. but i do my own gutsy things
 19. Do you follow or lead?: Both.. depends on my mood and who i'm around. if i'm in a good mood then i'm feeling good about myself and i'll be more likely to lead.
 20. Have you ever told a secret that you swore you wouldn't repeat?  yeah.. but not in recent years. or if i did it was to someone who didn't know the person i was talking about. like, if someone from home told me a secret, i might tell someone at school if i needed to talk about it with someone.
 21. Have you ever stolen anything? no
 22. Do looks matter?: in my opinion or in the world's opinion? though i wish they didn't, they matter a little bit in my opinion, as in i might have difficulty talking face to face w/ the elephant man. but once you get to know someone their personality is more reflected in their looks, you can see beauty that isn't apparent to other people.. etc.. so looks change.
 23. Do you pray?: not on a regular basis... but when someone i know has died or might die, or just in bad situations i kind of do. i kinda just wish though. which is a little different i suppose.
 24. Have you ever met anyone famous?: dean cain, justin whalin, mark-paul gosselear.. i think thats it
 25. Do you think there is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow?: maybe.. i'd say yes but i kinda got to the end of a rainbow once somehow and didn't see anything
 26. Are you trendy?: no but trendy people do what i do. i hate how everyone loves those butterfly clips. it makes me feel like i can't wear mine.
 27. What do you do to vent anger?: pound on my keyboard. talk to a few friends online. or i turn on certain music really loud and yell at nothing
 28. Are you passive or agressive?  i'm passive-aggressive
 29. Who is your idol?: dont really have one
 30. Who is your second family?: it's kinda changed over the years.. right now I guess i'd have to go with my friends at school
 31. Do you trust others easily?: yeah. i'm an idealist
 32. What was your favorite toy as a child?:  legos, matchbox cars
 33. What class in school do you think is totally useless?: can't think of one
 34. What is the punch-line to your favorite joke?  i dont have one
 35. Do you like sappy love songs?  yeah
 36. Do you think your life so far has been good?: "only compared to some"
 37. Which was your best Halloween costume?: i was a snowflake in 2nd grade
 38. Have you ever been on radio or television?  radio yeah.. a few times.. tv.. just on the news when i happened to be in the background
 39. Do you keep a diary?: i keep a photo a day diary.
 40. Have you ever intentionally hurt another person?: yeah
 41. Do you like sarcasm?: when i know it's sarcasm
 42. Have you ever been in a mosh pit?  been pretty close but i managed to stay out
 43. Do you always wear a seat belt? yes
 44. Do you feel understood most of the time? hmmm maybe
 45. Do you drink milk?: yes
 46. Would you rather have a sore throat or an upset stomach?: sore throat
 48. Do you know what `mung' is?  no
 49. What is your soap opera name? kendy?
 50. Do you keep your underwear and socks in the same drawer or in separate ones?:   Same at school. limited draw space! different at home
 51. Did you pay money to see Honey I Shrunk The Kids?: no my parents did
 52. Would you rather be hot or cold?: hot
 53. Did you cry when the Oklahoma City Bombing occurred?: i dont remember but probably
 54. What is the first thing on your Christmas list?:  nothing really. i dont like asking for gifts.
 55. What was the best Christmas present you received?: brown bear
 56. Could you be a vegetarian?: permanently? no.. i tried it for a few months and it worked though. if i lived on my own probably. its just hard when i go home and theres reeeally good food w/ chicken or something.
 57. What word do you use when you think something is good?: cool
 58. What band has the funniest name? toad the wet sprocket
 59. Would you ever bungee jump?: no i dont think so.
 60. Do you untie your shoes every time you take them off? no
 61. Who are your favorite white rappers?: nobody. i hate rap. my least fave is beastie boys
 62. Would you rather wear uniforms to school?  in highschool i had a uniform. it was good. not for college though.
 63. Have you ever given money to a bum? no
 64. What are you worried about right now? getting my takehome final done. Wondering why i'm doing this instead of it
 65. Do you ever wear overalls? no. i dont have any. i always want some but when i try them on they look silly i think.
 66. Do you think you are strong (emotionally)?: yeah
 67. Give one random, little known fact about yourself: i can say the alphabet backwards

Subject:  Re: [feak-net] FW: Survey Says...
