Here is a list of some of the Gobots that I still have. Here is my dirty little secret, I collected gobots before I got my first Transformer (Breakdown) because they were MUCH cheaper at the local department stores ($2 for the knockoffs!). I traded most of them away when I got hooked on Transformers, but some managed to stick around somehow! All are in 'ok' condition, ie much wear and tear, and some are damaged.

See the bottom of this page for even more blasphemy!

These items are NOT for sale, I cannot respond to any offers to purchase these items. The best online source of these items is the newsgroup:

(*)Tonka GOBOTS:

Gobot Kits:
Royal-T: Harrier Jet (mint in box)
BuggyMan: Blue Dune Buggy (mint in box)
Super Gobots:
Staks: Orange Semi Truck (with trailer) missing front wheel
Staks2: Orange Semi Truck (no trailer) missing front wheel
Baron Von Joy: Silver Porsche
Psycho: Futuristic Sports Car
Puzzler Gobot:
Crossword: Orange sports car (left arm)
Rube: Black sports car (right leg)
Pocket: Yellow sports car (right arm)
Jigsaw: White Racecar, broken waist peg (waist)
ZigZag: Blue sports car (left leg)
TicTac: Red Camaro (Torso)
Regular Gobots: (all extremely loose and worn)
Leader-1: Fighter Jet
Turbo: Red Sports Car
Good Knight: Red Roadster
Spacey: White Space Shuttle
Pathfinder: Greenish Brown UFO (female)
Sparky: Red Sports Car
VanGuard: Van
RoadRanger: Flatbed Truck
Rest-Q: Ambulance
Hans-Cuff: Police Car
Dive-Dive: Submarine
Dumper: Orange Dump Truck
Dozer: Orange Bulldozer
Buggy Man: Blue Dune buggy, arm broke off (needs to be glued back on)
Scooter: Red Scooter
Scoops: Orange Fork Lift
NightRanger: Red Patrol Bike
FlipTop: Blue Helicopter
Geeper Creeper: Green Jeep (the BEST Gobot Toy)
Twin Spin:Beige double rotor helicopter (missing rotors) has blue cockpit
Cykill: Motorcycle
Crasher: Black Race Car (female)
Slicks: Yellow Formula Race Car
Stinger: Beige Sports Car
Pincher: Insect
Bad Boy: Dark Green 'Zero' jet, missing one of the rear engines
Tux: White Limo, very loose, bad condition
Loco: Train Engine
Fitor: Fighter Jet
Coptur: Helicopter
ScrewHead: Drill Tank
?:Brown Drill tank (with treads)
?:Black Camera
BlockHead:Blue and Silver Cement Mixer Truck
?:Blue Tread vehicle with cockpit
?:Red Ferrari, missing rear wheel
Duplicate Regular Gobots: (all extremely loose and worn)
Leader-1: Fighter Jet (navy blue)
Spacey: missing tail fin
Spacey: Fake Spacey toy with pullback engine
Rest-Q: missing front wheel
Hans-Cuff: arm broken off
Twin Spin?: Beige double rotor helicopter (missing rotors)
TicTac: Red Camaro (Torso of Puzzler)
Geeper Creeper: missing hood elements
Slicks: Black Formula Race Car
ScrewHead: Drill Tank
Fake Gobot:
?:Red and Blue Hover Craft vehicle with moveable rear 'blades', has 'Z' on hood and 'R' on it's sides
Wanted Gobots:
Water Walk: Aquatic Plane

(*) Items do not count towards the number of Transformers toys.
(?) Item requires a name ID, it's been ages since I looked them up, and I just recently threw out my Gobot card art a few years ago, 8^( If you can ID any of the toys please send an email.

And now... The ultimate Blasphemy for a Transfanatic like myself...

Thanks to the following people for helping to ID some of the toys: Dire Wolf, R. Blackman

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