I created this page in 1996 from a Tandy 1000, 8088 XT, with DOS 3.3, a 20 meg Hard Drive, 640K RAM, and a monochrome monitor. I used Norton Commander © 1989 (Peter Norton Computing) as my text editor. I can't even see what I am doing until I get to a friends place or the University Of Saskatchewan, where I use their computers in the Library and have 99% full access. I got my start on the Internet from the Saskatoon Free Net Association. My thanks to these folks for everthing they have done for me. I have had a lot of problems and they are able to help me out all the time!
It means a lot!!
I recieved a lot of help from Derek Wynnyk and his cool pages. What more can I say, man, but thanks!! I received help from my friend of 11 years, Ernie Werezak, and his Lair of invaluable tools and aids. Also for the hints of what to do and where to go. Thanks, Ern! I also received a great deal of assistance from Fred Cone, who picks me up and drives me to his church on the other side of town. He then takes me to his house for the afternoon and even provides me with a lunch. Then he allows me to use his computer to basically do whatever I want. This is how this page was uploaded to my server so many thanks to you, Fred. I used the book Creating Cool Web Pages with HTML by Dave Taylor {{ taylor@netcom.net }}. This first book gave me the tools and formats necessary in order to create this page, in the simplest and easiest to understand terms. This was my first crack at HTML programming.

It means a lot to me, guys, even if you didn't know it!

Now, back to where you came from! Thanks for checking here!!
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