Date: Fri, 12 Mar 1999 12:59:23 -0800
 From: Kendra

1.) Whats your first name? Kendra
2.) Middle name? Anne
3.) Last name? Nielsen
4.) Nickname? Kendy, Kenny (2nd grade), Dra, Ken, Ardnek, i'm sure i'm leaving some out..
5.) Age? 20!!
6.) Sex Gender? Female
7.) Birthday? Today!! March 12
8.) Your sign? Pisces all the way baby
9.) Where do you live? La Jolla, CA during school and Phoenix, AZ during vacations
10.) Have you ever been in love? that's debatable. i tend to discount my feelings after
something goes wrong. meaning.. i'll be so sure i'm in love and then a month or two or a year
later i think 'nah i was so wrong..' so.. who knows.. hehe..
11.) Whats your favorite color(s)? Blue
12.) Do you have any piercings,or want any? yes and probably not
13.) If so where do you have/want pierced? both ears pierced twice. wouldn't pierce anything else because a> pain and b> nowhere else appeals to me and c> dangerous.. toungue i think looks lame and would hurt like heck. i'd want to pierce my eyebrow but if they get the wrong nerve you can go blind in your eye.. and piercing your belly button is bad because thats the center of your karma, and i don't wanna risk that.
14.) Do you have a tatoo or want one? no.
15.) Where? --
16.) Where do you shop at the most? the Gap, all my favorite pants i got there. lane
bryant too. and i love target but we don't have one by campus so just when i'm home i go there
17.) What color is your hair? light brown, got some blonde highlights
18.) What color are your eyes? hazel
19.) Do you wear glasses/contacts? Yeah, contacts and glasses.. about 50/50. when i go out its more like.. 88c/12g and when i'm home lounging about its like 99.9% glasses.
20.) Have you ever done anything to your hair (shaved, dyed, etc)? yeah, had the bottom half of my head shaved from like.. 8th-10th grade.. shaved smilies and "SUNS" in it.. ('93 suns kicked @ss).. i've dyed it red, blonde.. etc.. hair is only dead protein deposits.
21.) What's the worst nightmare you ever had? hmm i've had a few.. one though still haunts me.. it was as though i was witnessing JFK get shot but instead of him being in a car, it was a crowd and i was right there, and the guy who shot him looked right at me and saw that i saw him and so he was going to come after me next, so then i was in my house running down the hall from him into my room and a shot goes off rigth when i wake up. this dream is why i get freaked out walking in my hallway at night. when i get up to pee at home i am always looking over my shoulder as i walk back to my room.
22.) What's your GPA? (looks it up online..) 3.203. in my major its 3.49. woohoo i'll be a
senior next friday!
23.) Do you smoke? no no no no
24.) Do you do drugs? yeah. for my asthma and miscellaneous other health problems <g>
25.) What kind of music do you like? hmm got Madonna's immaculate collection on right now.. i like ani difranco, tori amos, liz phair, catherine wheel.. big head todd.. athenaeum's probably my favorite band.. i like 80s music.
26.) Who are your best friends? debbie (from home) and meagan (roommate) and megan from
home too.... in that order.
27.) Who are your best friends online?  Jen, Darin.. does lauren count as an online or real life friend? i always wonder.
28.) If you are a girl what kind of makeup do you use and what kind? what kind and what kind. great question. i use covergirl liquid clean no-fragrence foundation and sometimes a little blush or clear mascara.. and bonne bell lipsmackers/lipstix..
29.) What kind of shampoo and conditioner do you use? thermasilk is my latest craze..
