Not only an activist, but an actor...right? Here are Mort Sahl acting credits for film and TV.
And below that, an actual and factual list of variety show, stand-up and unusual guest spots over the years


Nothing Lasts Forever (1984) as Uncle Mort
Inside the Third Reich (Made for TV 1982) as Werner Finck, the comedian who was arrested for being, well, the Mort Sahl of Germany in the 30's. Mort used some of his own gags in the scene where Fink is on stage being a tad "too political" for Nazi tastes.

Doctor, You've Got to Be Kidding (1967) as Dan Ruskin, cynical talent booker and club owner

Don't Make Waves (1967) as Sam Lingonberry
A comedy headlining Tony Curtis and Claudia Cardinale, now considered a ghoul-worthy collectible as Sharon Tate's film debut

Johnny Cool (1963) as Ben Morrow

All the Young Men (1960) as Crane, the platoon's wisecracking comic relief.

In Love and War (1958) as Danny Krieger


The Snoop Sisters (1974) �Black Day for Bluebeard�

Emergency (April 1972) �Hang-Up� (episode 11). Mort makes a comical appearance during the first season of this action show as a too-successful burglar who philosophically complains that if he hadn't gained weight, he wouldn't have gotten himself stuck in an office's air-conditioning vent

Love, American Style (March 1970) in Love and the Singles Apartment first season, 24th episode

Ironside: Beyond a Shadow (1969)

Thriller (December, 1960) episode: "The Man in the Middle"

Excellent TV role for Mort as a man who overhears a kidnap plot (Werner Klemperer one of the thugs) and has to choose whether to become involved (ie, telling the potential kidnapee)

Richard Diamond (February, 1959) episode: "The Sport"
A few amusing moments with Mort playing himself, as David Janssen visits a nightclub on the trail of some criminal or other

Pursuit (November, 1958) episode: "Kiss Me Again, Stranger"

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Inside the Playboy Mansion (documentary) 2002
Late Show with David Letterman (Show #1928) (2002)
Late Show with David Letterman (Show #1716) (2001)
Whoopi Goldberg Show (1993)
Later With Bob Costas (1992)
Sam Peckinpah: Man of Iron, A Retrospective (1993)
The Dennis Miller Show (1992)
Mort Sahl: The Loyal Opposition (documentary) 1989
Late Night With David Letterman - Guest - Show #0973 (1988)
Jonathan Winters On the Ledge (1987)
The Great Standups (1984)
Comedy Shop (1978)
The Dean Martin Show - Himself - Episode #238 (1974)
Dean Martin Celebrity Roast Of Ralph Nader 2/74 with Jackie Gayle, Steve Landesberg
Dean Martin Celebrity Roast Of Hubert Humphrey 11/23/73 with Gene Kelly, Audrey Meadows, Rich Little, Mark Russell, Nipsey Russell, Leo Durocher, Ted Knight, Foster Brooks
The Dean Martin Show - Himself - Episode #226 (1973)
Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In - Cameo Appearance - Episode #108, fifth season (January 1972)
Lenny Bruce Without Tears (documentary) 1972
Dick Cavett Show (1972)
Dinah�s Place (1972)
Comedy News (1972)
Love, American Style - - Love and the Singles Apartment first season, 24th episode (March 27, 1970)
The Hugh Hefner Show (1970)
The David Frost Show (1970)
That's Life �Happy New Year� (1968)
The Hollywood Palace (host: Diahann Carroll) 1968
The Hollywood Palace - (host: Gene Barry) (1967)
ABC Stage 67 �The People Trap� (1966)
The Ed Sullivan Show (with Johnny Mathis, Peter Nero) (1965)
The Hollywood Palace (host: Kate Smith) (1965)
That Was the Week That Was (1964)
To Tell The Truth (1964)
The Tonight Show (1963)
The Jerry Lewis Show (premiere September 21, 1963)
The Tonight Show (guest host, 1962)
The Good Years (TV special 1961) Yes, Mort "in costume" below!

What's My Line? - Mystery Guest - EPISODE #568 (1961)
The Ed Sullivan Show - (with Roger Williams, the Limeliters (1961)
The Mort Sahl Special (1960) with Vicki Benet
The Ed Sullivan Show - (with Jackie Wilson, Jane Morgan (1960)
See America with Ed Sullivan - originating from San Francisco (1960)
The Ed Sullivan Show - (with Johnny Mathis; Peggy Lee; the Dave Brubeck Quartet) (1960)
What's My Line? - Guest Panelist - EPISODE #506 (March, 1960)
What's My Line? - Guest Panelist - EPISODE #484 and #478 (1959)
31st Annual Academy Awards (co-host) (1959)
The Big Party from Revlon (with Rock Hudson, Tallulah Bankhead, Sammy Davis Jr., Esther Williams) NBC 10/8/59

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