April 4, 2008. . . I started reading what I've written here in the past, and I always get flustered at how back-and-forth I am about things. I still agree with October 17th, but why was I stressing so much over April 16th of last year. They're fine now. And there's more to worry about in the grand scheme of things than piddley-dink little stuff. Calm down. Stop worrying. If it's out of your hands, then it's out of your hands. But if you CAN do something about shittiness, then make a list, and do it!

PS- I LOVE THE OFFICE. Michael Scott is my favorite. I don't care how annoying he is. He's perfect. Sometimes the characters that annoy you the most. . . well it turns out they've figured it all out already. What's really important.

October 17, 2007. . . there is no such thing as "falling in love". There is love, which I have for many people. I love Isabelle. I love Jessie. I love my dad. I love Barkley. But I have never been "in love", and I don't think I will be. I thought this last guy was "the one". But he didn't seem to think so. He seems to think he is "incapable of falling in love". He also said he, "isn't ready for a relationship right now." What that really means is he's afraid. If he had just jumped in head first, like I did, then we would be together forever. We'd take care of each other and be happy. I'd be the happy housewife. But that won't happen. And I will be happy with whatever my life brings me, because this life (whether we want to believe it or not) is a blessing. And I won't waste it. Good luck with your endeavors, if you're reading this right now. And remember not to waste even a second of your life. Even if someone you choose to spend your energies on decides they're too much of a pussy to reciprocate. Because if you're genuine, and you're loving, they will most likely gain some life knowledge from you, and perhaps they will treat the next person that takes your place with more care.

Most importantly, don't give up hope. Even if you're a cynic, be a hopeful cynic. It WILL get better!

April 16, 2007. . . it's strange how I felt more loved in Vermont than here in Maine. My job sucked ass, and my boss was the biggest piece of shit, but at least I had Big Rob and Julio and Jolene. Now that I'm back home, my mother and my sister treat me like their enemy. I don't know what the motivation behind that could be. Other than jealousy. What other reason could there be to treat an immediate family member the way they do. Insanity, I suppose. I don't go out looking for fights. In fact, I generally avoid these two. But the one time I run in to one of them, they pick a fight and try to get me riled up. You know what? Screw 'em. They can keep living their shitty lives, and I'll just keep being successful at what I do.

July 29, 2006. . . in a hotel in Portland, Me. Hanging with Jessie, Jess, Cokie, and Donnie. Going to Boston tonight to see Counting Crows and Goo Goo Dolls. Before that though. . . OLD ORCHARD BEACH!

...October 19, 2005... Still alive and OBSESSED WITH LOST!!!

Charlie & Claire are my favorite team!
Screw Jack and Kate and Locke.
They didn't have to get Claire back from Ethan. Actually, I take it back. Jack is good. He saved Charlie from Ethan.
Kate sucks because she gave up too quickly.
Okay, so I'm obsessed, and the last episode I watched was, "All the Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues".

Hey! At some point this website will be fully updated!

No. It won't. I'm lying. I just keep it here because it was my very first website ever. Sometimes, I like tracking my own progress.

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NOTE: I chose FOX MULDER to be the famous man from now
or from history whom I would sleep with-
and 188 other women also chose him.
Even more interesting- they'd rather sleep with him than the actor he is played by- David Duchovny.
9,469 women said they'd sleep with David Duchovny.
There are only a sick few of us who know the difference.
Fox Mulder and David Duchovny's personalities are completely different.