30.) Is your hair short or long?  just got it cut to shoulder length about a week or two ago
31.) Do you like to shop?  not really unless i'm in a good mood and got the energy and the money and ideas of what to buy
32.) What sports do you play? started doing triathalons in october. heh i shouldn't pluralize that.. run, swim.. soccer.. volleyball.. gonna put together an innertube waterpolo intramural team next quarter
33.) What are you most scared of? hmm
34.) What is your favorite animal? i dont like animals.. my fave animal would have to be Animal from the muppets
35.) What animal do you see yourself most like, and why?  shrug. i dont like animals so.. i dont want to see myself as one. and yes i know humans are animals.
36.) What do you do for fun?  hang out w/ pepband people.. watch tv, movies.. go workout.. find guys to lust after
37.) How many phones do you have in your house? apartment 4(3lines): house ummm like.. 8? and 2 lines
38.) How many TV's do you have in your house? apt: 3; house... 2
39.) What's your favorite food? hmmmm angel food cake with my grandmas marshmellow frosting
40.) Do you look like anyone famous?  hmm more than one person has said i look like jesse from saved by the bell.. with the body of monica lewinsky though <g>
41.) Do you think your attractive? ARGH you're not your!!!  sometimes.
42.) Who are the most attractive people you know? hmm... not sure
43.) Are you a virgin? hmm the people who i care to know already know, the people who dont know.. its probably none of their business
44.) Do you sleep on your stomach or side or back? stomach
45.) Do you sleep with stuffed animals? yeah, brown bear. (
46.) Do you sleep with the lights on or off? lights off.. unless meagan's up.. then half on half off
47.) Whats your favorite TV show? party of 5
48.) Whats your favorite movie? Dream for an Insomniac - this is MY movie..
49.) What perfume/cologne do you wear? none it bugs me
50.) Do you have your own phone line? share it w/ my roommate
51.) What's your phone number? see #43
52.) Have you ever kissed someone of the opposite sex? see #43
53.) What brand of shoes do you wear? doc martens
54.) What kind of clothes do you sleep in if any? see #43
55.) Do you wear covers even if the room is being air conditioned? a sheet
56.) Whats your favorite pop? don't usually drink it... root beer when I do
57.) What things do you say a lot? whatever, ugh, this sucks, thats funny, thats cool. i state the obvious.
58.) Are you the serious or loud or happy or shy type? kinda louda, usually happy
59.) What kind of car do you want/have?  97 saturn sc2
60.) Who is the coolest person you know? myself
61.) Do you think your weird or funny? HELLO?! its you're! who the heck wrote this?! can't i be both weird and funny?
62.) Who is the ugliest person you know? whichever ignorant person i come across at the time
63.) Are you popular?  how can someone not be popular? you'd have to be a hermit.otherwise, yeah i have lots of people who like me. they're called my friends.
64.) Do you watch porno's? only when someone i know is in them
65.) Whats your most embaressing moment? this person needs to learn to spell.  and too
many moments..
66.) If you could have 3 wishes what would they be?  no comment
67.) Where do you wanna get married? don't consider it at this point in life
68.) Who do you wanna marry?  the right guy.
69.) Did you think this question was going to involve sex? no
70.) What are your favorite names for the opposite sex? christopher, matthew, tyler?,
71.) If you could change one thing about yourself what would it be? i'd be more tolerant of the things i'm not very tolerant of right now
72.) Have you ever tried to kill yourself? see #43
73.) Have you ever stolen anything? not that i can remember
74.) Do you enjoy filling all this stuff out? not really its getting lame.
75.) What is your favorite fast food restraunt? dont have one.. dont go to them
76.) Who do you admire? elizabeth cady stanton.. chelsea clinton
77.) Who do you hate? people who hate people. hehe
78.) Do you have any brothers and sisters? 2 brothers one sister
79.) Do you have a pool? at home yeah. at school yeah 2 but they're too far away <g>
80.) Do you have a spa? no
81.) Are you stupid? no but the person who wrote this is.
82.) What's the first thing you notice about the opposite sex? eyes, hands
83.) What are you addicted to? drama
84.) Do you like jewlery? not really
85.) Who do you wish you were? shrug. a better version of myself
86.) Who has it easier, boys or girls? neither
87.) Would you rather be short or tall? tall
88.) Do you like to dance? sometimes
89.) Do you party a lot? not really
90.) Are you Online a lot? well.. my computer is always online.. but i'm not always at my computer..
