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Smiley's Soap Talk

This is the place where I talk about my 3 favorite soaps.

I cannot remember the first time I ever watched a Soap Opera. I am sure that it was fairly early in my life, maybe 7 or 8 years old. Anyways, I really did not start to pay attention to them until the 8th grade. My mother wathched Another World, so I knew a little about it. Before I knew it, I was ADDICTED! I became so involved in the caracters, and soon found myself experiencing "Soap Opera Rage." Or, at least that is what I call it. Sometimes I would get so mad at the writers and characters, I would wind up shouting at the TV. I knew it was time for a change.

One day, I decided to expand my mind and watch The Young and Restless. I hoped that the writers would be more realistic with the stories, and I would not get so involved.


It was just as bad. Now I was addicted to not one... but two soap operas.

So, in ninth grade, I decided that I would stop watching soap operas. It was a brigh idea at the time, but I was ignorant to the situation. No matter how hard I tried... or how long I tried... one whole year. It was no use. Naturally, in tenth grade I started watching my "wonderful" soaps once again. I included Days of Our Lives here and there, but I was not a fan. During a time period of 3 years, I have quit watching Another World, faded out on Young and Restless, and become a dedicated Days of Our Lives viewer.

Now that I am in college, I don't have a lot of time to watch my Soaps faithfully, with my tough schedule and all. Fortunately, I have found time to watch my favorite soap "Days of Our Lives." "Days" seems to be the favorite show to be seen in the daytime at college, along with "ER", the favorite during prime time, and my FAVORITE show.

Enough about me... lets just talk about my soaps!!


Days of Our Lives is definitely my favorite soap!!! I watch it everyday, if possible. Lately, those story lines are really stressing me out. I just wish the writers will make something good happen on the show. It is LONG overdue.

NBC's Official Days of Our Lives Home Page This is the NBC's Web Page. This is the place to get info on the CAST and HISTORY of the show. They also have cool "Classic Days" pictures.

Bo and Hope are the most romantic and dyanamic couple in the Soap Opera Realm. These two are so passionate!!! Their most touching scene was when Hope read her wedding letter to Bo. It even made me cry!!

Click on their picture to read the letter.

Kristian Alfonso plays "Hope" on Days of Our Lives. Her acting abilities are amazing, and she is noted as one of the most beautiful women on television. Wow! This woman has it all!

Smiley007's DOOL Links!-TONS of Links!!

Here it is. The BEST Days of Our Lives link ever!

The Ultimate Days Link


This soap opera is probably one of the most "calm" ones. No possessions, or EVIL villians which will stop at nothing. Actually, it has a really good grip on reality. Of course, there is tension, fights, divorces, and sometimes a character might slip something into a drink, but doesn't that happen in real life? Right? The Young and Restless has become very popular lately. Maybe it is because of its writers or the sexy characters, but I guess no ONE answer to the shows popularity.

Jack Abbott has turned out to be a really nice guy! I hate that his life has been a bunch of up's and down's, expecially with his love life. Click on Jack to see some more GREAT pictures!

Try out Sony's Young and Restless Page-It has a bunch of information on Y & R, plus you can download the Young and Restless Screen Saver too!

Smiley007's Young and the Restless Links Page-A whole page dedicated to Y&R links!

CBS's Official Young and Restless Page

The BEST Young and Restless Web Page!!

Or at least the best one I could find...


Like I said earlier, I don't know how long I have been watching this Soap. I feel like it is a family tradition in a way. My grandmother and mother have watched for decades. Although, my mom and I have not been keeping up like before, I still watch occasionally and know the storyline.

NBC's Official Another World Web Page

Yet another OUTSTANDING link...

Dustin's Another World Home Page

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