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This page is dedicated to the sayings which Health Canada requires to be put on cigarette packs. I dedicate this to all the smokers of the world, and I hope they read what is written after this point:

Smoking Can Kill You

Cigarettes are Addictive
Cigarettes cause strokes and heart attacks
Cigarettes cause fatal lung disease
Smoking causes fatal lung cancer, emphysema, and heart disease
Cigarettes cause Cancer
Tobacco smoke causes fatal lung disease in non-smokers.
(Pipe tobacco) is not a safe alternative to cigarettes

And to all the parents out there:

Smoking during pregnancy can harm your child
Tobacco smoke can harm your children

Hope you take this to heart.

Jeff B.

Take a look at this website:
http://www.tobaccofacts.org . Take a look SPECIFICALLY at the photos section for their poster child. Very informative.

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