Why Synthepunk?

Many people have asked that very question when they first hear of SynthePunk. Many reasons
can be given such as; "Because its time has come." But we feel we should give you, the reader, the real facts as they stand.

Throughout man's existence the question of purpose has been pursued. The earliest known studies of the question of purpose were made by Plato in his "Theory of Immortal Purpose." These studies have been added to by many of the world's scholars down through the centuries until the relatively recent arrival of one Albert Einstein who made a major breakthrough with the addition of his "Theory of Relativity."

Just a few short years ago, in an interview with SynthePunk Magazine, Einstein confided that his Theory of Relativity was not complete without its integration with Plato's Theory of Immortal Purpose.
He called his new theory "The Theory of Purposivity."

Now, you may be asking, what has this to do with the production of a new magazine? Well, let me explain. Upon a much closer examination of Einstein's theory we will notice that purposivity and relativity have much in common, i.e., without purpose nothing would be relative and without relativity there would be no purpose.

As we neared completion of the 1st issue of Synthepunk Magazine we took note of a very interesting phenomenon. It seemed that the closer we got to the completion of the magazine, the more distortion of fact took place. This took place in positive, balanced increments. Finally and ultimately, upon completion, all that we had done that was truly factual had become so distorted that it truly was fiction. Due to this fact we have decided to inform our readers as to why this had occured.

The point came up that if something truly has an immortal purpose and is totally relative to a constant, i.e., SynthePunk, then the combination of these three elements, taken as a whole, combine to form what we refer to as "Synthepurposivity." The total and complete binding of the natural and best blend of New Wave and Electro-Pop, culminating in a final elemental norm.

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