This page is full of as much info (including scanned pics) as I could gather about the knock off toys which I currently have. Note that this page primarily list Non TF related knockoffs. To see the listing of toys which are direct knockoffs of toys in the Transformers line, follow this LINK.

These items are NOT for sale, I cannot respond to any offers to purchase these items. The best online source of these items is the newsgroup: alt.toys.transformers.marketplace

Unknown: Unknown

Quick Attack Ceeda II: Bear [EB]
Quick Attack Ceeda II: Couger [EB]

This toy is in the 'Quick Attack Ceeda II' line. The title reads O-CEEDA 2, the toy's name is 'Bear'. It is a purple off road 4x4 truck. To transform the toy you pull out the doors to form the arms.

The second toy in this line is 'Cougar', it is spelled two ways depending on where on the box you are looking, the spellings are 'Couger' and 'Cougar'. This toy is a red racecar, with a simple transform.

This toy is shown to merge with 2 other toys, they are: Ceed-Cougar a red sports car, and Ceed-Hawk a white formula-1 race car.

The instructions call the team 'Joining Advice Ceed Cougar'.

The three vehicles form a larger vehicle called Ceed Gaia. This vehicle is merged by hooking the back of Ceed-Cougar into the front of Ceed-Bear (as if Ceed-Bear were pushing Ceed-Cougar). Ceed Hawk splits in half down the middle and each half connects to one side of Ceed Bear. The view of the toy from above is:

/-------/ ---- Ceed Hawk (right half)
Cougar | | Bear |
\-------\ ---- Ceed Hawk (left half)

This combined form can also transform into a gestalt named 'Ceed Goliath'. Ceed Goliath has Bear for his legs (bear splits down the middle), Ceed Cougar is the torso, his hood flips over to become the chestplate. Ceed Hawk becomes the gestalt's arms.

Now that I have two of the figures, I can judge how the combined forms are in terms of stability etc., It looks like the toys aren't as simplistic as you would think when merged together, not that they are complex etc., just not as simple/cheap as you would think for this type of toy, 8^)

Made in China

ExKaiser: Kaiser

Change-Bot: Ex-Caeser Cosmic Police [EB]

This toy is a knock off of the ExKaiser toy from the show of the same name. He is the leader of the Kaiser team.

This toy is called a Change-Bot. The box reads EX-CAESER Cosmic Police 'to fight against cosmic pirate'.

This toy is a futuristic looking sports car (no tail fin). It has a orange hood and blue body, it also has a blue animal head of some sort on it's chest.

The robot mode has a white torso and blue legs with orange feet and white arms (the arms come off when you transform it).

There are two other robots pictured on the box, one is a blue sports car with a fin and a white hood (and the number 23 on it). The other toy is a red jet with a blue cockpit. I'm not sure if these are just other team members of if they can merge somehow.

Made in China

Unknown: Unknown

W-JetCar V: X-Plan Strategic Line [EB]

This toy is called W-JetCar V. It is a red and blue jet which comes in a package similar to the ExCaeser knock off toys. This toy has two figures on it's side W-JetCar V itself, and another figure, W-Jetcar Z (a red and white car) These two figures only have vehicle modes, they merge with the Jet becoming the Torso, and the racecar becoming the legs and waist, to become the robot, W-Jetcar.

This box also has LH-733A on it, probably the ID for this figure in it's line.

Made in Taiwan

Great Goldoran: Golden Hero Goldoran Line

Golden Chief Commander of Golden [EB]
This toy consists of three figures
Leon Kaiser: Leon (jet/robot) + Kaiser (lion)
Goldoran: Doran (car/robot) + Gorgon (dragon)
Sorakage (skyshadow): Red Eagle with huge golden wings

The fake Leon Kaiser consist of a Yellow and Red Robot with Gold Trim (has removable Jet figure in chest). The original toy has a lion mode (pictured on box), which this toy does not have. This toy also has a jet in it's chest which can be removed and transformed into a small robot.

The fake Goldoran consist of a Metallic Gold Robot (has removable white car for chest). The fake is a statue, it has NO poseability or joints, the other pieces of the gestalt are simply attached to this base figure. The pictures on the box show this toy as having a Dragon mode, which this figure, obviously lacks, 8^(. The figure DOES however have a removable white car (which is gold in the original) which can transform into a smaller robot.

Sorakage, is a normal transforming robot, having just the eagle and robot modes. This figure also comes with two rocket launching arrays on it, 8^) (they don't work, but the idea is nice)

These figures can merge in a variety of ways

Sorakage + Leon Kaiser = Sky Leon Kaiser
Sorakage + Goldoran = Sky Goldoran
Sorakage + Goldoran + Leon Kaiser = Great Goldoran

The Sorakage forms the back and wings of each of the gestalt forms. The instructions on the back of the card could possibly be photocopied from the original toy, but I can't say for sure. The toys has very nice pictures of the originals on the card, I wouldn't mind owning the real things as well.