91.) Do you like playing pranks on people? if they're good.. not too often though cuz they bug people..
92.) Do you have a big nose...or anything? see #43
93.) What's the craziest thing you have ever done? ditched school (highschool) and drove to san diego to play in the ocean for an hour before heading back home
94.) What's your favorite subject in school? public policy in the US
95.) Who is the funniest person you know? darren/daz
96.) What time is it?  12:45pm
97.) How many people are on your buddy list?  I dunno. IM just kicked me off
98.) Are you sick of those damn porno's in your e-mail box? huh?
99.) What college do you wanna/go to? well i go to ucsd and it's generally cool here.
100.) What school do you go to? UCSD
101.) What is the school mascot? tritons
102.) Is there a lot of "school spirit" in your school? only in the pep band
103.) Do you sleep a lot?  not really. i need lots of sleep but i dont get it much.. i
have to take naps to make up for it..
104.) Are you a night or morning person? night
105.) Why do guys blame everything women do on PMS? i didn't know they did.
106.) Can you define love? sometimes i say i know i love someone if i'm willing to risk my life for them.
107.) Are you hairy? see #43
108.) Do you shave? see #43
109.) How often do you shower? see #43
110.) Do you get along with your parents? see #43
111.) Are you rich or poor or in the middle? see #43
112.) How many bedrooms does your house have? apt: 3, home: 5
113.) What do you wanna be when your out of college or whatever? the president,politician, lobbyist, professor, teacher, work for CRS - congressional research services... not sure
114.) Do you curse a lot? more than I should
115.) Is eastside or westside better? westside. all the way.
116.) Whats your phone number? give it up already
117.) Do you have an online crush? yes
118.) Are you tickelish? see 43
119.) What's your favorite flower? daisy?
120.) What does your room look like? school: beige walls with some posters, clothes on the floor, messy desk; home: jade green walls w/ white and blue spongepainted over it.. clean since i'm not there.
121.) Do you have your own computer? Yes
122.) What would you consider yourself a prep, gang banger, wanna be, rebel, freak, nerd..ect..? a cool laid back dork
123.) How many kids do you wanna have? see 43
124.) Do you believe in God? see 43
125.) What religion are you? i guess if i had to i'd consider myself a unitarian. but we'll see.
126.) Have you ever cybered? huh?
127.) Do you believe there is one person who is meant to be with another? maybe one, maybe more..
128.) Do you believe in love at first sight? it doesn't typically happen but i wouldn't discount it
129.) What color tooth brush do you use? blue or white or both... shrug
130.) How many times a day do you brush your teeth? around 6 times
131.) Who is your favorite cartoon character? shrug
132.) Do you have a job? No. I might this summer, but not during school year.
133.) What turns you on? nothing
134.) What's your favorite fruit? oranges, or banana
135.) What's your favorite vegitable? brocolli maybe.. like a lot about the same
136.) What's your favorite candy? shrug
137.) What was the best day of your life? dunno
138.) Are you a bitch/asshole? occasionally
139.) Where is the wildest,craziest place you have ever had sex?  see #43
140.) Are you momma's little angel? yeah
141.) Do you wear body spray? no
142.) Do you have ICQ?  yeah
143.) Do you have AOL 4.0? no
144.) Who is the sweetest girl? me!
145.) Who is the sweetest guy? hmm
146.) Are you wearing nail polish now? yes
147.) If so what color? mauve
148.) How many rings or necklaces do u own? shrug. i dont' wear them. they're here and at home. i couldn't count them
149.) Do you wear braces or a retainer? had braces got 'em off in 5th grade
150.) What's your favorite toothpaste and mouth wash? arm and hammer
151.) Do you floss? yes but not every time i brush. just at night usually
152.) Are you tired? yes
153.) Do you have any scars? yes
154.) Have you ever cried over someone of the opposite sex? yes
155.) Do you like lollypops? sure
156.) What are you thinking about right now? the fact i have a lot of stuff to do and wondering why i'm wasting my time doing this and shoot i have to eat lunch before i run off to class in a few minutes!!!!
