Imitation Transformers Toys

On this Page you can find all of the fakes I own which are direct knockoffs of toys in the Transformers Line. For knockoffs of other toy lines (including scanned pictures) follow this LINK.

These items are NOT for sale, I cannot respond to any offers to purchase these items. The best online source of these items is the newsgroup:

Road Ceaser:

Space Warrior Line: Flash Robot

Blacker - Black Dune Buggy [purple]
Laster - Yellow Countach [red]
Braver - Red Ferrari [red]

The three oversized cars that comprise this set lack the Brainmaster robots that come with the real Road Ceaser toy. Also the gestalt pieces do not fit on the merged form since the cars lack the pegs/holes that are required. The cars do have opening roofs that would allow the Brainmaster to sit inside.

The toy also comes with a photo copy of the original Transformer instruction sheet which shows this to be an Autobot, item #C323. The individual robots are C320 through C322.

Also included are 2 fist (with guns), 3 swords (that can form one large sword), two leg guard/feet (with guns), a face plate, and a chest plate.

Made in China


Star Warrior II:

Box advertises: Star Warrior Changes into Powerful Dragon

This toy is fairly large and has a Black body with red arms and legs. It lacks Deathsaurus' wings and only has one Breast piece. The breast piece is a red tiger type creature (the instructions call it a 'meteor cannon') which has no listed alternate form.

This toy is a Triple changer with robot, dragon and tank modes. Comes with black axe and red laser cannon.

Star Warrior II is by:
Royal Condor
S.R.M. CO., INC.
Philadelphia, PA. 19046

Sky Garry:

Convert*A*Bots Cybertron FX-8

Box advertisements read: 'Triple Changer Transformable' 'Transport And Defense Robot is Ready For Action'

Toy includes:
Triple Changer Transformable Transport and Defense Robot
One Cybertron Van
One Transforming Mini-Van (fake version of Micromaster 'ShotBomber')
One Loading Ramp
One Accessory Pack
Two Laser Torpedo Guns

Cybertron FX-8 is by:
Base Toys
8130 Pennsylvania Road
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55438

Battle Gaia/Bruticus:

Transformer Free Combinate

Onslaught - Great Cannon [yellow]
Swindle - Leeland [red]
BlastOff - Shuttle Gun [grey]
Brawl - SandStorm [green](picture shows him in G2 Megatron colors)
Vortex - TargetFork [grey]

This toy is an oversized version of Bruticus (actually it uses the Japanese names). It comes packaged on a card. The front of the card pictures all of the toys in their vehicle and robot forms along with their name. The Brawl/Sandstorm toy is pictured in the same green (with purple camoflauge) coloration that the Generation 2 megatron toy uses. Also pictured on the front of this box is a small section that has to colored grids with pictures of the same toy (in different colorations), above the grids is a snapshot of Defensor's face! The back of the box has the photocopied instructions on how to make Bruticus.

Made in China

Fortress Maximus:

Uranus 5-in-1

This toy is a miniature version of Fortress Maximus. It comes packaged on a card which has pictures of it's three modes. This toy is about the size of a 'regular' headmaster toy and comes with the 'Cerebros' headmaster, there is no Spike headmaster for this toy. The toy also does not have any of the robots formed by Fort Max's accessory pieces, but does include several accessories such as guns and ramp pieces.

Made in China

*Cerebros (Fortress Maximus):

Robot Master

This is a knock off of the Cerebros headmaster which comes with the Fortress Maximus figure. This is an oversized version of Cerebros, it's actually the same size as the Mini Max knock off toy! Cerebros is white with red legs and blue arms and comes with a red/black and blue 'spike' headmaster figure.

As a bonus, this set also comes with a bonus figure, which appears to be Fort Max's tank, but it might be Cog (merged form of Gasket and Grommet, Fort Max's Gun Turrents and Tank). This figure is also oversized and is red with silver arms and legs.

This figure is item 9538 in it's line and includes photocopied instructions on the back of the box.