Also shown on the bottom of the box are several other gestalts including:

Silver Knights: Silverion (Goldoran Line)
Jetsilver: White Jet (robot mode has red body and white legs)
Starsilver: White Police Car (Gestalt Arms)
Drillsilver: Black Drill Tank (Gestalt Legs)

Silver Knights: God Silverion
Silverion: Gestalt
Firesilver: Ambulance

This gestalt forms Silverion, a white robot with an encircled Y as it's chest logo. Also shown is Firesilver, a large white transforming ambulance (looks like a large van), which can merge with the above Silverion to form an even larger robot, God Silverion with wings on it's chest as well as a british cross logo on it's chest. This larger gestalt carries a dual sword weapon which looks much like the spinner weapon used by the Beast Wars Dinobot character. There is also a large blaster weapon (with wings) shown with this toy.

Captain Shark: (Goldoran Line)
Advenger: Black Train Engine with railcar (transforms into all black robot)
Captain Shark: Blue, Red and White Shark with Jet Booster (has 2 vehicle modes, pretty much the same)

The above two form another robot, which really can't be considered a gestalt, it is basically Captain Shark in robot mode with Advenger folded up and attached as a shoulder weapon!

Draias: Solar Hero Firebird line

Eagle Lion Dinosaur 3 in 1 Future Cop: Robot Fighter Aircraft Change Into Transforma [MB]

This figures comes packages on a blue card with pictures of it's various modes. It has some interesting (although cheaply made) forms.

The members of this team are:

Death Eagle (fake is named Flying-Eagle): Black Eagle with white chest
Death Tiger (fake is named Lion): Black Lion with red limbs and head (with backpack gun)
Death Dragon (fake is named Dinosaur): Black Dinosaur with orange limbs and head (and white wings)

These three figures can merge into the 'draias jet', a space fighter (pretty decent). These figures can also become a large robot with the lion forming the right side, the dino forming the left, and the eagle forming the head, chest, etc., The robot form carries a blaster and a sword (also the nose cone of the fighter is not used at all, it is an extra piece). The face of the gestalt form looks exactly like Optimus Prime's face (including coloration)

The box has a few panels (of line drawings) on the back showing the different forms, but no instructions on how to get to them! There is a diagram of where to put the stickers at least, 8^).

This figure has 'Item NO. 8000' printed in it's lower left corner. and is made in China.

Justice Giant 5-in-1:

Justice Giant:
Dino Tank: Black T-Rex Dinosaur, Leader [EB]
Puma Bot: Yellow Puma, Leg [EB]
Bat Bot: Red Bat, Arm [EB]
Scaly Bot: Blue Lizard, Leg [EB]
Mammoth Bot: White Mammoth, Arm (head forms gestalt's chest plate) [EB]

The box has the label Power Defender on it and the toy is called Justice Giant 5 in 1. Other box labels read [Wildingbot Park] and [Form Changer; 5 in 1]. The toy also says it has IC sound (I haven't put in any batteries etc.,)

In combined mode the bat's wings become the gestalt's wings (located on his back, similar to PredaKing). The mammoth's head seperates and becomes the gestalt's chest plate.

There is also a story included on the box, it reads:

In 2100, the Wildingbot Park is established to protect wild animals. Years later the Devil Gang plans to set up their secret nuclear base in this area. The gang sends their devil giant to invade the park. The Wildingbot team is therefore organized to defend their place. Batbot reconnoiters the enemy situation, Pumabot makes suprise attacks, Scalybot and Dinotank fight against the enemy, and mammothbot guards the park. The Wildingbot team fails at first since the enemy is so big, so they decide to combine into one, named Justice Giant. Finally the huge Justice Bot defeats the Devil Giant. So the park is peaceful as before.

This toy looks pretty decent in gestalt mode, however the individual robot modes are somewhat lacking (the animal modes are ok).

Fire-Engine Bot:

Fire-Engine Bot: Red Firetruck [EB]

Transformable Fire-Engine-Bot (Free Wheel Robot <-> Free Wheel Fire Enging )

Red fire engine (with the number 344MX) on it's body. White extendable ladder (2 sections). Huge yellow sword (longer than the engine!) Grey laser rifle (half the size of engine). Transforms similar to Optimus Prime (even has blue legs, hrm...) except that the back of the engine seperates into a standalone ladder section (instead becoming a seperate trailer). This could also be called a fake inferno of sorts.