157.) Without looking,what colors underwear are you wearing? see 43
158.) Fave Weather? beach weather
159.) Who makes you laugh a lot? darren/daz... debbie, meagan, megan...
160.) Who's your favorite teacher? enough already
161.) Do you have your licence? LEARN TO SPELL. yes.
162.) How many pillows do you sleep with? one
163.) What's a deep secret that you could tell? why would it be a deep secret if i could tell?
164.) Have u ever commited a crime that u were charged with? see 43
165.) Are you tired of filling this out yet? Yes

Date: circa Jan 1998

Okay everybody so here's the deal. Copy this entire e-mail and change the answers so that they apply to you....then send it to everyone you know INCLUDING the person who sent this to you.  You should get back a lot of "get-to-know-you" e-mails.  You'll learn a lot about your friends that you may have never known.  I really enjoyed getting these from several of my friends, and thought that it would be  fun for the rest of us to get to know each other better, and or again! :-) If your address is at work, or you just don't have time, don't worry about
sending it back.

full name: Kendra Anne Nielsen
nicknames: Kendy, Kenny (just in 2nd grade though), Dra, Feak, Ken, Ardnek, Rara, Kenduh, Kendar,
Florescent girl (5th grade),
Dob: March 12, 1979
parents: Walt and Karen
sibs: Kristel (34), Kevin (17), Derek (21)
school: University of California, San Diego
pets and names: none right now. i think they're pointless and bothersome.. i had a hamster named Koko though
in 2nd/3rd grade, and goldfish from 1st-5th.. and a rat too.
jobs: soccer linesperson, congressional intern, real estate assistant, junior lifeguard
hobbies: computer things- playing with scanned pictures of friends, making web pages, chatting with friends online; watching tv; rehearsing with my band
phrases you use too much: "thats funny" "whatever" "obviously" "dude" "in accordance with prophecy" "thats what you think" "ohmygod" "cool" "what a maroon" "anyways"
a non-sport game in which you excel: scrabble,
a non-sport game which you enjoy:  scrabble!,
dream car: i dont really care too much. maybe a bmw, if it works!
coolest experience: kayaking by a whale out in the open ocean.
scariest thing you've ever done: either [edited out=asking a certain guy out] or jumping off the high dive. i'd rather do the 1st again than the 2nd though.. i think.
fave thing to do in the winter:  walk outside and enjoy the cold for a change
special skills and talents: i can say the alphabet backwords, wiggle my ears, and laugh at my own jokes even when they're not funny to anyone else
what I want to be: a rock star!
fave music: too many kinds! but to summarize.. stuff from 1970-1990, matchbox 20 and third eye blind.
fave color: it used to be blue but its becoming purple. so a purply blue.
fave food: quaker caramel corn cakes? [i'm kinda deprived from anything else at this prison-school thing..]
least fave food: anything from OVT (dining hall)
fave vacation: Maui
dream vacation: Maui, after i learn to surf really well
fave subject: math. but among my classes right now.. its a tie between poli sci, physics and theatre.
fave sport: soccer
heroes: superman
sheroes: wonder woman
fave movie: dead poets society, top gun
fave music video: dunno.. maybe an aerosmith one..
fave t.v. show: party of 5, 90210, dawson's creek
fave cartoon(character): SHE-RA!!!!!!!!
fave day: thursday (cuz theres good tv on, and its almost friday!) and saturday
fave month: march
fave holiday: valentines day (cuz its almost like halloween, people give you candy or cards and they're all nice,
but you dont have to dress up if you dont want to!)
fave part of the newspaper: the fun stuff.. crossword, horoscope, comics
fave things to wear: my blue hooded sweatshirt!!

Wow you read all this? too much info? heh. anyways, now go back to my home page and learn even more about me and my friends.