Made in China

Dai Atlas:

3 Changes Hi-Power Robot

This knock off of Dai Atlas is in the Space Marine Combat Commando Line. It comes packed on a red card with good quality pictures of it's various modes. The plastic seems on par with that of the fake Sky Garry toy (even the colors are similar). It has photocopied directions on the back of the card, I assume they are from the original Dai Atlas toy. The figure seems to come with all the proper accessories including 'Speeder' a micromaster vehicle, and working motor. This figure has directions on how to transform the toy into it's 'space base' mode as well as directions for transforming into a 'combat tracker (tank)', it also appears to have a jet/space shuttle mode. The original Dai Atlas can join with Sonic Bomber or Road Fire to form larger figures, or both to become Big Powered, the instructions only show him merged with Sonic Bomber to form a super shuttle. This seems to be a fairly accurate knockoff and is a very suitable substitute for the original. This figure is No. CH8308 in it's line. (Note: my toy appears to be missing the micromaster which was listed)

Made in China

Star Saber:

Transformer Combat Troop

This is knockoff Star Saber is from the Transformer Combat Troop line of toys. The toy comes with a red cannon and 'Saber', the Brainmaster robot, but none of the accessories needed to form the merged gestalt form with. The toy is red with white and blue highlights and comes packed on a card. There are no instructions with this toy, the back of the card is bare and the front has very poor artwork. There are however some pictures of the other toys in this line:

[Link to these pictures will be in soon] [This section is still being expanded]

98102 Green Double Rotor Headmaster Copter (knockoff of 'Highbrow')
98101 Red eagle with White wings
1683 White Jet with triple cannons mounted on each wing
#### White Jet
8802 White Jet with blue limbs and blue cockpit
8804 White Jet with yellow limbs and blue cockpit
###A White Space Shuttle
###B White Jumbo Jet
###C Blue Jet Fighter

Made in China

Dino King:

Biological Chemistry Dinosaur Corps

Goryu - Blue Tyrannosaurus Rex, Leader [Green/White] (no pretender shell)
Doryu - Green Stegosaurus [Green/White] (no pretender shell)
Gairyu - Brown Ankylosaurus [White/Black] (no pretender shell)
Kakuryu - Gold Triceratops [Black/White] (no pretender shell)
Rairyu - Black Apatosaurus [Blue/White] (no pretender shell)
Yokuryu - Brown Pteranodon [Blue/White] (no pretender shell)
Unknown - Unknown[Yellow/Blue] (no pretender shell, has yellow sword)

This toy is an oversized version of the Japanese DinoKing toy, the title 'Biological Chemistry Dinosaur Corps' appears on the card. It comes packaged on a card with artwork of the original toys which were 'pretenders' (ie they came with rubber shells that were molded to look like real dinos, the figures fit inside these shells). The knock off version does not have the pretender shells nor does it have any accessories for the team members. The japanese names are Goryu (Dinoforce leader), Gairyu, Rairyu, Doryu, Kakuryu and Yokryu. This toys also comes with an extra 7th figure which does have it's own individual sword. The back of the box seems to be a photo copy of the original instruction sheets.



This toy is a very accurate knock off of the Blitzwing triple changer toy. It is all plastic and the tank turrent seperates from the toy (not sure if the original allowed this). The toy has the same colorations as the original and even comes with the Decepticon logos. The figure comes on a card which very obviously steals the Transformers name as well as it's font (although the font is in red and green). The toy includes a saber, a pistol and 3 rockets. The card has a orange circular logo with the words 'Huang Guan' and a crown inside it. The toy is No. 88 in it's line.

Made in China


Bianding 2 in 1

This is a slightly oversized version of the Flywheels Duocon figure. In this toy the Tank has a red front and a green rear, while the jet has a red cockpit whit a white body. In all other aspects this toy appears to be the same as the original. The figure itself is packaged on a cheap cardboard card with bad graphics. It is no. 169 in it's line.

*First Transformers?:

White Space Shuttle
Blue 4X4 van
Blue jet
Purple Plane


Unicron: (actually a small (an inch in diameter) silver orb that transforms into a dragon)

(*) Items do not count towards the number of Transformers toys.
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