Sky Bots:

Sky Bots:
Eagle-Bot: FB-117 Stealth Fighter (merges with Thunder-Bot) [EB]
Thunder-Bot: Zero plane (merges with Eagle-Bot) [EB]
Phoenix-Bot: Apache Helicopter (merges with Falcon-Bot) [EB]
Falcon-Bot: F-16 Jet (merges with Phoenix-Bot) [EB]

These four jets come packaged on one card. These jets are similar to duocons in that it takes two vehicles to form one robot, however they are not motorized.

the Sky Bots set is by:
Tek Toys
San Francisco, CA 94587
Made in China

Robo Invaders:
Moth: Moth [MB]
Bite: Mosquito [MB]
Swat: Fly [MB]
Sting: Hornet [MB]

These four insects come packaged on one card. This is the only four pack of toys from this company where the figures actually have decent names. The forms, while simple, don't look too bad.

the Robo Invaders set is by:
Tek Toys
San Francisco, CA 94587
Made in China

Tritop Bot: Triceratops [MB]
Tyranno Bot: T-Rex [MB]
Stego Bot: Stegasaurus [MB]
Bronto Bot: Brontosaurus [MB]

This set is a four pack of Dinobot wannabes. The robot forms aren't too impressive, but at least you have transforming dinos!

the Robo-Dino set is by:
Tek Toys
San Francisco, CA 94587
Made in China

Robo Kats:
Simba: (label: Lion) Yellow Lion [MB]
Cheetan: (label: Cheetan) Brown/Tan Cheetah [MB]
Slick: (label: Black Panther) Grey Panther [MB]
Lynx: (label: Wild Cat) Blue Lynx [MB]

These four big cats come packaged on one card. The forms look ok, similar in appearance to the Voltron lions (especially with the huge blades that they hold in their mouths). The color schemes and names leave a little to be desired. Note that the front of the box shows the names listed as 'label', ie 'Lion', but the instructions use the 'real' names, ie 'Simba'.

the Robo Kats set is by:
Tek Toys
San Francisco, CA 94587
Made in China

Other Known Knockoff Toys

The following pictures are from the Space Warrior line Click on them to get full size scans.

Space Warrior #179: Universal Warrior:
This is a Blue Space Jet with white wings which form an X pattern.
This is a knockoff of Great Da Garn GX/X from Takara/Sunrise's Legendary Hero Da Garn Series. The members are:
Earth Fighter (Asufuaita): Space Jet [Blue, Torso]
Earth Liner (Asuraina): Double Headed Bullet Train [White, Legs]
Da Garn: Police Car [White and Black, Waist]

Da Garn and Earth Fighter can merge to create Da Garn X. Da Garn X and Ga Ohn (a motorized Lion) can form Da Garn GX, which, I'm told, is an impressive looking toy. I don't see Ga Ohn pictured in the line though, 8^(.

Space Warrior #180: Dynamic Robot:
This is a knockoff of Raijin-Oh from the show "Raijin-Oh". The members are:
Raijin-Oh: Raijin-Oh
Sword King (Ken-Oh): Robot [Waist, Upper Legs]
Beast King (Juu-Oh): Lion [Lower Legs, Shield]
Phoenix King (Hoh-Oh): Phoenix [Head, Torso, Arms]

Space Warrior #200: Space Warrior:
This is a knockoff of Ultraraker from the show "ExKaiser". This train gestalt is composed of two white engines. This one is also shown with the gestalt head on top of the train engine in the picture.
UltraRaker: ExKaiser
BlueRaker: (has the Head in train mode)
GreenRaker: (has the ChestPlate in train mode)

Space Warrior #203: Flash Robot:
This is the Road Ceaser toy in different color schemes.

Space Warrior #208: Super Fighter:
This is a knock off of Land Bison from Takara/Sunrise's "Legendary Hero Da Garn" composed of the following members:
Legendary Hero Da Garn:Land Bison
Big Lander: Blue Semi Rig [Black, Legs]
Drill Lander: Double Nosed Drill Tank [Blue, Arms]
Turbo Lander: Sports Car [Red, Torso and Head]
Mach Lander: Yellow Formula-1 Racer [Yellow, Waist]

Space Warrior #209: Space Ranger:
This seems to be a knock off SixShot toy.

(*) Items do not count towards the number of Transformers toys.
Special Thanks to the following VERY HELPFUL netizens for the MASSIVE amounts of help in ID'ing these toys as well as the lines they are from. 8^)
Doug Dlin (apcog@hotmail.com), enfilade@direct.ca, Joe Neo

If anyone knows any more info on any of the unidentified toys, please feel free to email me with the info so I can update the page, thanks.

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