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Some people might call me a TV Addict.. they're probably right. :) I watch a lot of tv, but I used to watch a lot more. Now instead of watching all those Movies of the Night, I stick to high quality television, such as Beverly Hills, 90210. Check out some of the stuff I like to watch! Then go see the stuff I used to watch!! [Links are to the official sites unless I have another site I like for other reasons, in which case I figure you can use Yahoo to find the official site.] :)

Regular Shows

My week goes something like this... Sundays I occasionally watch X-Files, meaning if its supposed to be good and not too scary or icky for me. Mondays I watch NBC's Suddenly Susan, Caroline in the City, and MTV's Road Rules. We tape Fox's Ally McBeal to watch later because Emma isn't always back from Pi Phi meetings in time for it. Tuesdays are simply WB's Dawson's Creek. Wednesdays are all Fox- 90210 and Party of 5. Thursdays are NBC- Friends, Seinfeld, and ER. Fridays are for Boy Meets World and Sabrina. Saturdays are occasionally for Early Edition, but more frequently for HBO movies.

My So-Called Life! One of the best shows created (and destroyed) in the past few years is My So-Called Life. Only 19 episodes were made before ABC decided it wasn't generating high enough ratings, so they pulled the plug. Teens and adults both wrote in hoping to save the show that critics were "raving" about, but ABC wasn't smart enough to hold onto it. Instead, after it was cancelled, MTV started showing re-runs. This gave people like me the chance to tape the series and save them for whenever the need for good tv came about. What made this show so great, you wonder? Because it was a miracle that an adult writer was able to have such insight to what teens thought about and what our so-called lives are like. Go visit one of the best MSCL web pages I've found on the web!

[Image of Kyle Chandler] Early Edition is a brand new show this season about a man who gets the newspaper a day early and then goes out and tries to prevent tragedies and misfortunes. Gary (played by Kyle Chandler) is pretty much your standard "nice guy" become superhero. It was created by Deborah Joy LeVine who also created "Lois and Clark", which could be why so much of the theme seems familiar. Gary's own struggles with his heroism is as much part of the series as is how he saves them. Check EE out on CBS on Saturdays!

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