News about former cast members of Another World

Last Updated January 20, 2001:

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From TV Guide
NBC CANCELS ANOTHER WORLD: NBC executives announced Monday morning that the network is canceling the soap opera Another World after 35 years on the air; the show's final episode airs June 25.
The serial, which has been foundering in the ratings for more than a decade, was created for Procter & Gamble Productions by industry pioneer Irna Phillips and one of her protegees, Young and the Restless honcho William J. Bell. AW was the first soap to expand to an hour, and even ran 90 minutes for a time back in the late '70s. Notable alumni include Anne Heche (ex-Vicky/Marley), Ray Liotta (ex-Joey Perrini), Mary Page Keller (ex-Sally Frame) and Morgan Freeman (ex-Roy Bingham).

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Casting News (2001)

-Jensen Buchanan will start portraying Melissa on General Hospital in February!
-Victoria Wyndham will appear on Days of Our Lives as part of the Coronation of Greta Von Amburg storyline.

Casting News (2000)

-Spencer Treat Clark (Ex-Steven) plays Lucius in the movie "Gladiator."
-Lisa Brenner (ex-Maggie Cory) has a role in Mel Gibson's upcoming movie, "The Patriot."

-Joseph Barbara (Joe Carlino) was on All My Children, for a short term run. He began on February 11 and exited this role the week of April 18.
-Henry Simmons (ex-Tyrone Montgomery) begins his contract role as Detective Baldwin Jones on NYPD Blue February 22nd.
-Kim Rhodes (Ex- Cindy Harrison) appears on Star Trek Voyager on March 1st. Kim plays a dead crewman resurrected by an alien species, who tries to return to Voyager.
-Linda Dano (Ex Felicia Galant) begins airing on General Hospital in March.
-Judi Evans Luciano (Paulina) and Alice Barrett Mitchell (Frankie) star in The JonBenet Ramsey Story. -Dahlia Salem (ex-Sophia) has filmed an episode of Third Watch for NBC.

Other News

-Robin Christopher and Matt Crane (Ex-Lorna and Ex-Matt) eloped on April 11th.
-Swirling Records has released a series of CD's entitled, 'SOAP SESSIONS. The first, VOLUME ONE, features Roark Critchlow and Bryan Datillo (Mike and Lucas from Days) and Joe Barbara (Joe from AW). For more information check out
SOAPSESSIONS: (VOL 2.) A MERRY CHRISTMAS slated to be released in mid-November and features Roark Critchlow and Matt Cedano (Mike and Brandon). You can also call 1-800-755-3898.
-There is a new Another World Book out and it sells for $9.95. The Ultimate Another World Trivia Book Information can be found at

Past Casting News (since the final episode on June 25, 1999): -Four new ATWT residents: On June 30th, Tom Eplin and Jensen Buchanan (Jake and Vicky) showed up as Jake and Vicky on As the World Turns. Lisa Peluso and Stephen Schnetzer (Lila and Cass) also aired on ATWT on July 5th.
-David MacDonald (Jordan/David) joined Guiding Light as a prince from Reva's past. His first air date was July 5.
-Paul Wasilewski, who played Shawn McKinnon, joined Guiding Light as Jesse Lee on July 21st.
-Sean Rademaker (Kirk) joined Guiding Light as Reva's long lost son.
-Ricky Paul Goldin (Dean Frame) joined Young and the Restless on September 9th.
-Jonathan Sharp (Sergei) is working on an album to be released this fall.
-Kevin McClatchy (ex-Nick Hudson) is joinging One Life to Live.
-Ellen Wheeler (Marley) will be joining ATWT as a director.
-Robin Christoper (ex-Lorna) is joining One Life to Live as Skye Chandler, the character she played from 87-91 on All My Children. There is also a possiblity she will make a brief return to AMC.
-Linda Dano (Ex-Felicia) appeared as Rae Cummings on All My Children on September 27th.

-LINDA DANO TO APPEAR ON ALL FOUR ABC SOAPS (from an article in the New York Post):
Linda Dano has signed a unique deal with ABC to play the same character in four different soaps, TV Guide reports in its June 5 issue.
The actress will reprise her former "One Life to Live" character, Gretel Cummings (now Rae Cummings), on "OLTL" and on "All My Children," "General Hospital" and "Port Charles." Linda's first appearance on "OLTL" was June 28th, just 3 days after her last appearance as AW's Felicia. Her new character is a relationship expert. Linda will also be making semi-regular appearances on "The View."

-Charles Keating (Carl) appears in the movie "The Thomas Crowne Affair", starring Pierce Brosnan and Rene Russo.
-Spencer Treat Clark (Steven) has a small part in the movie Double Jeopardy, starring Ashley Judd.
-Spencer Treat Clark (Steven) stars in the movie "Arlington Road", also starring Tim Robbins, Jeff Bridges, and Joan Cusack.
-Taylor Stanley (Remy) will star in the upcoming film "Little Pieces."

On the Romance Front

-Soap Opera Digest is reporting that John Littlefield and Nadine Stenovitch have been dating since Another World's camera stopped rolling.